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36-1 The Sopranos Season 1 Tony Soprano, after having a anxiety attack, is seeing a shrink. Telling her about the endevours of his everyday life. And for Tony Soprano everyday life is rather tense. Being in the mob is a very dangouros and stresfull business. And with the death of the current Boss
13 episodes in season. 96 in rank.
36-2 The Sopranos Season 2 Tony is being investigated by the Feds, and thats not even half of it. Junior gets released because of his health, and Pussy is a snitch. To make matters worse, his sister have arrived, to take care of their mother, and his russian whore wont leave him alone.
13 episodes in season. 95 in rank.
36-3 The Sopranos Season 3 Now that pussy have died the feds have to step up a little. They try both to bug the house, and get someone on the inside. Melfi gets rapped. Meadow starts dating guys. First Noah who ditches her, and then Jackie Jr. who cheats and gets shot. Anthony Jr gets in trouble at high school, and gets thrown out, at the prospect of military school he gets an anxiety attack.
13 episodes in season. 93 in rank.
36-4 The Sopranos Season 4 Sopranos Season 4 Description
13 episodes in season. 8 in rank.

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