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1592 The Simpsons S13E1 Tree House of Horror XII In "House of Whacks", a Hal 9000-style home automation computer (Pierce Brosnan) takes a fancy to Marge, and unfortunately sees fit to dispose of Homer in the process. Next, following a gypsy`s curse, Homer becomes Death incarnate as everyone in his presence either dies or mutates in "Curse of the Dummy." Finally, in "Wiz Kids", the children are tutored in the fine art of transforming frogs into princes at the Springfield Elementary School for Wizards. 9
1597 The Simpsons S13E6 She of Little Faith Desperate for money, the First Church of Springfield decides to rent out its wallspace to local advertisers. Horrified at the living commercial the church has become, Lisa withdraws herself from the church and converts to Buddhism. Richard Gere guest stars, as himself. 6
1600 The Simpsons S13E9 Jaws Wired Shut Homer breaks his jaw in an accident, requiring it to be wired shut for a month. His resulting inability to talk makes him a better listener, and he becomes closer to family and friends because of it. They all like the new Homer much better, but when the wires come off, and Homer decides to stick with his new self, everyone begins to miss the old Homer`s antics. 10
1603 The Simpsons S13E12 The Lastest Gun in the West Bart and Lisa meet a washed-up movie star of westerns from the 1950s and attempt to revive his career by getting him to appear on the Krusty the Klown show. But years of alcohol abuse get in the way. Dennis Weaver guest stars. 7
1605 The Simpsons S13E14 Tales from the Public Domain A variation on "Simpsons Tall Tales", this time with Bart as Hamlet, Lisa as Joan of Arc, and Homer as...Homer (well, Odysseus actually). 8
1606 The Simpsons S13E15 Blame It on Lisa Lisa sponsors a South American orphan - and when the child is reported missing, "The Simpsons are going to Brazil!" 7
1607 The Simpsons S13E16 Weekend at Burnsie Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana. Guest stars: Phish. 10

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