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ChangeSeriesSeasonDescription:Rank: 1/10
25-1 Smallville Season 1 Clark learns where who his friends are, sees the beginning of the story, and must fight Lana's boyfriend and the usual monster of the week.
21 episodes in season. 137 in rank.
25-2 Smallville Season 2 Clark learns about Red meteor rock, his origins, and the true reason he has been sent to earth, and in the end tries to flee the responsibilities thrust upon him by his natural father.
23 episodes in season. 166 in rank.
25-3 Smallville Season 3 Jonathan goes to Metropolis to find Clark who have started a life of crime. Lexx is alive, but insane, stuck alone on a island. Both return to Smallville changed. Lexx now pursuing a real father son relationship with his father, and Clark learning more about his nature, and his father.
22 episodes in season. 147 in rank.

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