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2583 The Pretender S2E1 Back From The Dead Again Jarod takes the role of a professor to expose grave robbers tied to an unscrupulous scientist developing a wonder drug; Miss Parker continues her search. 7
2584 The Pretender S2E2 Scott Free In the role of a single-armed safecracker, Jarod takes up with a vicious gang bent on a high-stakes diamond heist. 5
2585 The Pretender S2E3 Over The Edge Jarod takes up with an emergency team to find out why one member had a tragic fall; a criminal behaviorist arrives at the Centre. 6
2586 The Pretender S2E4 Exposed Jarod takes up a camera and joins the glamour photography circuit in an effort to find out who murdered a young female model. 8
2587 The Pretender S2E5 Nip and Tuck Jarod takes up the doctor`s scalpel to get back at a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who deliberately ruined the face of a young woman. 9
2588 The Pretender S2E6 Past Sim Jarod is horrified to discover that one of his earlier simulations was misused to benefit a foreign crime syndicate; Miss Parker struggles with the Centre. 5
2589 The Pretender S2E7 Collateral Damage Jarod becomes a Special Forces soldier and helps the daughter of a Vietnam veteran get her father`s name added to the war memorial. 7
2590 The Pretender S2E8 Hazards Jarod becomes a chemical waste expert to find out why an engineer attempted suicide, discovering facts along the way to absolve the man of guilt. 7
2591 The Pretender S2E9 F/X Jarod becomes a TV special-effects expert to find out why a stuntman was injured; Miss Parker follows clues to explain her mother`s death. 7
2592 The Pretender S2E10 Indy Show Jarod takes the wheel of a race car to figure out what happened to a driver involved in a crippling accident. Meanwhile, Sydney has a troubling dream that leads him to his brother`s side. 6
2593 The Pretender S2E11 Gigolo Jarod Jarod takes on the role of paid escort to get close to a housing developer who has plans to displace a low-income neighborhood for a high-rise. 4
2594 The Pretender S2E12 Toy Surprise Miss Parker attempts to prevent her father`s assassination in a Centre plot; Jarod becomes a woodsman to help a teen-ager. 8
2595 The Pretender S2E13 A Stand Up Guy Jarod becomes a counterfeiter and an undercover policeman in order to crack a Chicago crime syndicate; Miss Parker receives a difficult order. 8
2596 The Pretender S2E14 Amnesia Jarod is beaten and loses his memory; Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots are questioned as to why they haven`t apprehended the fleeing Jarod. 8
2597 The Pretender S2E15 Bulletproof Jarod takes a place on a SWAT team to see why a member was killed; Sydney seeks the love of his life. 6
2598 The Pretender S2E16 Silence Jarod takes the role of child psychologist to help a boy break through his wall of silence and testify after seeing a mob murder. 5
2599 The Pretender S2E17 Crash Jarod discovers a cover-up while posing as a government flight inspector investigating an airplane crash; Miss Parker, Sydney and Broots attend a reunion. 6
2600 The Pretender S2E18 Stolen Miss Parker closes in on Jarod as he takes the troubling role of an ailing, wealthy man whose son has been kidnapped; Jarod remembers his abduction. 6
2601 The Pretender S2E19 Red Rock Jarod Both Jarod and Miss Parker are trapped by Mr. Lyle after arriving in the Arizona desert; Jarod finds assistance from someone he thought was dead. 7
2602 The Pretender S2E20 Bank Jarod and Miss Parker meet a stranger with a key to their pasts, who is then shot in an attempted bank robbery. 8
2603 The Pretender S2E21 Bloodlines (1) Jarod is determined to prevent another kidnapping; Miss Parker discovers she has a twin; Jarod returns to the Centre with explosive results. 9
2604 The Pretender S2E22 Bloodlines (2) Jarod is determined to prevent another kidnapping; Miss Parker discovers she has a twin; Jarod returns to the Centre with explosive results. 9

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