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14-1 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 1 After the Cardassians give the Bajoran's their freedom, the Bajorans decide they need The Federations help to stay safe from Cardassian oppression. Sisko is entitled with the command of Deep Space Nine, but stumbles opun the first stable wormhole in the history of The Federation. Fulfilling an old Bajoran profesi, thus becoming their emisary.
20 episodes in season. 120 in rank.
14-2 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 2 On Bajor a group called The Circle are trying to overthrow the Bajoran government. Some Federation colonies in Cardassian space, form a group, The Maquis, that try to force a war between the Cardassians and the federation. The Jem`Hadar, working for the Dominion, capture Sisko and Quark
26 episodes in season. 167 in rank.
14-3 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 3 Odo gets to meat his people. Quark gets married to a klingon widow. Will Riker's duplicate steal Defiant, to attack the Cardassians. Sisko fulfills yet another Bajoran prophecy in a joint venture with the Cardassians. The Romulans and the Cardassians form an alliance, to destroy the dominion. And Garak ends face to face with Odo, on a mission to murder him.
26 episodes in season. 174 in rank.
14-4 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 4 The Klingons withdraw from its treaty with The Federation, and Worf must decide what means most to him, being Klingon, or a being in The Federation. Bashir must become a real spy, when the holosuit malfunctions as a result of a transporter error. And it appears that The Dominion have infiltrated Earth. Odo kills a fellow Founder, and must face judgement in The Great Link.
26 episodes in season. 172 in rank.
14-5 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 5 The Klingons weird behavior might finaly be explained when Odo suspect Gowron might be a Founder. Sisko must face his Maquis nemesis Michale Eddington. And it is discovered that Bashir have been replaced by a Founder. Worf and Garak is captured by the Jem`Hadar. The Dominion prepares to take over the Alpha Quadrant when they send a fleet of ships to strengthen the border of their Cardassian allies.
26 episodes in season. 175 in rank.
14-6 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 6 The war with the Cardassians and The Dominion escalate, while Sisko and his Crew is given an undercover mission. Dukat loses a valued member of his family, but The Federation wins a battle. Morn dies in an ion storm, Worf and Dax are getting married. An ancient relic is found on Bajor, forcing Sisko to its will. But unfortunatly a Crew member dies.
26 episodes in season. 169 in rank.
14-7 Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 7 With the wormhole closed, and Jadzia dead, Sisko returns to earth. Sisko learns something astounding about his mother. Odo meets another Changeling, who isn't a part of The Dominion. Section 31 enlists Bashir's help for a mission. Odo, and apparantly all Founders, fall ill because of a virus made by The Federetion. The Breen join the Cardassians and The Dominion in the war, which finally ends.
26 episodes in season. 191 in rank.

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