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3114 The West Wing S5E7 Separation Of Powers As the President`s staff wrangle with Speaker Haffley over the pending federal budget, Toby dispatches former Supreme Court clerk and personal friend Joe Quincy to check on the condition of the stricken Chief Justice, an ancient Supreme Court icon who has Washington wondering if he will finally step down. 8
3115 The West Wing S5E8 Shutdown A disastrous fiscal crisis looms when the federal government is shut down after the President engages in a war of wills between the powerful GOP House Speaker over an extra two percent in budget reductions that would trim many of Bartlet`s key social programs -- and the Democrats are blamed based on opinion polls. 8
3292 The West Wing S5E12 Slow News Day Toby convinces the President to secretly sanction his solo effort to make history by reforming Social Security but his efforts to recruit a Republican Senator and a Democratic cohort are leaked, forcing the administration to back-pedal while Josh and Leo are left clueless and stewing. 8
3293 The West Wing S5E13 The Warfare Of Genghis Khan When the flash of a secret nuclear detonation is detected over the Indian Ocean, the President scrambles his inner circle to investigate which nation now has weapons of mass destruction, and since conventional thinking favors Iran, Bartlet orders bombers into the air to destroy that nation`s most likely uranium-enriched targets. 8
3315 The West Wing S5E14 An Khe When five crew members of an airborne Thunderchief are shot down by North Korean jets near the hostile country, Bartlet dispatches an elite Navy SEAL team to retrieve them -- prompting Leo to to remember his own harrowing experience when he was downed as a pilot over North Vietnam. Leo`s good friend and fellow flyer saved his life and now is under fire for allegedly paying bribes to defense contractors to obtain military contracts. 8
3316 The West Wing S5E15 Full Disclosure The Bartlet administration reels from press leaks that ex-Vice President Hoynes is preparing a tell-all book that will embarrass the President and Leo as the Veep plans to make his own run for the White House. The news flash first stuns C.J. live on the air as she jousts with acerbic pundit Taylor Reid. 8
3327 The West Wing S5E17 The Supremes When a Republican Supreme Court justice suddenly dies, the Bartlet administration scrambles to find a worthy replacement and the halls are flooded with candidates -- but the President senses that the process is a political minefield until Josh hits upon a wild plan that could open the door for an unthinkable liberal. 8
3357 The West Wing S5E21 - - 8
3358 The West Wing S5E22 - - 8

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