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2651 X Files S2E1 Little Green Men With the X-Files closed, Scully has been assigned as an instructor at the FBI Academy while Mulder is doing menial surveillance work. After meeting with Senator Matheson, one of his supporters in regards to The X-Files, Mulder disobeys orders and heads to an abandoned SETI site in Puerto Rico which has unexplainably reactivated itself and could provide proof of contact with extra-terrestrial life. 0
2652 X Files S2E2 The Host AD Skinner sends Mulder to investigate a body which washed into the New Jersey sewer from the ocean. Mulder believes that the basic blue-collar assignment is punishment, but on Skinner`s own admission what he discovers is a true X-File. 0
2653 X Files S2E3 Blood When several violent deaths in a small farming community are connected by the destruction of digital devices, Mulder believes that people are being driven to kill by the use of subliminal messages in the digital readouts. 0
2654 X Files S2E4 Sleepless Mulder reluctantly accepts a new partner, Agent Alex Krycek, and they investigate the deaths of several Green Beret soldiers who participated in a sleep deprivation experiment during the Vietnam war. 0
2655 X Files S2E5 Duane Barry Part 1 Mulder is called to a hostage situation involving Duane Barry, a former FBI Agent who claims to be an alien abductee and wants to get back to the abduction site with someone who will be taken instead of him. Unfortunately, the someone he eventually chooses is Scully. 0
2656 X Files S2E6 Ascension Part 2 When Mulder finds out that Scully was kidnapped by Duane Barry, he risks the wrath of his superiors and the annoyance of Agent Krycek in order to do whatever it takes to find her. Meanwhile, Krycek is found to be reporting Mulder`s activities to the CSM. 0
2657 X Files S2E7 3,0 Mulder, back on the X-Files but alone for the first time, investigates a series of vampire-like murders in Los Angeles and finds himself falling for the one woman that may be the prime suspect. 0
2658 X Files S2E8 One Breath Scully mysteriously appears in a Washington hospital, alive but in a coma, and Mulder must fight to keep her alive in order to find out what happened to her and who did it to her. Meanwhile, Scully fights her own personal battle as she decides whether to stay or go on to the next world. 0
2659 X Files S2E9 Firewalker Mulder and Scully, reunited at last, head for an active volcano under a geological study and find a deadly life form that can survive in the searing heat of the crater and is killing the scientists to avoid being discovered. 0
2660 X Files S2E10 Red Museum While investigating the connection between the abduction of several teenagers and a rural religious cult, Mulder & Scully discover a secret test being performed on the children using the Purity Control alien DNA from `The Erlenmeyer Flask` which leads Mulder to the Crew-Cut Man, Deep Throat`s murderer. 0
2661 X Files S2E11 Excelsis Dei Mulder and Scully uncover strange occurrences in an old-age care home when one of the nurses is attacked by an unseen force she claims to be one of the residents, a 90 year old man. 0
2662 X Files S2E12 Aubrey Mulder and Scully investigate the possibility of transference of personality from one generation to the next when a detective mysteriously uncovers the remains of an FBI agent who disappeared in the 1940s while investigating a similar case to one she is now. 0
2663 X Files S2E13 Irresistible A mortuary worker who gets his thrills from collecting hair and fingernails from the dead begins killing his soon-to-be collectibles himself and sets his seriously disturbed sights on Scully. 0
2664 X Files S2E14 Die Hand Die Verletzt The ritualistic murder of a teenager in a small town gets Mulder and Scully caught up in a secret occult practice within the local school`s PTA and a substitute teacher with strange powers. 0
2665 X Files S2E15 Fresh Bones While investigating several deaths and murders within a Haitian refugee camp, Mulder and Scully get caught in the middle of a secret war between the camp commander and a Voodoo priest. 0
2666 X Files S2E16 Colony Part 1 After the obituaries of four identical men are e-mailed to Mulder, the agents are contacted by a shadowy CIA agent who tells them about a bounty hunter sent to wipe out the beginning of a colony of clones. Meanwhile Mulder is distracted by the sudden reappearance of his sister Samantha. 0
2667 X Files S2E17 End Game Part 2 The alien bounty hunter kidnaps Scully and wants to trade her for Mulder`s sister, who is revealed to be a clone herself. After the trade goes badly and Mulder discovers the truth about Samantha, he tracks the bounty hunter to his ship buried in the arctic ice and demands the whereabouts of his real sister. 0
2668 X Files S2E18 Fearful Symmetry Mulder and Scully investigate strange attacks from invisible animals inside a zoo which is near a known UFO hot spot. 0
2669 X Files S2E19 Dod Kalm When half the crew of a Navy ship abandon their boat in a life raft and are rescued 18 hours later looking about 60 years older than they should be, Mulder suggests that the ship is caught in a time field which is speeding up their aging. 0
2670 X Files S2E20 Humbug Mulder and Scully travel to Gibsonton, Florida, a town built and populated by circus and sideshow performers to investigate the death of Jerald Glazebrook, The Alligator Man. 0
2671 X Files S2E21 The Calusari The suspicious circumstances of a toddler`s death leads Mulder and Scully into a Romanian exorcism ritual involving a young boy possessed by his stillborn twin. 0
2672 X Files S2E22 F. Emascualata When a plaguelike illness kills 10 men inside a maximum security prison, Scully tries to get into the quarantine site and discover the cause and origin of the contagion, while Mulder and a group of US Marshals track two escapees who may be infected. 0
2673 X Files S2E23 Soft Light An experiment in dark matter accidentally turns a scientist`s shadow into a deadly weapon that can reduce a person`s body to pure energy if they are touched by it. 0
2674 X Files S2E24 Our Town After several disappearances in a small town, Mulder and Scully investigate and find hundreds of human bones in the river and discover that the man behind the towns main source of wealth, a chicken processing plant, has found a way to prolong his life through cannibalism. 0
2675 X Files S2E25 Anasazi Part 1 When Mulder obtains what could be the original and uncut MJ documents containing information about the government`s knowledge of extraterrestrial life; his shadowy enemies step up their harassment of him eventually leading to his apparent murder. 0

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