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1583 The Simpsons S14E1 Tree house of Horror XIII "Send in the Clones" - in a takeoff on the movie Multiplicity, Homer`s hammock starts making clones of of which kills Flanders. "The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms" - ten years after "Dial Z for Zombies", the zombies rise again, this time armed cowboy zombies ready to take over an unarmed Springfield (thanks to Lisa`s cash-for-guns program). "The Island of Dr. Hibbert" - any similarities to The Island of Dr. Moreau, where humans (like, say, the Simpsons) are crossed with animals, are coincidental - yeah, that`s it, coincidental. Maggie Roswell returns as the ghost of Maude Flanders in the show`s opening. 0
1584 The Simpsons S14E2 How I Spent My Strummer Vacation Homer is secretly videotaped complaining about his family while in cab (a la Taxi Cab Confessions). In an effort to help him regroup, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie send him to Mick Jagger`s (playing himself) Rock `N` Roll Fantasy camp. Once there, Homer lives the life of a rock star, taught to him by the likes of Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and Brian Setzer, all of whom guest star as themselves. 6
1585 The Simpsons S14E3 Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade Bart is held back a grade, and Lisa is skipped ahead, landing them both in third grade at the same time, and coincidentally, in the same class. 0
1586 The Simpsons S14E4 Large Marge Marge mistakenly thinks Homer is eyeing other women. In an effort to uplift her appeal, she decides to get plastic surgery to look younger. But the surgery goes awry when Marge receives breast implants that were meant for a younger patient. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse catch an episode of Batman and Robin (guest stars Adam West and Burt Ward), where they battle Clown Man -- who coincidentally looks a lot like a younger version of Krusty. 7
1587 The Simpsons S14E5 Helter Shelter While the Simpson house is being fumigated after a Russian termite infestation, the family moves into a house that`s part of a reality show where they have to live in 1895. David Lander of Laverne & Shirley fame guest stars. 0
1588 The Simpsons S14E6 The Great Louse Detective Somebody from Homer`s past tries to murder him, and it`s up to Sideshow Bob to help Homer find out who that person is. Kelsey Grammer returns as Sideshow Bob. 0
1589 The Simpsons S14E7 Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking) Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel finally get engaged. Little Richard guest stars as himself. 0
1590 The Simpsons S14E8 The Dad Who Knew Too Little After Homer gets Lisa an inappropriate birthday present, Homer worries that he is losing touch with Lisa, so he hires a private investigator to find out more about her. Guest stars Elliot Gould. 0
1591 The Simpsons S14E9 Strong Arms of the Ma Concerned that she`s been neglecting her health, Marge starts lifting weights, which leads to steroid abuse and a harsher Marge to the family. 0
1574 The Simpsons S14E10 Pray Anything When Flanders wins a half-time money shot during a WNBA game, Homer decides his neighbor`s secret to success is praying. Homer starts praying to get his way with everything...and it works. He even prays himself into an injury lawsuit against the Church and is awarded with the deed to the property. Homer promptly moves the family in, while Helen and the Reverend have been relocated to the Flanders and reduced to preaching at the Bowl-a-rama. It can only take a miracle to make Homer see the error of his ways. 0
1575 The Simpsons S14E11 Barting Over Bart learns that he had acted in commercials as a baby, as Baby Stinkbreath (for a baby mouthwash) and that Homer has squandered all his money. "I spent it naming a star after our family", says Homer. 0
1576 The Simpsons S14E12 I`m Spelling as Fast as I Can While Homer falls in love with the new limited-time Krusty Ribwich, Lisa enjoys the sudden popularity of being a spelling champ -- and soon becomes the state rep for the Spell-lympics. When the Ribwich is discontinued locally, Homer joins up with the Ribheads and follows the mystery meat sandwich tour around the country. Guest stars George Plimpton. 0
1577 The Simpsons S14E13 A Star is Born-Again In a send-up of "Notting Hill", Ned Flanders begins dating a forgotten starlet. Guest stars Marisa Tomei and James L. Brooks. 0
