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20-1 Futurama Season 1 Memorable moments: The introduction of Zapp Brannigan and his assistant kif, Got Milk?... Then your human and must die, Love Boat / Titanic Rip-off, Revenge of the robot Nerds, Omicronians and "Single Female Lawyer", SLURM!
13 episodes in season. 0 in rank.
20-2 Futurama Season 2 Memorable moments: Richard Nixon's head wins earth elections, Robot Santa Clause, Flexo and Bender which is the evil one?, The married With Children spoof, The tale of the lost city of Atlanta, The problem with Popplers.
19 episodes in season. 114 in rank.
20-3 Futurama Season 3 Brannigan getting Snu snu!, Bender doing the annual Santa round, the story of Fry's brother, Nibler revelas his true self, Lucy Lu in "I DATED A ROBOT!!!!", The time slippin', Bender joins the maffia.
22 episodes in season. 65 in rank.
20-4 Futurama Season 4 Bender falls in love with the spaceship, Zoid Berg eats the earth flag, Nibblonians need frys help again, Fry makes a deal with the devil, kif gets pregnant, "human horn", Benders Tv career.
18 episodes in season. 0 in rank.

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