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3008 The Sopranos S3E1 Mr. Ruggerio`s Neighborhood The Feds have stepped up their efforts to build a RICO case against Tony, even though they no longer have the services of Cooperating Witness 16, AKA Pussy Bonpensiero. Since Pussy is, as Agent Lipari delicately puts it, "probably compost," the Bureau is going to have to find some other way to get close to Tony. 7
3009 The Sopranos S3E2 Proshai, Livushka Tony hadn`t had an anxiety attack for months, but suddenly one morning, Carmela comes home to find him out cold on the kitchen floor. The immediate cause is meeting Meadow`s new college "friend," Noah Tannenbaum. Noah tells Tony he`s Jewish and African-American. Tony tells Noah to get out of his house. Right after that, the sight of a box of Uncle Ben`s rice in the kitchen cabinet caused him to swoon. 7
3010 The Sopranos S3E3 Fortunate Son Tony`s not pleased with the pace of his therapy. Not to mention the notoriety: it seems like every made guy on the east coast is aware of Tony`s "spells." And while they may tell Tony that "there`s no stigmata" attached to his seeing a psychiatrist, he knows they don`t mean it. Melfi, in turn, tells Tony that she can help him, but only if he`s truly willing to "focus and delve." 7
3011 The Sopranos S3E4 Employee Of The Month Ralph Cifaretto, who took over Richie Aprile`s garbage business and is dating Jackie Aprile`s widow, Rosalie, endears himself to Jackie Jr. but loses points with Tony. Svetlana enlists Russian thugs in her conflict with Janice and New York City crime boss Johnny Sack moves to Tony`s neighborhood. In a hard scene to watch, Dr. Melfi is brutally raped and beaten by a man, who turns out to be an employee of the month at a restaurant. 8
3012 The Sopranos S3E5 Another Toothpick Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri, Sr. comes out of retirement, much to the chagrin of his son and Uncle Junior. Artie Bucco faces up to his feelings toward his wife Charmaine and his hostess, Adriana. Carmela takes a more active role in Tony`s therapy. 6
3013 The Sopranos S3E6 University A young Bada Bing dancer named Tracee is pregnant by Ralph Cifaretto. When the two argue outside the club, Ralph brutally beats her to death. When Tony sees Tracee lying dead, he becomes enraged and does something no made guy is ever supposed to do to another made guy 7
3014 The Sopranos S3E7 Second Opinion While undergoing surgery for his stomach cancer, Uncle Junior dreams that the FBI offered him a complete cure for his illness?if he will testify against Tony. When Junior`s doctor isn`t as attentive as Tony would like him to be, Furio persuades the doctor to improve his bedside manner. 7
3015 The Sopranos S3E8 He Is Risen Tony`s feud with Ralph reaches the fail-safe point. Meadow and Jackie Jr. find they have more in common than they thought. Tony`s generosity in giving his time slot with Dr. Melfi to another patient pays off. 7
3016 The Sopranos S3E9 The Telltale Moozadell Tony checks out a new Mercedes - and the Mercedes saleswoman, Gloria. Later, he gives Carmela a sapphire ring for her birthday, and Christopher gives Adriana her very own music club. Anthony Jr. is busted for vandalizing the school swimming pool. 7
3017 The Sopranos S3E10 To Save Us All From Satan`s Power Memories of Christmas 1995 send Tony to Dr. Melfi. Janice hosts Christmas dinner. Silvio dreams of missing cheese and a dirty rat. Baccala reluctantly dons the Santa suit that Pussy used to wear for a party. 7
3018 The Sopranos S3E11 Pine Barrens Paulie and Christopher endure a nightmarish journey in the wilds of South Jersey. Meadow harbors suspicions about Jackie Jr. and Tony finds family demands are jeopardizing a new friendship. 7
3019 The Sopranos S3E12 Amour Fou Inspired by Ralph, Jackie, Jr. decides to "make his move" in organized crime. Guilt prompts Carmela to make an interesting confession to her priest. 8
3020 The Sopranos S3E13 The Army Of One Anthony Jr. faces the prospect of military school. Tony orders Ralph to deal with Jackie, Jr. and Meadow reflects the meaning of life and death in the Soprano family. 8

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