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3021 The Sopranos S4E1 For All Debts Public And Private With the slowing economy affecting business, Tony invests in a potentially lucrative land deal, while Carmela frets about the family`s long-term financial security. Problems abound among Tony`s crime family as well: Uncle Junior worries about his pending RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) trial; Adriana confides in her new friend Danielle, who may be an undercover FBI agent; and Christopher sets his sights on avenging an old murder. 8
3022 The Sopranos S4E2 No-Show Carmela finds out that Meadow plans to skip her true sophomore year and go to Europe with her friends. Carm and Tony don`t approve. Dr. Melfi convinces Tony to have Meadow see a psychologist. She gives him a name of a conventional child psychologist who tells Meadow to go to Europe. 0
3023 The Sopranos S4E3 Christopher Bobby Baccala`s wife, Karen dies in a car accident, leaving him devistated. He confesses to Janice, who is seeing a shrink of her own, that he feels guilty for Karen`s death. He was caught in traffic because of her accident. Also, Silvio and Ralphie try to stop a protest at the Columbus Day parade. 0
3024 The Sopranos S4E4 The Weight An enraged Johnny Sack seeks vengeance after a disparaging remark is made about his wife; Meadow considers volunteer work at the South Bronx Law Center; Furio hosts a housewarming party; Silvio and Christopher make an offer to an old-time hit man; and Tony and Carmela disagree about the family finances. 0
3025 The Sopranos S4E5 Pie-O-My Tony discovers he has a knack for horseracing strategy when Ralph buys a filly named "Pie-O-My." Ralph wins $40,000 and shares it with Tony. The mob boss is smitten with the filly, and his tough-guy demeanor softens whenever he`s around the animal. But at home, things are not as serene for Tony. When Carmela presents him with an irrevocable trust, he refuses to sign the document. 0
3026 The Sopranos S4E6 Everybody Hurts Restaurateur Artie Bucco, always a sucker for a pretty face, loans money to his hostess`s brother; Anthony Jr. falls for a girl from a well-heeled family; Carmela plays matchmaker for Furio; and Tony hears some surprising news about an old associate. 0
3027 The Sopranos S4E7 Watching Too Much Television Tony and Ralph disregard the advice of Carmela`s cousin, a financial adviser, about a moneymaking scheme; Adriana is getting anxious to tie the knot; Paulie finally gets out of jail. 0
3028 The Sopranos S4E8 Mergers & Acquisitions Furio takes a trip to his native Italy to visit his father; Carmela explores new avenues in the investment world; Paulie dotes on his mother at Green Grove; Ralph shows off his new girlfriend. 0
3029 The Sopranos S4E9 Whoever Did This Ralphie`s biological son is playing archery with a friend, and is hit by an arrow. A big loss of oxygen caused him to become a "vegetable." In another development, the stables burned down, Pie-oh-My was burned badly and was put to death. Tony thinks that this is Ralphie`s doing and whacks him. The last half of the episode is devoted to Tony and Christopher making Ralph Cifaretto "disappear." 0
3030 The Sopranos S4E10 The Strong, Silent Type Dr. Melfi disagrees with Tony`s latest self-evaluation; Anthony Jr. reluctantly accompanies his mother on a visit to Furio`s; Christopher`s future may not be so rosy after all. 0
3031 The Sopranos S4E11 Calling All Cars The future of Tony`s HUD scheme hangs in the balance after a sit-down with Johnny Sack; Janice`s patience with Bobby is wearing thin; Melfi interprets Tony`s dreams. 0
3032 The Sopranos S4E12 Eloise Realizing that the only way he can get Carmela is killing Tony, an upset Furio moves back to Italy. This leaves Carmela extremely depressed. AJ and Meadow debate if a famous book has gay connotations. 0
3033 The Sopranos S4E13 Whitecaps Carm is still depressed over Furio`s leaving. After a doctor`s appointment, she learns that Tony is on the waiting list to by a beach house, Whitecaps. Tony persuades the owner to drop the previous buyer and sell the house to him. Junior`s trial is thrown out because of a hung jury. Chris gets out of rehab and is ordered to hit Carmine. 0

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