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1854 The West Wing S4E3 College Kids The President`s team reacts to the ongoing inquiry into its pre-meditated Qumari assassination by lawyering up as they gingerly approach Leo`s lawyer while a key judicial ruling on presidential third-party candiates throws a monkeywrench into the campaign. 7
1856 The West Wing S4E5 Debate Camp While on a weekend retreat to prepare for the crucial debates, the President is confronted with an Israeli air attack on Qumar that could enflame the Mideast -- while his staff recalls the Bartlet administration`s first error-prone days in office. 7
1857 The West Wing S4E6 Game On Bartlet engages in the final debate of his career. 7
1858 The West Wing S4E7 Election Night It`s Election Day and there?s nothing for the staffers to do but wait. Donna discovers she accidentally voted for the wrong candidate and then spends the day trying to convince that candidate`s supporter to switch sides to cancel out her vote. 7
1861 The West Wing S4E10 Arctic Radar Sam packs up to begin his California campaign and refers talented campaign manager Will to Toby who reviews Will`s speechwriting skills. Elsewhere, C.J. duels with a reporter who`s upset over his new press room seat assignment. 7
1862 The West Wing S4E11 Holy Night The Christmas Episode. A winter storm blankets the northeast as a staffer gets a surprising visit from his father and Bartlet and Leo start to hear the footsteps. 7
1865 The West Wing S4E14 Inauguration Day Part 1 A situation in a thoroughly unimportant country on the other side of the world has the President and his staff re-writing his Inauguration address on the eve of his swearing-in as tensions between the White House and the Pentagon mount and the staff is stunned by the betrayal of one of their own. 7
1866 The West Wing S4E15 Inauguration Day Part 2 : Over There Preparations for the Inauguration (and the parties that follow) continue as the White House scuttles the President`s speech and moves closer and closer to an historic military action. 7
1868 The West Wing S4E16 California 47th En route to California to campaign for Sam`s congressional election challenge where everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, the President and his staff debate whether to announce his controversial tax plan that might damage Sam`s bid in conservative Orange Count. 7
1867 The West Wing S4E17 Red Havens On Fire The President waits tensely for the results of a military strike to rescue three captive American soldiers in Africa while Toby tries to help Sam`s California congressional campaign and Josh butts heads with the First Lady. 7
1872 The West Wing S4E21 Life On Mars A seemingly benign press leak begins a day and night long journey that ends with the discovery of a scandal that affects the uppermost levels of the administration, though what the staff doesn`t yet know is that this is merely the match that lights the fuse and that things are about to get considerably worse. 7
1873 The West Wing S4E22 The Commencement With the country at a heightened state of alert because suspected terrorists have disappeared, the President wrestles with what message to give his youngest daughter Zoey`s graduating class at Georgetown. As C.J. has to stop Danny from filing a story, Charlie decides whether to follow through a romantic promise he made to Zoey when they were dating. 9
1874 The West Wing S4E23 25 In the season finale, a national crisis is thrust on the President on the night of his daughter Zoey`s graduation, forcing him to shut down Washington, D.C. as he orders the Fifth Fleet to the Persian Gulf -- all of which prompts Bartlet to consider executive action that would have been unthinkable just hours earlier. 8

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