1570 The Simpsons S14E14 Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington Krusty gets elected to Congress in part to help get the flight path for Springfield Airport diverted from directly over Homer`s house, but falls in line with the conservatives once he`s there. 0
1571 The Simpsons S14E15 C.E. D`oh! After being rejected by a sleepy Marge on Valentine`s Night, Homer enrolls in Stark Richdale`s extension class Successmanship 101, which gives him the "Megatronics" tools needed to take over the SNPP -- by replacing the plant`s true owner Canary M. Burns with himself... and immediately firing Mr. Burns. 0
1572 The Simpsons S14E16 Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky Snobby English documentary filmmaker Declan Desmond convinces Lisa she must choose a career path immediately, prompting her entry into astronomy. But when her successful petition to reduce outdoor light pollution gives criminals increased cover of darkness, an angered citizenry sees to it that Springfield`s outdoor lighting becomes brighter than ever, leading to perpetual daylight. Meanwhile, after being humiliated at the hands of Nelson and company, Bart tries to salvage his cool by stealing the golden hood ornament from Fat Tony`s `30s Stutz Bearcat-style gangster car. Guest stars Eric Idle as Desmond and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony. 0
1573 The Simpsons S14E17 Three Gays of the Condo After yet another Homer and Marge fight, Homer ends up sharing a condo with two homosexuals - which appears to be becoming three. Guest stars Weird Al Yankovic. 0
1578 The Simpsons S14E18 Dude, Where`s My Ranch? It`s Christmastime and the family is out caroling. When they carol outside of a lawyer`s house, he informs them they can`t sing the song they`re singing without paying a royalty. This inspires Homer to decide to write his own Christmas carol, but when Flanders tries to help and begins annoying him, Homer is instead inspired to write an anti-Flanders song. 0
1579 The Simpsons S14E19 Old Yeller Belly Santa`s Little Helper is shunned as a coward after opting to devour a roast turkey rather than pull Homer from a fire. Getting his nose stuck in a can of Duff Beer afterward, however, proves to be somewhat of a spirit-booster when it propels him to the status of Spuds McDuff: the Duff Brewery`s new mascot. But matters worsen when the the dog`s new-found fame (and net worth) cause his original race track owner to come forth and reclaim his "property" -- leaving it up to the Simpsons to get their dog back by proving Santa`s Little Helper is a coward unfit to hawk Duff beer. 0
1580 The Simpsons S14E20 Brake My Wife, Please Judge Harm revokes Homer`s license, and he discovers the healthy joys of walking, while Marge becomes stressed by the added running around to the point where she accidentally runs him over. Now Marge has to nurse him on top of everything else and they realize they need to visit a marriage counsellor. Homer realizes he must do unselfish deeds for his wife to save their marriage. Guest stars Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Harm. 0
1581 The Simpsons S14E21 The Bart of War After his latest bout of mischief results in another encounter with the Springfield police department, Marge and Homer elect to place Bart into a program of supervised afternoon activities -- in the form of a quasi- Native American tribe dubbed "The Pre-Teen Braves." But tribal war ensues when his clan is forced into a game of community service one-upsmanship with an opposing group of do-gooders: "The Calvary Kids." 0
1582 The Simpsons S14E22 Moe Baby Blues When the entire town shows up at the Springfield Botanical Gardens to watch the once-in-a-lifetime blooming of the Sumatran Century Flower, there is room for everyone but Moe. The event causes a panic and during the ensuing traffic jam Maggie is thrown from the Simpsons` car into the arms of a suicidal Moe - who is dubbed a hero by the city. Maggie accepts him unconditionally as her new babysitter and surrogate father, much to Homer`s dismay and rage, while Moe`s new reason to live starts to turn into an obsession that proves useful when Maggie gets in the middle of a mafia gang war between Fat Tony and "Don" Castellaneta. 0

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