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16-1 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 1 Q to denounce humans as savages, The crew travels to "Angel One" a planet run by women, the enterprise discovers data's brother "lore".
26 episodes in season. 139 in rank.
16-2 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 2 Data starts his sherlock holms facination, Rike tries on his klingon walking boots, Starfleet wants to massproduce data, the crew is visited by a time traveler, Q wants to become a member of the crew.
22 episodes in season. 124 in rank.
16-3 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 3 The crew discovers an omnipotene life form other than the Q, Riker is accused of murder, history is altered by the mysterious appearance of a Starship Enterprise from the past, U.S.S. Enterprise has a deadly encounter with the Borg.
26 episodes in season. 149 in rank.
16-4 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 4 Wesley starts his reigh of annoyance, Geordi is kidnapped by Romulans and transformed into a killing machine, Civil war threatens the Klingon Empire, and Worf has to decide where his loyalties lie.
26 episodes in season. 151 in rank.
16-5 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 5 Picard discovers the romulan involment in the Klingon civil war, Spock`s tries to reunify the romulans and the vulcans, the crew get traped in a time loop experiencing their own destruction again and again, Data learns of his own death in the 19th century.
26 episodes in season. 146 in rank.
16-6 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 6 Scotty gets one final walk on Enterprise, Picard is tortured by the cardassians, Data is beaten by a villan from the sherlock holmes holo-novel, Enterprise is frozen in time at the moment of destruction, The borg return to do battle and make Data a propersition.
26 episodes in season. 159 in rank.
16-7 Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Season 7 Data joins forces with Lore, Picard goes rouge to discover a lethal vulcan artifact, Ensign Ro Laren has to choose between her loyalty to Picard and her hatred toward Cardassians, Picard finds himself traveling in time to prevent the destruction of humanity,
26 episodes in season. 148 in rank.

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