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9-1 Farscape Season 1 Crichton gets sucked through a wormhole and ends up in an unknown part of the galaxy. He encounters a new world, were a race called Peacekeepers hunt him and his band of escaped prisonsers. But in the end the Peacekeeper commander hunting him, must bow to the will of Scorpius, a Peacekeeper Scaren halfbreed, who is desperatly searching for Crichtons wormhole knowledge.
22 episodes in season. 151 in rank.
9-2 Farscape Season 2 With Captain Crais no longer an immediate problem, Crichton must flee from the cunning Scorpius -- a Scarran- Sebacean hybrid bent on obtaining advanced wormhole technology locked away in John's brain by an advanced alien species.
22 episodes in season. 167 in rank.
9-3 Farscape Season 3 Old friends say goodbye and a new face joins Moya's crew, as John Crichton and his friends endure the "season of death." The lost astronaut searches for the key to wormhole travel -- before the enemy gets there first.
22 episodes in season. 181 in rank.
9-4 Farscape Season 4 Moya's crew finds a dangerous new enemy and the most unlikely ally as they flee the Peacekeepers and Scarrans into a terrifying part of the universe. Two more oddballs join the ship, and John and Aeryn struggle with their future.
22 episodes in season. 184 in rank.

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