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1378 The Simpsons S4E1 Kamp Krusty Bart and Lisa spend six weeks at Camp Krusty. However, the camp is not what it seems, as Bart and Lisa quickly find out. 0
1379 The Simpsons S4E2 A Streetcar Named Marge Marge takes a part in the musical version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", a musical which has a strange resemblance to the Simpsons own home life. NOTE: The production company that animates "The Simpsons" has been changed from Klasky-Csupo to Film Roman. 0
1380 The Simpsons S4E3 Homer the Heretic Homer, in a dream, gets permission from God to skip church, much to Marges objections. 0
1381 The Simpsons S4E4 Lisa the Beauty Queen Homer enters Lisa in a beauty contest, and Lisa comes in as runner up. However, when the original winner is injured, Lisa becomes Little Miss Springfield. Bob Hope guest stars. 0
1382 The Simpsons S4E5 Tree House of Horror III: The Simpson?s Halloween Special III The Simpsons hold a Halloween Party, in which three stories are exchanged: In "Clown Without Pity," Bart receives, as a birthday present, a talking Krusty doll....from the House of Evil Your One Stop Evil Shop. Next, in "King Homer," three words King Kong Klone. Finally, After being assigned to read a another book, Bart picks out an item from the occult section, and tries to raise the dead Snowball I, but instead cause the dead people to rise up in "Dial Z For Zombies". 0
1383 The Simpsons S4E6 Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie When Bart fails to keeps an eye on Maggie and puts her life in danger, Homer finally puts his foot down on Barts mischief by passing the ultimate punishment: Bart can never see The Itchy and Scratchy Movie. 0
1384 The Simpsons S4E7 Marge Gets a Job The Simpsons home needs about $8,000 worth of foundation work, so Marge gets a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, things start getting a bit sticky when Mr. Burns develops a crush on Marge. Tom Jones guest stars. 0
1385 The Simpsons S4E8 New Kid on the Block Bart develops a crush on the new girl next door, but his heart is broken when she dates Jimbo. Sara Gilbert guest stars. 0
1386 The Simpsons S4E9 Mr. Plow After Homer wrecks the two family cars during a snowstorm, he buys a snowplow, and starts up Mr. Plow. However, the competition becomes cut-throat when Homers best buddy, Barney, starts up a competing plowing business, Plow King. Guest stars Linda Ronstadt and Adam West. 0
1387 The Simpsons S4E10 Lisa?s First Word While trying to get Maggie to say her first words, Homer recalls what happened a few years back when Lisa was born, when they first moved into their present home, and what Lisa said her first words 0
1388 The Simpsons S4E11 Homer?s Triple Bypass All those years of eating those fatty foods has caused Homer to have a heart attack. Now, Homer has a choice - spend $40,000 for Dr. Hibberts bypass operation, or $129.95 for Dr. Nick Rivieras operation--any operation 0
1389 The Simpsons S4E12 Marge vs. the Monorail After getting $3 million from a fine due to Mr. Burns illegal disposal of nuclear waste, the town decides to spend money on a needless monorail ....built from shoddy materials. Leonard Nimoy guest voices as himself. 0
1390 The Simpsons S4E13 Selma?s Choice After aunt Gladys Bouvier dies, Selma decided to try and get married and have a child. 0
1391 The Simpsons S4E14 Brother From the Same Planet Bart decides to get a bigger brother when Homer neglects him for the last time. Turnabout is fair play, Homer replaces Bart with a little brother. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to the Corey hot-line, a 900 number. 0
1392 The Simpsons S4E15 I Love Lisa Lisas valentine to the most disliked boy in her class causes her to be chased by him. 0
1393 The Simpsons S4E16 Duffless After Homer gets caught drunk driving, he promises Marge to stay off the Duff for one month. Meanwhile, when Bart ruins Lisas science project, Lisa vows to take revenge by determining which is smarter: a hamster or Bart. 0
1394 The Simpsons S4E17 Last Exit to Springfield Homer becomes a Union boss and negotiates a new contract with the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, mindful that Lisa needs braces. Dr. Joyce Brothers guest stars. 0
1395 The Simpsons S4E18 So It Has Come to This: The Simpsons Clip Show When Homer get seriously injured from Barts practical joke, the Simpsons recall at the hospital various moments from past episodes. 0
1396 The Simpsons S4E19 The Front After watching a particularly bad Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Lisa and Bart ghost write their own using their grandfathers name. Meanwhile, Homer takes night school to make up a missing science credit. Brooke Shields and David Crosby guest star. 0
1397 The Simpsons S4E20 Whacking Day While the town of Springfield prepares for the annual snake whacking day (which Lisa dreads), Bart gets expelled from school for embarrassing Mr. Skinner during a school inspection. Barry White guest stars 0
1398 The Simpsons S4E21 Marge in Chains When the Osaka Flu hits Springfield, everyone suffers. And when Marge accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, she spends 30 days at the local prison. 0
1399 The Simpsons S4E22 Krusty Gets Kancelled When the Gabbo show causes Krusty to get cancelled, Krusty quickly hits the skids. However, Lisa and Bart vow to help Krusty out by organizing a comeback special. Guest stars Bette Midler, Elizabeth Taylor, Hugh Hefner, Johnny Carson, Luke Perry and Red Hot Chili Peppers 0

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