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19-1 The West Wing Season 1 President Bartlet bumps himself on a tree. Sam Seaborne gets in trouble for sleeping with a prostitute. And ofcourse there is the usual sex education debate between democrates, republicans and parents. In the end extremists try to assasinate Bartlet, wounding friends and colleagues.
22 episodes in season. 142 in rank.
19-2 The West Wing Season 2 The staff relive the earlier days where they first met. Bartlet hires a republican. This time there is the big debate about school prayer. Bartlet educates school children about Mars. Protests against the World Trade Organization and spies from the 1940's makes for another exciting year.
22 episodes in season. 148 in rank.
19-3 The West Wing Season 3 Extremists and reelection, investigations into Bartlets illness and an anti-gun rally makes for a exiting beginning of Bartlets 4th year as president. It doesn't get easier for president Bartlet when a spy submarine get disappears in the North Korean sea and the First Lady have a birthday party.
22 episodes in season. 141 in rank.
19-4 The West Wing Season 4 An inquiry into the Qumari assassination. Israel attack Qumar. And on election day Donna votes for the wrong guy. Sam leaves to begin his campaign in California. The inauguration speech must undergo a last minute rewrite. Afterwards Bartlet must launch and airstrike to rescue 3 American soldiers. And last Bartlets youngest daughter, Zoey, is drugged and captured by extremists.
23 episodes in season. 153 in rank.
19-5 The West Wing Season 5 The Qumari assassination finaly become official. The president steps down and Walken takes over, bombing Qumari terrorist camps, despite their threats to kill Zoey. In the discussion of the federal budget the republicans push it too far, and President Bartlet shuts down the government in protest.
22 episodes in season. 158 in rank.

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