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2987 The Sopranos S1E6 Pax Soprana After years of playing second fiddle, Junior Soprano finally became the new Boss of New Jersey and proceed to drive everybody crazy. Not only did he refuse to honor any deals made during Jackie Aprile`s reign, he also didn`t let any of his newfound wealth to trickle down to the guys below. 8
2989 The Sopranos S1E8 The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti At the wedding of Larry Boy Barese`s daughter, all the wise guys talked about was the indictments coming down and how half of New York has already left for Fort Lauderdale. So the question was, what are Tony and his associates going to do, lam it or stay? The decision was for everyone to stay--but do a little "housecleaning" in case anyone shows up on the doorstep in an "FBI" jacket. 8
2990 The Sopranos S1E9 Boca The grand jury hasn`t indicted anybody yet, but the tension in Essex County got thicker than homemade marinara. Junior decided to get away from it all for awhile and headed to Boca Raton with his ladylove, Roberta. Junior and Roberta have been together for sixteen years and she`s the one person to whom he can show his tender and to put it delicately ? "giving" side. 8
2992 The Sopranos S1E11 Nobody Knows Anything Somebody`s wearing a wire. 8
2993 The Sopranos S1E12 Isabella Since Pussy disappeared, Tony`s had a string of them. Madonn`, this is the most depressed he`s ever been. He avoided Carmela and the kids, neglected the business ? and as for personal hygiene? Fuhgeddaboutit. Dr. Melfi tried to jump start his system by having him take so much Prozac and Lithium it`s practically its own food group; but it still looked like nothing would ever get him up and on his feet again. 8
2994 The Sopranos S1E13 I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano The cat`s out of the bag, and the rat`s in it ? a body bag, that is. 8

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