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1808 The West Wing S2E1 In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen Part 1 All the President`s men and women scramble in the chaotic wake of an assassination attempt that leaves some victims fighting for their lives. Meanwhile, as a manhunt continues, the wounded drift in and out of surgery recalling how Bartlet`s team came together during the dark months of his longshot primary campaign. 7
1809 The West Wing S2E2 In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen Part 1 Elsewhere, the press department is hounded by the media for details of the shooting while a military crisis looms in Iraq. 7
1811 The West Wing S2E4 In This White House When a confident Sam is outmatched by a novice Republican adviser on a political point-counterpoint television program, an impressed President Bartlet offers to hire her as assistant White House counsel despite her party affiliation-- a bold move that sends shock waves through the resentful staff. 7
1812 The West Wing S2E5 And Its Surely To Their Credit President Bartlet`s controversial -- and conservative -- new choice for associate White House counsel has rough sledding on her first day when she suffers the wrath of her hostile boss gets a chilly reception from her co-workers and is humiliated by two other staffers. 7
1813 The West Wing S2E6 The Lame Duck Congress President Bartlet considers the extraordinary option of recalling the Senate from a winter holiday to push through a ratification of a new nuclear test-ban treaty -- despite the lame-duck status of many Senators who will not return in the next session -- while the drunken Ukrainian leader thunders through the White House demanding to see the President. 7
1817 The West Wing S2E10 Noel Christmas draws near as Josh is ordered by Leo to consult with a doctor who specializes in analyzing trauma victims -- but Josh`s denial of his occasional emotional outbursts belie the fact that he isn`t fully recovered from his life-threatening injuries in the Presidential assassination attempt. 8
1820 The West Wing S2E13 Bartlets Third State Of The Union There`s electricity in the air as the President addresses the Congress for his third State of the Union address -- which was intricately composed by Toby -- and while Josh anxiously tracks public response via a phone poll, a crisis looms when five American drug agents are taken hostage by Colombian rebels. 7
1823 The West Wing S2E16 Somebody Going To Emergency Somebody Going To Jail While a contemptuous Toby is assigned to meet with a noisy, unruly mob protesting the World Trade Organization, Donna asks Sam to consider fronting an executive pardon for the grandfather of her friend who was imprisoned for espionage in the 1940s. 7
1825 The West Wing S2E18 17 People After a foreign terrorist is caught at the border with explosives, Bartlet ponders the impact of ordering a heightened security alert for the nation`s airports while an exasperated Toby is shocked to learn of the President`s secret affliction with multiple sclerosis -- and he details its political and legal ramifications. 7
1826 The West Wing S2E19 Bad Moon Rising The President`s vaunted administration could be brought down by the tiniest oversight as Bartlet secretly summons chief counsel Barash to discuss how his failure to divulge his multiple sclerosis condition could be a criminal violation of full disclosure -- which would give his enemies enough ammo to destroy him. 7
1829 The West Wing S2E20 The Fall`s Gonna Kill You Sam is happy to learn of a lowered surplus estimate that will reinforce the administration`s case for a revised tax cut and Josh seeks more funds to support the overwhelmed Justice Department in its prosecution of tobacco companies. 7
1827 The West Wing S2E21 18th And Potomac The newly elected president of Haiti flees for his life and asks for sanctuary in the U.S. embassy -- which would place the compound under army attack. Elsewhere, a frustrated Josh needs more money from a Senate committee to continue the Justice Department`s case against Big Tobacco companies. 8
1828 The West Wing S2E22 Two Cathedrals The Haitian army besieges the American Embassy there and Bartlet continues his campaign to sufficiently fund the Justice Department`s case against Big Tobacco. Additionally, Toby gets a surprising job offer and the President gets some sage advice from an unexpected corner. 8

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