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34-1 South Park Season 1 Memorable moments from this season: Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, duck and cover & "its coming right at us", Big gay als, big gay boat, the boys try to "splice" and elephant with a pig, Wendys mysterious ties to terrorist cells, Mr Hankey the Christmas poo, Mecha - Streisand, Who is cartmans dad?
13 episodes in season. 112 in rank.
34-2 South Park Season 2 Memorable moments from this season: Celine Dion in "Not without my anus", Cartmans mom is an Hermafrodite, Ike's Briss, The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka and what Vietnam was all about, Chef`s Salty Chocolate Balls, the kids give their parrents herpes, the starttrek spoof in "Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods", playing truth or dare, the Underpants Gnomes, Johnny Cochrans "chewbaka" argument, the prehistoric ice man from 1996!
18 episodes in season. 153 in rank.
34-3 South Park Season 3 Memorable moments from this season: "Fuck the Rainforrest, to hell with it, Rainforest Schmainforest, burn the crap", Three fitty, Sexual Harassment Panda!, the scooby doo rip-off in "Korns groovy pirate mystery", Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub, the Tron spoof in "Jewbilee", Chinpokomon, Cartman leads the "south" to victory in "The Red Badge of gayness", and the brown note.
17 episodes in season. 143 in rank.
34-4 South Park Season 4 Memorable moments from this season: introduction of Timmy, Startrek nerds!, the 2001 spoof in "Trapper Keeper", the story of pips origins in his very own episode and Mr Hankys family.
17 episodes in season. 129 in rank.
34-5 South Park Season 5 Memorable moments from this season: Sh*t..., the cripple fight, Cartman finally reveals his true self in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", Towlie want's to get high, we learn to eat with our butt, And the unsopeakable happens Kenny dies.
14 episodes in season. 113 in rank.
34-6 South Park Season 6 Memorable moments from this season: Professor Chaos, the truth about what goes on in the vatican, Russell Crowe: Fighting Around the World, Bebe's boobs try to destroy society, The unvaling of the Biggest Douchebag in the Universe.
17 episodes in season. 135 in rank.
34-7 South Park Season 7 Memorable moments from this season: The revalation the earth is nothing more than one big reality show, the boys take down a meth lab, cartman is j?nnifer lopez, the MetroSexual craze.
15 episodes in season. 111 in rank.
34-8 South Park Season 8 Memorable moments from this season: The stylish adventures and good times with weapons, the future invades, the southpark dance off and the terrible secrets of butters, Michael Jackson moves to Southpark.
13 episodes in season. 108 in rank.
34-9 South Park Season 9 Memorable moments from this season: Mr Garrison finally becomes whole. The hippie Jam Fest 2005. The final battle between heaven and hell. Cartman finnaly repents. Jimmy meets "Nutgobbler."
7 episodes in season. 51 in rank.

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