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40-1 Star Trek TOS Season 1 Old genetically enhanced humans from the 20th century try to take over the galaxy. Kirk loses his brother to insanity. A doorway too an anti-universe threatens to destroy both universes. The face of the Romulan empire is finally revealed. And the crew dismisses paradise.
29 episodes in season. 158 in rank.
40-2 Star Trek TOS Season 2 Kirk and a small landing party accidentally ends up in an evil parallel dimension. Kirk have to stop a Doomsday Machine. Mudd returns with yet more beautifull women. Kirk have to combat the incredibly cute and distracting Tribbles, become the biggest Godfather of all time, seduce 40 tentacled aliens and return to 1968 to investigate earth history.
26 episodes in season. 156 in rank.
40-3 Star Trek TOS Season 3 Kirk steals a Romulan cloaking device. Spock and Kirk gets an accelerating experience. One of Kirk's old heroes, now criminaly insane, captures Kirk, and tries to escape from the insane asylum, and take over the galaxy. The Enterprise crew see the last two survivors of a racial conflict destroy each other, as they realize they are the last ones left. And Kirk gets abused to infect an overpopulated planet with an illness.
24 episodes in season. 147 in rank.

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