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1287 The Simpsons S1E1 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Its a not-so-merry Christmas for the Simpsons, when Mr. Burns decides to cut the Christmas bonuses and Marge had to spend the Christmas savings to erase a tattoo Bart thought would make a great Christmas present. In order to hide the fact that he did not get the bonus, Homer takes a second job as a store Santa. 7
1293 The Simpsons S1E7 Call of the Simpsons Its a camping misadventure for the Simpsons. First, the Simpsons get lost in the woods and lose all their camping equipment. Then, Bart and Homer go get help, but get washed down a waterfall, and lose all their clothes. Meanwhile, Maggie meets up with some bears. Then, Homer is mistaken for Big Foot. 9
1298 The Simpsons S1E12 Krusty Gets Busted When Krusty the Klown is caught robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, Bart vows to clear his heros name, even though the robbery was witnessed by his father, Homer. 10
1475 The Simpsons S8E1 Tree House of Horror VII Sorry, no fanfare this year, just three more stories: In "The Thing and I", Bart discovers the `evil twin` brother he never knew he had, locked away in the Simpsons` attic. Next, Lisa`s tooth-desolved-in-soda science experiment develops into a higher form of life, who eventually see Lisa as God and Bart as the Devil in "The Genesis Tub". Finally, as the election draws near, the aliens Kang and Kodos kidnap and assume the roles of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. It`s up to Homer to expose their evil plot for world domination in "Citizen Kang". 8
1476 The Simpsons S8E2 You Only Move Twice Homer moves the family to a new town after he receives a better job offer, at a better nuclear power plant, but Homer is oblivious to the fact that his new boss is a Super Villain who is out to rule the world. 10
1487 The Simpsons S8E13 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious The Simpson family get a nanny after Marge starts loosing her hair to overwork stress. 8
1489 The Simpsons S8E15 Homer?s Phobia A shop owner befriends the Simpson family, but after discovering he is a homosexual Homer fears Bart will emulate him. John Waters guest stars. 10
1497 The Simpsons S8E23 Homer?s Enemy Frank Grimes, the new employee at the power plant, isn`t impress with Homer`s bad habits and lack of professional work ethic, becomes disgruntled when he learns Homer is more of a success than he is. Frank Welker guest stars. 9
1499 The Simpsons S8E25 The Secret War of Lisa Simpson Lisa is determine to stick it out as the only girl at boot camp when she and Bart attends military school. Willem Dafoe guest stars. 7
1500 The Simpsons S9E1 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson Driven to the brink of sanity by his appointed status as designated driver, Barney Gumble drives to downtown Manhattan in Homer`s car, leaving it there. But when the family journeys to the big apple to retrieve their property, Homer faces a one-on-one showdown with the dreaded boot. 8
1592 The Simpsons S13E1 Tree House of Horror XII In "House of Whacks", a Hal 9000-style home automation computer (Pierce Brosnan) takes a fancy to Marge, and unfortunately sees fit to dispose of Homer in the process. Next, following a gypsy`s curse, Homer becomes Death incarnate as everyone in his presence either dies or mutates in "Curse of the Dummy." Finally, in "Wiz Kids", the children are tutored in the fine art of transforming frogs into princes at the Springfield Elementary School for Wizards. 9
1597 The Simpsons S13E6 She of Little Faith Desperate for money, the First Church of Springfield decides to rent out its wallspace to local advertisers. Horrified at the living commercial the church has become, Lisa withdraws herself from the church and converts to Buddhism. Richard Gere guest stars, as himself. 6
1600 The Simpsons S13E9 Jaws Wired Shut Homer breaks his jaw in an accident, requiring it to be wired shut for a month. His resulting inability to talk makes him a better listener, and he becomes closer to family and friends because of it. They all like the new Homer much better, but when the wires come off, and Homer decides to stick with his new self, everyone begins to miss the old Homer`s antics. 10
1603 The Simpsons S13E12 The Lastest Gun in the West Bart and Lisa meet a washed-up movie star of westerns from the 1950s and attempt to revive his career by getting him to appear on the Krusty the Klown show. But years of alcohol abuse get in the way. Dennis Weaver guest stars. 7
1605 The Simpsons S13E14 Tales from the Public Domain A variation on "Simpsons Tall Tales", this time with Bart as Hamlet, Lisa as Joan of Arc, and Homer as...Homer (well, Odysseus actually). 8
1606 The Simpsons S13E15 Blame It on Lisa Lisa sponsors a South American orphan - and when the child is reported missing, "The Simpsons are going to Brazil!" 7
1607 The Simpsons S13E16 Weekend at Burnsie Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana. Guest stars: Phish. 10
1584 The Simpsons S14E2 How I Spent My Strummer Vacation Homer is secretly videotaped complaining about his family while in cab (a la Taxi Cab Confessions). In an effort to help him regroup, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie send him to Mick Jagger`s (playing himself) Rock `N` Roll Fantasy camp. Once there, Homer lives the life of a rock star, taught to him by the likes of Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and Brian Setzer, all of whom guest star as themselves. 6
1586 The Simpsons S14E4 Large Marge Marge mistakenly thinks Homer is eyeing other women. In an effort to uplift her appeal, she decides to get plastic surgery to look younger. But the surgery goes awry when Marge receives breast implants that were meant for a younger patient. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse catch an episode of Batman and Robin (guest stars Adam West and Burt Ward), where they battle Clown Man -- who coincidentally looks a lot like a younger version of Krusty. 7

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