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17-1 Stargate SG1 Season 1 The U.S. government creates Stargate Command to explore the galaxy and acquire advanced technologies to defend Earth. SG-1 makes many new friends -- and new enemies.
22 episodes in season. 140 in rank.
17-2 Stargate SG1 Season 2 The team encounters a Goa'uld resistance movement and forms an alliance with the Tok'ra. Captain Carter's life is forever transformed, and the team witnesses the fall of a powerful enemy.
22 episodes in season. 153 in rank.
17-3 Stargate SG1 Season 3 Earth signs a treaty with the Goa'uld to prevent invasion, but SG-1 continues to encounter deadly enemies -- including Sokar, a powerful rogue Goa'uld poised to conquer the galaxy.
22 episodes in season. 151 in rank.
17-4 Stargate SG1 Season 4 Earth joins the fight against the Asgard's seemingly unstoppable enemy, and discovers that the Russians have started a Stargate program. The team's arch enemy becomes more powerful than ever before.
22 episodes in season. 161 in rank.
17-5 Stargate SG1 Season 5 A powerful new Goa'uld enemy threatens to annihilate Earth and its allies. The System Lords renew their alliance, and one member of the team begins a new journey.
22 episodes in season. 169 in rank.
17-6 Stargate SG1 Season 6 Jonas Quinn joins SG-1, and the team faces a powerful new Goa'uld threat. Colonel O'Neill is forever altered, and the Asgard's conflict with the Replicators comes to a head.
22 episodes in season. 155 in rank.
17-7 Stargate SG1 Season 7 Daniel Jackson rejoins the team after an incredible experience, as the team must find the Lost City of the Ancients to defeat a terrible enemy.
22 episodes in season. 159 in rank.
17-8 Stargate SG1 Season 8 Jack is promoted to General and is now the commander of the SGC, but with the destruction of Anubis the Goa'uld system lords are left fighting over the vacume that his destruction left and an old foe has re emerged: Ba'al. The Asgard finally catch a break in their war against the replicators as Jack uses the knowledge left by the Ancient's to give them a fighting chance.
10 episodes in season. 70 in rank.

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