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4-1 Angel Season 1 Angel moves to Los Angeles, stumples upon Cordelia. Together they form Angel Investigations with Doyle who was sent by the powers that be. Angel must face his past, Cordelia must face getting visions, and Wesley must fight for his life when Faith tries to take the agency down.
22 episodes in season. 147 in rank.
4-2 Angel Season 2 Wolfram & Hart brings back Darla to corrupt Angel. Who in turn try to kill a "Senior Partner" and goes to see the "Home Office". Cordelia goes to Plrtz Glrb and becomes a princess. Some truths about Wolfram & Hart are revealed when the gang goes to Pylea.
22 episodes in season. 148 in rank.
4-3 Angel Season 3 Darla have become pregnant, stirring up trouble in Wolfram & Harts. Fred must deal with normal life, Wesley betrays Angel Investigations, and a Nemesis from Angel's past comes to ruin his life. "The Destroyer" arrives to kill Angel.
22 episodes in season. 155 in rank.
4-4 Angel Season 4 Angel is lost at the bottom of the sea. Cordelia has become a higher being The return of Cordelia coincide with a beast that wants to block out the sun, and rain fire. Connor and Cordelia gets a baby who wants to make peace in the world. When Angel succeeds in ending world peace, he is giving Wolfram & Hart by the senior partners.
22 episodes in season. 166 in rank.
4-5 Angel Season 5 Angel must learn to take the role as CEO of Wolfram & Hart, while Spike must learn to cope with being a ghost, unable to leave Los Angeles.
22 episodes in season. 174 in rank.

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