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11-1 Lexx Season 1 Stanley and Zev escape from the clutces of his shadow, by stealing the greatest power known to man a ship called the Lexx. But the Dark Zone is filled with dangers, and Kai is fast running out of protoblod. When the supply gets too scarce the Lexx and its crew must return to the Light Zone, to discover that things have taken a turn for the worse.
4 episodes in season. 28 in rank.
11-2 Lexx Season 2 Kai apparantly still need protoblod, so the Lexx have to go back to the Light Universe to find some. But they end up creating themselves a new nemesis named Mantrid. Stan still unable to get some from Xev, take every opportunity to get laid, time and time again getting them in trouble. While Mantrid, driven by his insect half, endeavors to destroy the Light Universe, and then the Lexx and its crew.
20 episodes in season. 134 in rank.
11-3 Lexx Season 3 Lexx Season 3 Description
13 episodes in season. 82 in rank.
11-4 Lexx Season 4 Lexx Season 4 Description
24 episodes in season. 166 in rank.

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