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1-1 24 Season 1 This groundbreaking thriller is a roller-coaster ride that unfolds in real time. From midnight to midnight -- covering a 24-hour day over the course of a season -- each episode will have its own resolution, but the clock will never stop ticking.
24 episodes in season. 189 in rank.
1-2 24 Season 2 One year after the presidential primary, President David Palmer reaches out to Jack, who is called upon to stop another terrorist plot with global implications.
24 episodes in season. 215 in rank.
1-3 24 Season 3 Three years after David Palmer got infected with a bilogical weapon, america is once again under threat. This time terrorist (probably black) are threatning to release an even deadlier version of the american made virus that infected Palmer.
24 episodes in season. 188 in rank.

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