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2724 X Files S5E1 Redux Part 2 Scully helps Mulder fake his own death in order for him to go undetected through the Department of Defence and find out the answers to his new questions about the government hoax concerning the existence of extraterrestrial life. 0
2725 X Files S5E2 Redux II Part 3 Cigarette Smoking Man helps Mulder to obtain Scully`s cure and also lets him see his real sister who doesn`t turn out to be as happy to see Mulder as he would`ve liked. 0
2726 X Files S5E3 Unusual Suspects Set in 1989, the story of the founding of The Lone Gunmen is finally told as we see how a straight-laced federal employee, a sex mad AV expert and a nerdy computer hacker meet Susanne Modeski, a strange woman with evidence of a government conspiracy. 0
2727 X Files S5E4 Detour While on their way to an FBI group communication seminar, Mulder and Scully manage to escape when they come across a situation in the Florida forest area where three men have recently disappeared. 0
2728 X Files S5E5 The Post-Modern Prometheus Filmed in glorious black and white with a comic book feel to it, this is a modern retelling of Frankenstein as Mulder and Scully get caught up in a town where the residents live on Jerry Springer episodes and fear a two-faced monster who has been impregnating the women. 0
2729 X Files S5E6 Christmas Carol Part 1 On her christmas vacation with her brother`s family, Scully recieves a mysterious phone call from a familiar voice who says `She needs your help. Go to her`. 0
2730 X Files S5E7 Emily Part 2 DNA testing on Emily reveals that she is actually Scully`s daughter and Mulder comes to assist her and to find out where and how the girl was born while Scully tries to help Emily with her own serious illness, a rare form of anemia. 0
2731 X Files S5E8 Kitsunegari Pusher returns as Robert Patrick Modell escapes from the mental hospital and the FBI promptly organises a manhunt assuming that he will continue where he left off; but is he really trying to get revenge on Mulder or does he want to warn him of another evil? 0
2732 X Files S5E9 Schizogeny A therapist working with children from abusive families is found to be implanting them with the memories of her own abuse suffered at the hands of her late father, when one of her patients tries to kill his stepfather. 0
2733 X Files S5E10 Chinga Master of Horror Stephen King`s first effort at an X-File sees Scully`s well deserved vacation going terribly wrong and landing her in a small Maine town where one of the residents is believed to be a witch and her autistic daughter`s doll has frighteningly evil powers. 0
2734 X Files S5E11 Kill Switch A super-intelligent virus program is let loose on the Internet and begins to grow and expand by itself, eventually killing its creator when he tries to eradicate it. 0
2735 X Files S5E12 Bad Blood After Mulder chases down and kills a young man whom he believes to be a vampire but Scully realises that his fangs are fake, the agents return to DC aware of the mistake they just made. Faced with a lawsuit from the family of the man, they recount each of their sides to the story leading up to the event. 0
2736 X Files S5E13 Patient X Part 1 When Mulder and Scully meet Cassandra Spender, a woman who claims to be a multiple abductee, Mulder`s now disbelief in aliens is stretched while Scully forms a special bond with the woman. 0
2737 X Files S5E14 The Red And The Black Part 2 After the gathering at the abduction site where everyone is killed by the bounty hunters, Cassandra Spender disappears and Mulder is blamed by her son, Jeffrey, who is an up-and-coming FBI agent and opposed to Mulder`s work. 0
2738 X Files S5E15 Travelers In 1990 Agent Fox Mulder visits an aging FBI Agent Arthur Dales and listens to a story of the agents assigned to a would-be X-File in the Cold War era of the 1950`s and how Mulder`s father was connected to a series of strange deaths. 0
2739 X Files S5E16 Mind`s Eye Mulder and Scully try to get answers out of a stubborn blind woman found at a murder scene who may have the ability to look through the killer`s eyes in her mind. 0
2740 X Files S5E17 All Souls Scully faces her Catholic faith and the loss of her daughter Emily when she is asked to help a family whose adopted daughter was found dead in a position that it looked like she was struck down by God himself. 0
2741 X Files S5E18 The Pine Bluff Variant Scully fears that Mulder has gone to the other side when she sees him assisting a federal suspect escape custody. In truth he has infiltrated a terrorist group testing a deadly biological weapon that can eat through a person`s flesh. 0
2742 X Files S5E19 Folie A Deux Mulder is held hostage inside an office where a man claims his boss is a monster and has clouded all their minds while he turns them into zombies one by one, which is disbelieved until Mulder opens his mind and allows himself to see it too. 0
2743 X Files S5E20 The End After the X-Files are closed Agents Mulder and Scully assist in investigating a terrorist attack on a building in Dallas and they discover the body of a young boy which is infected with an alien virus. 0

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