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1831 The West Wing S3E1 Manchester Part 1 Flashbacks reveal how the President will officially announce his plans to run for re-election, which sends his staff into disarray as they work on the speech. But two problems dog them when Sam realizes that Bartlet never apologized for not disclosing his multiple sclerosis while C.J. makes a crucial gaffe during a press conference. 7
1832 The West Wing S3E2 Manchester Part2 Flashbacks reveal the President as he refines his speech for a major re-election announcement while his staff works uneasily with a heavyweight political strategist over whether Bartlet should include a public apology in his remarks. 7
1839 The West Wing S3E9 Bartlet For America While the White House is festooned with Christmas finery, Leo fears the worst when he testifies in the Congressional investigation into the President`s possible lack of public disclosure about his illness while flashbacks reveal the background leading to Bartlet`s decision as governor to not come forward with the damaging information. 7
1840 The West Wing S3E10 H.Con-172 A defiant Leo rejects the Congressional Oversight Committee`s offer of a presidential public censure that would finally end its investigation of Bartlet`s concealment of his illness -- and spare Leo of any possible personal repercussions. 7
1846 The West Wing S3E17 Stirred The President`s staff reacts to the crash of a heavy rig bearing uranium fuel rods in a remote Idaho tunnel that could pose an environmental -- or terrorist -- crisis, while in another room, electoral strategy is stealthily mapped out that could include jettisoning Vice President Hoynes from the next ticket. 7
1847 The West Wing S3E18 Enemies Foreign And Domestic As Sam works out the President`s final maddening details of an important upcoming summit with the Russian president, satellite photos reveal an Iranian nuclear bomb facility built with Russian technology -- a revelation that could torpedo the leaders` meeting. 7
1849 The West Wing S3E19 The Black Vera Wang The President and his staff scramble to head off a predicted terrorist attack over a broad area while C.J. chafes under the protective collar provided by a handsome but capable Secret Service agent. 8
1851 The West Wing S3E21 Posse Comitatus President Bartlet encounters Ritchie -- his Republican presidential rival -- when they attend a Broadway play while the President faces a terrorist threat after he discovers that a high-ranking Middle Eastern official has been supporting terrorism. 7

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