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2744 X Files S6E1 The Beginning Mulder is less than thrilled when an Office of Professional Conduct board refuses to reassign he and Scully to The X-Files and even moreso when he learns that Agent Spender and Agent Fowley have become their sucessors. 0
2745 X Files S6E2 Drive Mulder is trapped in a car with a man who has developed a serious ear condition which can only be suppressed by driving west at high speeds. As Scully tries to find the cause and a cure for the problem, Mulder and the man get closer and closer to the ocean. 0
2746 X Files S6E3 Triangle Mulder goes to the Bermuda Triange when he learns that the Queen Anne, a British luxury liner which disappeared during WWII, has re-appeared in the middle of the Sargasso Sea. 0
2747 X Files S6E4 Dreamland Part 1 While being detained near the famed Dreamland Area 51, a strange craft flies overhead and Mulder swaps bodies with an Area 51 `Man-in-Black`. While the other agent has fun in Mulder`s body, Mulder himself finds it difficult to fit into someone else`s life, especially a shadowy one. 0
2748 X Files S6E5 Dreamland II Part 2 Mulder is thrown in jail at the Area 51 compound but is released when it is discovered that the flight data recorder he stole was a fake. Scully comes to her senses and realises that the Mulder she sees isn`t who he really is and heads back to Nevada to help the real Mulder. 0
2749 X Files S6E6 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas Mulder talks Scully into investigating a haunted house on Christmas Eve where several couples have met their fate on that very night. While there they encounter endless tricks and traps set by a ghostly couple who originally made a lovers suicide pact in the house, and they try to convince Mulder and Scully to kill each other. 0
2750 X Files S6E7 Terms Of Endearment After a scan of a couple`s unborn child is found to have strange growths protruding from the head and back, the foetus is taken from inside the mother by a demon creature while she is asleep. 0
2751 X Files S6E8 Rain King Strange weather phenomena in a small town leads Mulder to believe that a weatherman whose deep emotions and unspoken love toward his workmate are becoming real in the form of snow and tornadoes. 0
2752 X Files S6E9 S.R. 819 Skinner is infected with a biogically engineered disease by a shadowy goverment organisation which will kill him in 24 hours unless Mulder can track down the leader of the group and find a cure. 0
2753 X Files S6E10 Tithonus Assistant Director Kersh tries to tear Scully and Mulder apart when he partners Scully with a New York agent investigating Alfred Fellig, a freelance police photographer who conveniently shows up to document the scene of a death as soon as it happens. 0
2754 X Files S6E11 Two Fathers Part 1 While Cigarette Smoking Man recites to an unseen listener everything about the work of the Syndicate involving a global conspiracy in co-operation with an alien species, Cassandra Spender reappears and is pursued by the scientists who would rather kill her than keep her alive. 0
2755 X Files S6E12 One Son Part 2 CSM reveals all the government secrets from the past 50 years in order for his son, Jeffery Spender to join him in his work. Mulder learns that the final stage of the conspiracy will soon begin with the annihilation of the Syndicate members and he must stop it from happening. 0
2756 X Files S6E13 Agua Mala Arthur Dales summons Mulder and Scully to his holiday home in Florida where he is concerned over the disappearance of his neighbors. Despite the raging hurricane, Mulder and Scully head out to investigate and discover several strange deaths caused by an octopus-like sea creature that swam in through the overflowing sewer system. 0
2757 X Files S6E14 Monday A woman is forced to relive the same day over and over as she tries to prevent Mulder and Scully from being killed by her boyfriend during a bank robbery attempt; and as the events restart again and again, Mulder`s sense of Deja-vu grows stronger. 0
2758 X Files S6E15 Arcadia On their first official case back on the X-Files, Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple at a prestigious planned community where several residents have recently disappeared after failing to comply with the rules and regulations. 0
2759 X Files S6E16 Alpha A scientist captures a thought-extinct species of wild dog in Asia and brings it to America but it escapes and begins killing people. 0
2760 X Files S6E17 Trevor After a tornado rips through a prison camp, one of the inmates disappears from solitary confinement and the prison warden is killed. As Mulder and Scully track him, he appears to have the power to pass through solid matter while changing its composition. 0
2761 X Files S6E18 Milagro A writer living next to Mulder becomes obsessed with Scully and confesses to her that he is using her for a character in his novel. Scully finds herself strangely drawn to him even though he is now the prime suspect in the murder case that she and Mulder are investigating. 0
2762 X Files S6E19 The Unnatural Mulder meets with Agent Arthur Dales` brother (also named Arthur!) and is told a tale of a talented negro baseball player from Roswell, New Mexico in the 1940`s who may have been an alien that ran away from his colony because of his love for the game. 0
2763 X Files S6E20 Three Of A Kind While on a stakeout of a Government Defence Convention in Las Vegas, The Lone Gunmen are reunited with Susanne Modeski, the mysterious woman who disappeared ten years earlier when they first met Agent Mulder. 0
2764 X Files S6E21 Field Trip When two bodies are found at mountain site reduced to nothing but bone and the couple had not been missing for more than a week, Mulder suggests that recent paranormal phenomena in the area may have caused the accelerated decomposition. 0
2765 X Files S6E22 Biogenesis Part 1 Two scientists confer about each of their metal objects that were found in Africa and they theorise that the objects are pieces of a puzzle which could be undeniable proof that human, plant and animal life did not originate on this planet. 0

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