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2700 X Files S4E1 Herrenvolk Part 2 Jeremiah Smith and Mulder are on the run from the alien bounty hunter and Smith takes Mulder to a small farm tended to by identical sets of children and all the girls are clones of his sister when she was still a child. 0
2701 X Files S4E2 Home A baby is found buried alive in shallow ground and appears to have birth defects resulting from generations of inbreeding, leading Mulder and Scully to a reclusive family who have a history of inbred children. 0
2702 X Files S4E3 Teliko After several African-American men are killed and the colour is drained from their skin, Mulder learns about the Teliko, an African folktale about a creature who must suck the pigmentation from a persons body in order to survive. 0
2703 X Files S4E4 Unruhe Several kidnappings of young women linked by distorted photographs lead Mulder and Scully to a man who can imprint his darkest fantasies onto undeveloped film and is trying to save the women from the `Howlers`. 0
2704 X Files S4E5 The Field Where I Died After an FBI raid on a doomsday cult called the `Temple of the Seven Stars`, Mulder meets Melissa, a cultist who claims to have known him in a previous life during the American Civil War. 0
2705 X Files S4E6 Sunguinarium A link to the four witches Sabbaths is found after a doctor loses control and kills a patient on the operating table and Mulder suspects a nurse may be practicing witchcraft. 0
2706 X Files S4E7 Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man Frohike pieces together and recites to Mulder and Scully what could be the possible life story of the Cigarette Smoking Man; from a young captain in the US Army recruited to assassinate President Kennedy, to becoming the mysterious man in the shadows at the height of a global conspiracy. 0
2707 X Files S4E8 Tunguska Part 1 A rock sample taken from Mars is intercepted at an airport and infects a security officer with the Black Cancer, while Mulder is given a tip about potentially dangerous paramilitary operations but is doubtful when the informant turns out to be Alex Krycek. 0
2708 X Files S4E9 Terma Part 2 While imprisoned in Russia and infected with the Black Cancer, Mulder learns that Krycek is working with the men responsible and everything has been a setup from the start, while Scully and Skinner are called to a suspicious Senate hearing where the only question is the whereabouts of Agent Mulder. 0
2709 X Files S4E10 Paper Hearts Mulder`s dreams help him in finding the body of a little girl which reopens one of his old cases in the Violent Crimes Unit and leads him to believe the killer he captured had more victims and may have taken his sister many years before. 0
2710 X Files S4E11 El Mundo Gira A strange yellow rain kills a migrant girl and her family believe that a mythical creature was the cause and that it has manifested itself inside the brother of her fiancee who has since disappeared. 0
2711 X Files S4E12 Leonard Betts After the body of a decapitated EMT disappears from the morgue and an identical man starts work at the same hospital, Mulder believes that the man has the ability to regrow parts of his body, including his head. 0
2712 X Files S4E13 Never Again While Mulder is forced to take a vacation he leaves Scully with an assignment to keep her busy until he returns. She however, decides to start living and goes on a date with a man who believes that his tattoo talks to him and is telling him to stay away from other women. 0
2713 X Files S4E14 Memento Mori Scully`s recent failing health is revealed to be inoperable brain cancer which is common among abductees. She meets with other abductees with the same condition and forms a special bond with a dying woman, while Mulder tries to save her from a doctor who may be connected with the abductions. 0
2714 X Files S4E15 Kaddish Issac Luria, a Jewish man is killed by a group of teenagers working for a racist shopowner, but one of them is soon strangled to death and the fingerprints on his neck are of Issac. 0
2715 X Files S4E16 Unrequited When a US military general is unexplainably murdered in the back of his limousine, a paramilitary group is suspected and they believe it was a soldier whom they liberated from a Vietnam POW camp and is plotting to kill certain corrupt military figures. 0
2716 X Files S4E17 Tempus Fugit Part 1 While celebrating Scully`s 33rd birthday, a strange woman informs Mulder that NICAP member Max Fenig (see Fallen Angel) has recently died in a plane crash. 0
2717 X Files S4E18 Max Part 2 Mulder is arrested for investigating the plane crash and interfering with a military operation, while Scully is caught in an attempted assassination of Corporal Frish which claims the life of Agent Pendrell. 0
2718 X Files S4E19 Synchrony A case involving a strange old man warning two scientists of events in the immediate future which come to pass; and the use of their experimental flash-freezing compound that does not exist yet, has Mulder believing that one of the scientists has come from the future to stop his own scientific breakthrough from becoming reality. 0
2719 X Files S4E20 Small Potatoes Five babies in the same town are all born with tails and the local OB-GYN is blamed for tampering with fertilised eggs. However, Mulder discovers the culprit to be a simple man with a genetic deformity who may have the ability to alter his appearance. 0
2720 X Files S4E21 Zero Sum Skinner destroys evidence to cover up a woman`s death and poses as Agent Mulder to complete the task. Mulder finds out about Skinner`s deception and confronts him and Skinner reveals that he is working for the Cigarette Smoking Man in order to obtain a possible cure for Scully`s cancer. 0
2721 X Files S4E22 Elegy After a man sees a woman trapped inside a bowling alley pin setter, he goes for help and finds police standing next to to body of the same woman. Mulder and Scully join the investigation and follow up this lead which the police won`t bother with and they are led to a retarded man who works at the bowling alley. 0
2722 X Files S4E23 Demons Mulder undergoes an experimental form of hypnotherapy to recover his memories about his sister`s abduction but the treatment has side effects including psychotic behaviour and Mulder wakes up one morning in a motel room with someone else`s blood all over him. 0
2723 X Files S4E24 Gethsemane Part 1 While investigating the discovery of a preserved alien body found in the mountains of Canada, Mulder is contacted by Michael Kritschgau who tells him about a government conspiracy not to keep alien activity a secret, but to make people believe in them without question and Mulder has been the prime target. 0

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