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1548 The Simpsons S11E1 Beyond Blunderdome Homer becomes a Hollywood consultant after proving himself the only man on earth who shares Mel Gibson`s ill will against an inadequately-violent remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Also guest starring Jack Burns as Edward Christian and Karl Wiedergott as William Milo. 0
1549 The Simpsons S11E2 Brother?s Little Helper When Bart is hastily diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, he becomes the latest victim of "Focusin," a new drug touted to boost academic attention spans. Guest starring Mark McGwire as himself. 0
1550 The Simpsons S11E3 Guess Who?s Coming to Criticize Dinner With a little help from Lisa, Homer takes on the job of food critic for The Springfield Shopper. But when his reviews begin to spoil reputations, the local restaurant owners devise a plan of action against Homer`s sower grapes. Guest starring Ed Asner as the editor. 0
1551 The Simpsons S11E4 Tree House of Horror X Ned Flanders returns from the grave seeking revenge after Marge accidentally runs him over in "I Know What You Diddily-Iddily Did." Next, in "Desperately Xeeking Xena," Bart and Lisa`s new powers take them on a quest to rescue Lucy Lawless from a mad memorabilia collector bent on adding Xena to his stash of Hollywood celebrities. Finally, a global "Y2K" meltdown destroys earth after Homer neglects to debug the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant`s computers in "Life`s A Glitch, Then You Die." Also guest starring Dick Clark and Tom Arnold as themselves, and Frank Welker as the Werewolf Flanders. 0
1552 The Simpsons S11E5 E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) Homer and family move to an old farm where he and Bart conjure up "Tomacco," an incredibly addictive cross between Tobacco and Tomatoes. Guest starring The B-52`s (end credits theme) and Frank Welker as the barnyard animals. 0
1553 The Simpsons S11E6 Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder After Homer becomes a bowling sensation, he experiences an encounter with Penn & Teller. Guest starring Penn Jillette, Teller, Ron Howard, Nancy O`Dell and Pat O`Brien as themselves. 0
1554 The Simpsons S11E7 Eight Misbehavin? Apu`s wife gives birth to octuplets. Guest starring Jan Hooks as Manjula, Butch Patrick as himself, and Garry Marshall as Larry Kidkill. 0
1555 The Simpsons S11E8 Take My Wife, Sleaze Homer and friends run into NRBQ at a 50s-style restaurant after his newly-formed biker`s club, Hell`s Satans, makes a pit stop. Guest starring John Goodman as Meathook, Henry Winkler as Ramrod, and Jay North as himself. 0
1556 The Simpsons S11E9 Grift of the Magi A sinister toy company unveils Funzo, next "Tickle Me Elmo"-style fad to Springfield`s Christmas shoppers. Guest starring Gary Coleman as himself, Tim Robbins as Jim Hope, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, and Clarence Clemons as the narrator. 0
1557 The Simpsons S11E10 Little Big Mom After suffering an accident at a local skiing attraction, Marge relinquishes control of the household to the next-most responsible member of the family. Guest starring Elwood Edwards (the voice of AOL). 0
1558 The Simpsons S11E11 Faith Off Bart becomes hooked on the art of faith healing after witnessing the spin of a traveling revivalist. Meanwhile, Homer prepares for the homecoming game of his old college-days chums. Guest starring Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Don Cheadle as Brother Faith. 0
1559 The Simpsons S11E12 The Mansion Family After receiving an award for oldest citizen of Springfield, Mr. Burns checks into the Mayo Clinic, leaving The Simpsons in charge of his luxurious mansion. Guest starring Britney Spears as herself. 0
1560 The Simpsons S11E13 Saddlesore Galactica Homer and Bart discover the ups and downs of horse racing. Guest starring B.T.O. (Randy Bachman, Trevor Denman and C.F. Turner as themselves) and Jim Cummings as Dunkin. 0
1561 The Simpsons S11E14 Alone Again Natura-Diddly The Simpsons help Ned Flanders through tough times after losing his wife to an untimely death. Guest starring Shawn Colvin as Rachel Jordan and Frank Welker as ?. 0
1562 The Simpsons S11E15 Missionary: Impossible Homer becomes a missionary on a remote, tropical island as part of his effort evade the local PBS affiliate`s pledge drive collection officials. Guest starring Betty White as herself. 0
1563 The Simpsons S11E16 Pygmoelian Moe`s new face lands him the lead on one of Springfield`s hottest daytime soap operas. 0
1564 The Simpsons S11E17 Bart to the Future Bart finds his future self a ne`er-do-well musician and Ralph Wiggum`s room mate. Meanwhile, Lisa seems to be President of the United States. 0
1565 The Simpsons S11E18 Days of Wine and D`Oh`ses After seeing a videotape of himself intoxicated, Barney turns over a new leaf and goes the sober route. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa learn the ups and downs of photography in a contest held by the local telephone company. 0
1566 The Simpsons S11E19 Kill the Alligator and Run After running over Florida`s beloved alligator Captain Jack, Homer and the family dedicate their spring break vacation to avoiding the local authorities. Guest starring Kid Rock, Joe C., Charlie Rose, Robert Evans and Diedrich Bader as themselves. 0
1567 The Simpsons S11E20 Last Tap Dance in Springfield After seeing "Tango de la Muerdo" at the local theatre, Lisa is inspired to learn the art of the dance, tutored by none other than former child actress Little Miss Vicky Valentine. Meanwhile, Homer decides to increase his visual acuity with laser eye surgery. 0
1568 The Simpsons S11E21 It`s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge When Marge forces Otto to choose between rock `n` roll and his bride to be, Marge quickly finds herself playing hostess to a now-single Becky. But when Becky`s attempt to earn her keep upstages Marge`s own homemaking abilities, Marge quickly finds herself losing her mind. Guest starring Parker Posey as Becky. 0
1569 The Simpsons S11E22 Behind the Laughter Explore the "actual," off-stage lives of the Simpson family, from the money and drugs to celebrity and supermodels, including testimonial from Springfield citizens about how fame tore the family apart. Guest starring Willie Nelson and Jim Forbes. 0

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