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29-1 The Pretender Season 1 Mr Rains uses Angelo (an empath) to put broots and mrs parker to the test, Jarod has his first sexual encounter, We learn the secrets of SL27, Jarod learns of his brother kyle, Sidney try's to kill Mr Rains.
22 episodes in season. 124 in rank.
29-2 The Pretender Season 2 Mr Lyle and Brigitt take control, The first assasination atempt on Mr Parker, Jarods brother kyle dies, We learn Timmy and angelos connection to each other. Timmy resurfaces briefly. Sydney blows up SL27, The center tries to kidnap and create another pretender.
22 episodes in season. 151 in rank.
29-3 The Pretender Season 3 Mr Lyle is Mrs parkers Twin brother, Mrs parker gets a love affair, tries to leave the center, but it all ends with death, Mr parker gets married again, The center clones Jarod, Jarod is finally captured.
22 episodes in season. 136 in rank.
29-4 The Pretender Season 4 Jarod escapes from the center (again!), Mr Rains has a revalation, Mr Cox is introduced, jarod gets some (wohoo 2 times in 4 seasons, thats almost porn!), Mr Lyle is a masochistic jap raping psyco!, Brigitt gets used up. Mr Lyle is a masochistic Jap raping Serial killing Canibalistic Psyco!
22 episodes in season. 146 in rank.

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