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2561 The Pretender S4E0 The Pretender 2001 Jarod and Miss Parker learn more about their pasts, as Jarod attempts to stop another Pretender from seeking revenge against the powers that be at The Centre. 9
2562 The Pretender S4E0 The Pretender: Island of the Haunted Through a series of bizarre circumstances, Jarod and Miss Parker find themselves trapped together on a strange island in a life and death situation, out of which comesome of the most important revelations about their pasts. 8
2563 The Pretender S4E1 The World`s Changing Once again a prisoner of the Centre, Jarod discovers a plot to murder a team of nuclear researchers, giving him even more motivation to escape. Meanwhile, Sydney and Broots try to find Miss Parker and Miss Parker tries to find her father -- and figure out who to trust. 7
2564 The Pretender S4E2 Survival Jarod joins the Army CID to investigate the suicide of a soldier in POW survival training. Meanwhile, he gives Mr. Lyle and Miss Parker a taste of that training by trapping them together in a shipping container. 6
2565 The Pretender S4E3 Angel`s Flight Jarod infiltrates a Goth con game to locate a missing girl. Meanwhile, a faceless wax head sent by Jarod leaves Miss Parker and company trying to fill in the pieces. 5
2566 The Pretender S4E4 Risque Business Jarod pretends to be a sex therapist to investigate a brutal assault on a doctor. Meanwhile, Broots tries to summon up the courage to reveal his feelings to Miss Parker. 4
2567 The Pretender S4E5 Road Trip Jarod finds himself on a road trip to help a mysterious young woman, whom he falls for. Meanwhile, he tells Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots to `follow the yellow brick road`. 6
2568 The Pretender S4E6 Extreme Jarod Pretends to be an extreme sports enthusiast in order to learn what happened to a comatose young man. Meanwhile, Miss Parker, Sydney, and Broots follow Jarod`s game show clues, and find themselves investigating Mr. Lyle. 7
2569 The Pretender S4E7 Wild Child Jarod Pretends to be a psychologist to help a young girl found living alone in the wilderness. Meanwhile. Miss Parker finds out a Centre contract has been taken out on her father`s life, leading her to look more closely at Mr. Cox. 5
2570 The Pretender S4E8 Rules of Engagement Jarod tries to stop a hostage situation in a hospital. Miss Parker is confused by an encounter with her father. 6
2571 The Pretender S4E9 Til Death Do Us Part On the anniversary of Thomas` death, Jarod challenges a haunted Miss Parker to resume her hunt for his killer. But the search leads back to her father and Brigitte, who is close to giving birth. 8
2572 The Pretender S4E10 Spin Doctor Jarod tries to track down the killer of a man who helped him escape from The Centre. Meanwhile, Miss Parker tries to help Sydney deal with his past. (Profiler Crossover) 8
2573 The Pretender S4E11 Cold Dick Jarod becomes a Las Vegas private investigator to save a showgirl in trouble with with the mob. Meanwhile, Broots` fantasies suddenly become a little too real. 9
2574 The Pretender S4E12 Lifeline Jarod becomes a bodyguard to reunite an undercover ATF agent and her daughter. Meanwhile. Miss Parker sets out to prove Raines` religious `conversion` is nothing of the kind. 6
2575 The Pretender S4E13 Ghosts From The Past Jarod infiltrates a white supremacist group to stop the bombing of a Unity event. Meanwhile, Angelo fights his way through Jarod`s past to find the old enemy currently threatening Jarod`s life. 4
2576 The Pretender S4E14 The Agent Of Year Zero Jarod tries to help a Cambodian woman avenge the death of her family at the hands of a war criminal -- who is also an ally of Mr. Lyle. Meanwhile, Miss Parker tracks that connection from the Centre. 9
2577 The Pretender S4E15 Junk Jarod goes undercover as a junkie in a rehab clinic to help a woman regain custody of her son. Meanwhile, Miss Parker and company find Jarod`s connection to the woman through her father and the Centre. 5
2578 The Pretender S4E16 School Daze Jarod poses as an elementary school teacher to protect a young witness in a murder trial. Meanwhile, Miss Parker encounters a ghost from the past. 4
2579 The Pretender S4E17 Meltdown Jarod infiltrates a gang of burglars to discover which of them killed a little girl. Meanwhile, an email that isn`t there leads Miss Parker to someone who might have answers about her mother`s death. 6
2580 The Pretender S4E18 Corn Man Jarod follows the trail of a kidnapping, documented by a camcorder he finds in a pawn shop. Meanwhile, Miss Parker continues her search for Edna Raines, with Jarod`s help. 7
2581 The Pretender S4E19 The Inner Sense (1) Jarod finally locates his sister Emily, just in time to see her nearly assassinated by The Centre. Meanwhile, Miss Parker`s search of the secrets behind her mother`s death lead her and Jarod to the same place -- and a mysterious young man named Ethan. 8
2582 The Pretender S4E20 The Inner Sense (2) Jarod finally locates his sister Emily, just in time to see her nearly assassinated by The Centre. Meanwhile, Miss Parker`s search of the secrets behind her mother`s death lead her and Jarod to the same place -- and a mysterious young man named Ethan. 9

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