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3640 Wonderfalls S1E1 Wax Lion When Jaye Tyler is convinced by a waxed lion to chase after a shinny quarter, she finds herself returning a lost purse to a lady (who instead of thanking her, is punched in the face), meeting an attractive and sweet bartender names Eric, introducing her sister, Sharon to the EPS newly divorced bachelor, Thomas, she knows, and later discovering her sister, Sharon`s sexuality. 10
3643 Wonderfalls S1E4 Pink Flamingos Jaye`s father ends up in the hospital after she helps him collect garbage; the muses instruct Jaye to help an old high-school nemesis. 9
3644 Wonderfalls S1E5 Crime Dog Jaye follows an advice from the cow creamer at the breakfast table, which leads to the arrest of the Tyler`s houskeeper by immergration authorithies, at the same time Jaye`s brother sees her talking to the cow creamer, and begins to question her state of mind. 9
3646 Wonderfalls S1E7 Muffin Buffalo Jaye is spying on her neighbour "fat pat", while her other neighbour Mrs Beatle, hasn`t got her disability checks in months, and as a result is having money trouble. Jaye discovers that she accidentally has recieved her mail but the buffalo on Mrs Beatle`s muffin apron orders Jaye not to give her the disability checks. 9
3647 Wonderfalls S1E8 Lovesick Ass As Jaye and Eric verbally spar over their relationship, or more precisely, lack of one, they encounter and help a Russian mail order bride, Katya, and Peter the 12 year old that ordered her. 10
3648 Wonderfalls S1E9 Safety Canary Jaye and Eric, now officially dating delve a little deeper into thier relationships. But Jaye, under the influence of the talking things that don`t talk, snaps a photo of 2 birds which sets in motion a bird napping, a brother and best friend challenging, Jaye questioning her relationship with Eric and a zoologist and janitor`s relationship. 9
3650 Wonderfalls S1E11 Cocktail Bunny As Eric and Heidi`s marrage tries to get back on track. Jaye spirals wildly out of control as the muses convince her that she must "Save Him From Her", save him from the fact that some is going to murder him. To deal with things, she visits the family`s therapist 10
3651 Wonderfalls S1E12 Totem Mole Jaye, Sharon and Mahandra visit a nearby Indian reservation, where the spirit of a dead grandmother send all three on a new path towards easing Jaye`s burden. Aaron and Jaye continue on this path and hilarity ensues. 9
3652 Wonderfalls S1E13 Caged Bird Jaye, Sharon, mouth-breather and the local security guard get held hostage at Wonderfalls. In the meantime, everyone evaluates their relationships as Jaye`s parents start to prep for their anniversary. 9

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