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3011 The Sopranos S3E4 Employee Of The Month Ralph Cifaretto, who took over Richie Aprile`s garbage business and is dating Jackie Aprile`s widow, Rosalie, endears himself to Jackie Jr. but loses points with Tony. Svetlana enlists Russian thugs in her conflict with Janice and New York City crime boss Johnny Sack moves to Tony`s neighborhood. In a hard scene to watch, Dr. Melfi is brutally raped and beaten by a man, who turns out to be an employee of the month at a restaurant. 8
3019 The Sopranos S3E12 Amour Fou Inspired by Ralph, Jackie, Jr. decides to "make his move" in organized crime. Guilt prompts Carmela to make an interesting confession to her priest. 8
3020 The Sopranos S3E13 The Army Of One Anthony Jr. faces the prospect of military school. Tony orders Ralph to deal with Jackie, Jr. and Meadow reflects the meaning of life and death in the Soprano family. 8

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