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1830 The West Wing S3E0 Isaac And Ishmael A special episode of the Emmy Award-winning series, dealing with some of the questions and issues currently facing the world in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks on the United States. 6
1831 The West Wing S3E1 Manchester Part 1 Flashbacks reveal how the President will officially announce his plans to run for re-election, which sends his staff into disarray as they work on the speech. But two problems dog them when Sam realizes that Bartlet never apologized for not disclosing his multiple sclerosis while C.J. makes a crucial gaffe during a press conference. 7
1832 The West Wing S3E2 Manchester Part2 Flashbacks reveal the President as he refines his speech for a major re-election announcement while his staff works uneasily with a heavyweight political strategist over whether Bartlet should include a public apology in his remarks. 7
1833 The West Wing S3E3 Ways And Means When a fearless special prosecutor begins investigating the President`s non-disclosure of his illness and issues subpoenas to the White House staff, C.J. cannily tries to light a backfire by dropping clues to the press that might ultimately force the replacement of the prosecutor with someone more favorable to the Administration. 6
1834 The West Wing S3E4 On The Day Before As a State Department dinner nears, President Bartlet boldly vetoes the "death tax" bill but his staff must hustle when they are surprised to learn that the House of Representatives have enough votes to immediately override the veto. 6
1835 The West Wing S3E5 War Crimes The President asks the reluctant Vice President to speak at an anti-gun rally in Texas after a church shooting but the uneasy allies have a starkly candid showdown while Donna goes before a Congressional committee investigating Bartlet`s lack of disclosure -- and she lies to her inquisitor, who also was her lover. 6
1836 The West Wing S3E6 Gone Quiet When an American spy submarine suddenly goes silent in hostile North Korean waters, an angry President receives advice from the Assistant Secretary of State and must decide whether he should notify the enemy or attempt a risky, secret rescue. 6
1837 The West Wing S3E7 The Indians In The Lobby While President Bartlet frets about where to spend Thanksgiving -- and how to best cook a gourmet turkey -- C.J. powwows with two Native Americans who are camped in the lobby and promise to cause a media dustup if they can`t meet with a bigwig about receiving better public health projects on their reservation. 6
1838 The West Wing S3E8 The Women Of Qumar At the First Lady`s urging, Josh meets with a powerful women`s caucus over the proposed language of a U.N. treaty banning prostitution while the President grapples with the possibility of a Mad Cow epidemic and ponders how much the public should know. 6
1839 The West Wing S3E9 Bartlet For America While the White House is festooned with Christmas finery, Leo fears the worst when he testifies in the Congressional investigation into the President`s possible lack of public disclosure about his illness while flashbacks reveal the background leading to Bartlet`s decision as governor to not come forward with the damaging information. 7
1840 The West Wing S3E10 H.Con-172 A defiant Leo rejects the Congressional Oversight Committee`s offer of a presidential public censure that would finally end its investigation of Bartlet`s concealment of his illness -- and spare Leo of any possible personal repercussions. 7
1841 The West Wing S3E11 100,000 Airplanes While the staff furiously labors over the President`s crucial State of the Union speech, Bartlet suddenly demands to include a passage that ambitiously promises a crusade to cure cancer within 10 years while Sam is interviewed for a Vanity Fair profile by a woman whom once was his fiancee. 6
1842 The West Wing S3E12 The Two Bartletts While the President and his staff ponder whether to counter a verbal assault on affirmative action by a fast-rising Republican presidential candidate, Josh must postpone his tropical vacation with a women`s rights advocate to defuse a risky powderkeg on an island that serves as the Navy`s firing range. 6
1843 The West Wing S3E13 Night Five President Bartlet consults a a psychiatrist for a troubling sleep disorder -- and gets a sobering personal assessment -- while C.J. lobbies hard to help secure the release of a White House reporter who`s been taken hostage on assignment in the Congo. 6
1848 The West Wing S3E14 Hartsfield Landing The President engages both Sam and Toby in intricate chess matches that underscore the wily game of brinkmanship Bartlet is playing with the Chinese, who threaten to turn their war games in the Taiwan Strait into the real thing if Taiwan begins test-firing their new U.S. Patriot defense missiles. 6
1844 The West Wing S3E15 Dead Irish Writers Many issues are in play during a White House party to celebrate the argumentative First Lady`s birthday as she contemplates the likely loss of her medical license the next day while the President is visited by proper British Ambassador Marbury who argues against Bartlet`s meeting with a murderous Irish terrorist. 6
1845 The West Wing S3E16 The US Poet Laureate When the President is overheard making a disparaging comment on an open-mike about the potential Republican nominee, C.J. does damage control for days after while Toby tries to finesse the newly named poet laureate from spealing out against the United States` lack of support for a land-mines treaty. 6
1846 The West Wing S3E17 Stirred The President`s staff reacts to the crash of a heavy rig bearing uranium fuel rods in a remote Idaho tunnel that could pose an environmental -- or terrorist -- crisis, while in another room, electoral strategy is stealthily mapped out that could include jettisoning Vice President Hoynes from the next ticket. 7
1847 The West Wing S3E18 Enemies Foreign And Domestic As Sam works out the President`s final maddening details of an important upcoming summit with the Russian president, satellite photos reveal an Iranian nuclear bomb facility built with Russian technology -- a revelation that could torpedo the leaders` meeting. 7
1849 The West Wing S3E19 The Black Vera Wang The President and his staff scramble to head off a predicted terrorist attack over a broad area while C.J. chafes under the protective collar provided by a handsome but capable Secret Service agent. 8
1850 The West Wing S3E20 We Killed Yamamoto The President is torn over forfeiting the principle of diplomatic immunity for an important Middle Eastern official known to be plotting terrorism while Josh duels with his feminist activist/lover over a key welfare reform bill. 6
1851 The West Wing S3E21 Posse Comitatus President Bartlet encounters Ritchie -- his Republican presidential rival -- when they attend a Broadway play while the President faces a terrorist threat after he discovers that a high-ranking Middle Eastern official has been supporting terrorism. 7

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