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2995 The Sopranos S2E1 Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist`s Office Tony still has his two famiglia, but he`s now the sole Boss of the professional one, as Junior`s been indicted on twelve RICO predicates. So while his uncle spends his days sporting an orange jumpsuit and doing the perp walk, Tony is running the business "bunker style" and trying not to draw the Feds` attention himself. 8
2996 The Sopranos S2E2 Do Not Resuscitate When Pussy goes to the doctor for steroid injections in his back, the person leafing through old magazines in the waiting room is FBI agent Skip Lipari. As they drive home afterwards it`s revealed that Sal Bompensiero, AKA Big Pussy Bompensiero, made man and life-long friend of Tony Soprano, is facing a heroin possession charge and has become an informant for the Feds. 6
2997 The Sopranos S2E3 Toddle-F***ing-Oo Big brother of the late, great Jackie Aprile, Richie has just finished ten years in prison and is looking to pick up where he left off. He figures it should be pretty easy, too. After all, the jerky kid he used to look out for in the old neighborhood has grown up to be none other than the current Boss, Tony Soprano. 7
2998 The Sopranos S2E4 Commendatori As part of the spoils of being Boss, Tony now controls the family`s luxury car "export" business. This new responsibility takes Tony, Paulie and Christopher to Naples to meet with Zi Vittorio, head of the Neapolitan famiglia. An old associate of Junior`s whom he last saw in 1961, Vittorio is, warns Junior, "a serious man" his nephew had better be ready for. 6
2999 The Sopranos S2E5 Big Girls Don`t Cry The latest addition to the Soprano crew is safely in the States and, as a favor to Tony by Artie Bucco, gainfully employed as a mozzarella maker at the Nuovo Vesuvio Restaurant. But make no mistake: Furio`s real boss is Tony. And now that his operation has some new talent, the Boss can make a few organizational changes. 7
3000 The Sopranos S2E6 The Happy Wanderer Now that he`s back with Dr. Melfi, Tony tells her that he`s angry with all the "happy wanderers" in the world: the people who manage to get through life "with a clear head." At the moment, however, he doesn`t have time to explore this anger. He`s got to organize the "Executive Game." 7
3001 The Sopranos S2E7 D-Girl "Life is essentially meaningless." Tony talking to Dr. Melfi? Livia to anyone who`ll listen? No, this time it`s Anthony, Jr. to his parents, upon being caught driving ? and crashing ? his mother`s car. An unrepentant A.J. has been reading Camus and Nietzsche and come to the conclusion that God is dead, existence is pointless and his upcoming confirmation in the Catholic Church is an exercise in absurdity. 8
3002 The Sopranos S2E8 Full Leather Jacket In Tony Soprano`s world, there`s no such thing as doing a simple favor for someone. To the contrary: it`s never simple and isn`t always a favor. 9
3003 The Sopranos S2E9 From Where To Eternity To everyone`s relief, Christopher has survived the attempt on his life ? but not before going into arrest and being clinically dead for a full minute. When he awakes, he calls Tony and Paulie to his side and informs them that during his minute ad patres he went to Hell: an Irish bar that exists in a perpetual Saint Patrick`s Day, and where his father gets whacked every day. 6
3004 The Sopranos S2E10 Bust Out A law-abiding civilian ? or "flag-salutin` motherf***er" in Paulie`s parlance ? was in Hacklebarney State Park the night Matt Bevilaqua was whacked. He heard the gunshots and saw Tony and "a husky accomplice" driving away from the scene. And then he called the police. 7
3005 The Sopranos S2E11 House Arrest Tony`s lawyer, Neil Mink, warns him that while he dodged a bullet on the Bevilaqua matter, the Feds are still gunning for him. The government has devoted considerable resources to investigating the Soprano organization, Neil tells Tony, "and sooner or later, they`re going to want a return on their investment." 8
3006 The Sopranos S2E12 Knight In White Satin Armor It`s not a rhetorical question. And it`s going to have to be answered soon because he`s rapidly running out his string with Tony. He`s still selling drugs on his garbage routes and started trying to horn in on other capos` hauling contracts. And while Richie continues to contend that his future brother-in-law is not giving him due respect. 8
3007 The Sopranos S2E13 Funhouse Things are going pretty well for Tony. Business-wise, things are great: the Webistics scam and Scatino bust out yielded, as Junior might put it, some serious sponduliks. A current venture involving the sale of bogus telephone cards is proving to be highly profitable as well. Richie and Janice are gone and soon Livia will be, too. 8

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