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1287 The Simpsons S1E1 Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire Its a not-so-merry Christmas for the Simpsons, when Mr. Burns decides to cut the Christmas bonuses and Marge had to spend the Christmas savings to erase a tattoo Bart thought would make a great Christmas present. In order to hide the fact that he did not get the bonus, Homer takes a second job as a store Santa. 7
1288 The Simpsons S1E2 Bart the Genius Bart swaps IQ tests with the class brain, and ends up the butt of everyones jokes at a school for gifted kids. 0
1289 The Simpsons S1E3 Homers Odyssey Homer gets fired for causing another accident at the nuclear plant, and almost commits suicide. He see the light, and becomes a safety activist, and soon goes after the plant he was fired from. 0
1290 The Simpsons S1E4 Theres No Disgrace Like Home After seeing family bliss at the recent family picnic, Homer sells the TV and goes to a psychiatrist advertised on TV. 0
1291 The Simpsons S1E5 Bart the General When Bart gets beat up by the school bully for defending Lisa, he organizes his friends to go after the bully. 0
1292 The Simpsons S1E6 Moaning Lisa Lisa is feeling down and blue about the problems around her, and meets a fellow blues musician, Bleedin Gums Murphy. 0
1293 The Simpsons S1E7 Call of the Simpsons Its a camping misadventure for the Simpsons. First, the Simpsons get lost in the woods and lose all their camping equipment. Then, Bart and Homer go get help, but get washed down a waterfall, and lose all their clothes. Meanwhile, Maggie meets up with some bears. Then, Homer is mistaken for Big Foot. 9
1294 The Simpsons S1E8 The Telltale Head In order to impress some bad kids at school, Bart cuts off the head of a statue of the towns founder, Jebediah Obediah Zacariah Jenadiah Springfield. Unfortunately, this stunt shocks the whole town. 0
1295 The Simpsons S1E9 Life on the Fast Lane Homer gives Marge a bowling ball for her birthday, intending to use it for himself. However, Marge vows to learn how to bowl, and ends up getting intimate with Jacques, her bowling teacher. 0
1296 The Simpsons S1E10 Homers Night Out Using his new mail-order spy camera, Bart catches Homer dancing with a strip dancer at a stag party. 0
1297 The Simpsons S1E11 The Crepes of Wrath After flushing a cherry bomb down the school toilet, Bart is sent to France via a student exchange, and ends up working for some crooks who want to put anti-freeze in the wine. Meanwhile, the Simpsons receive Adil Hoxha, an Albanian exchange student who is actually a spy. 0
1298 The Simpsons S1E12 Krusty Gets Busted When Krusty the Klown is caught robbing the Kwik-E-Mart, Bart vows to clear his heros name, even though the robbery was witnessed by his father, Homer. 10
1299 The Simpsons S1E13 Some Enchanted Evening When Marge calls a radio shrink and tells that their marriage is failing, Homer takes Marge out to a nice dinner and a night at the Offramp Inn. However, the sitter they hired was featured that night on Americas Most Armed and Dangerous. Guest starring Penny Marshall. 0
1300 The Simpsons S2E1 Bart Gets an F If Bart fails another test, he may have to repeat the fourth grade. So he enlists the aid of the class brain to help him pass. 0
1301 The Simpsons S2E2 Simpson and Delilah After trying a hair-growing formula (charged to the companys health insurance), Homer gets promoted to an executive position, and gets a male secretary who helps him along in his job. Harvey Fierstein guest stars. 0
1302 The Simpsons S2E3 Tree house of Horror (AKA: The Simpsons Halloween Special) Bart and Lisa swap three horror stories in their tree house: In "Bad Dream House," the Simpsons move into a haunted house, complete with a dimensional vortex, bleeding walls, and an Indian burial ground. Next, aliens kidnap the Simpsons, and invite them to a great feast on Rigel 4 in "Hungry Are the Damned". Finally, James Earl Jones narrates Edgar Allen Poes classic tale starring the Simpsons. This version stays very close to the original poem in "The Raven." 0
1303 The Simpsons S2E4 Two Cars in Every Garage, Three Eyes on Every Fish In order to keep his nuclear plant from being closed down due to numerous violations, Montgomery Burns decides to run for governor. 0
1304 The Simpsons S2E5 Dancin Homer After helping the Springfield Isotopes win a game, Dancin Homer becomes the team mascot, and the family gets invited to Capital City. Tom Poston guest stars. 0
1305 The Simpsons S2E6 Dead Putting Society Bart and Todd Flanders enter a miniature golf tournament at Sir Putt-A-Lots. However, Homer and Ned Flanders bet that the father of the boy who does not win mows the neighbors lawn in their wifes Sunday dress. 0
1306 The Simpsons S2E7 Bart vs. Thanksgiving Bart runs away from home when he accidentally burns Lisas masterpiece and refuses to apologize about it. 0
1307 The Simpsons S2E8 Bart the Daredevil Bart embarks on a life of death-defying feats when he sees a daredevil perform at a Monster Truck Rally. 0
1308 The Simpsons S2E9 Itchy & Scratchy & Marge After watching an Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Maggie bonks Homer in the head with a hammer. When this happens, Marge vows to eliminate violence in cartoons. 0
1309 The Simpsons S2E10 Bart Gets Hit by a Car When Mr. Burns hits Bart in a auto accident, and is willing to pay only one-hundred dollars, Homer sues Mr. Burns for a million. 0
1310 The Simpsons S2E11 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish Homer believes that he has 24 hours to live after thinking he ate the deadly blowfish at a local sushi restaurant. 0
1311 The Simpsons S2E12 The Way We Was When the TV goes out, Homer and Marge tell how they first met in 1974 Springfield. 0
1312 The Simpsons S2E13 Homer Vs. Lisa and the 8th Commandment In 2300 B.C., Moses received the ten commandments from God, among which was Thou Shalt Not Steal. In present day Springfield, Homer gets an illegal cable hook-up, which Lisa refuses to watch, for fear of losing her soul. 0
1313 The Simpsons S2E14 Principal Charming Homer sets up a date between Principal Skinner and Marges sister, Selma. However, it ends up being Skinner and Patty. 0
1314 The Simpsons S2E15 Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Fearing death, Grandpa Simpson tells Homer that he has a half-brother. This half-brother, Herbert Powell, is a carmaker in Detroit, and wants Homer to design a car for the average man to save his car company. 0
1315 The Simpsons S2E16 Barts Dog Gets an F After chewing up Homers new $125 sneakers and the Bouvier family quilt, Santas Little Helper is enrolled in an obedience school. 0
1316 The Simpsons S2E17 Old Money When Abraham Grandpa Simpson inherits one hundred six thousand dollars from his deceased sweetie, he decides to give it to people who need it most. Audrey Meadows. 0
1317 The Simpsons S2E18 Brush with Greatness While Homer tackles his weight problem, Marge takes up painting, a skill which she gave up due to an obnoxious art teacher in high school, and ends up being commissioned to do a portrait of Mr. Burns. 0
1318 The Simpsons S2E19 Lisas Substitute Lisas regular teacher falls sick, and gets replaced with a substitute teacher who changes the face of learning for Lisa. Meanwhile, Bart runs against Martin, the class brain, for president of his class. 0
1319 The Simpsons S2E20 The War of the Simpsons After being embarrassed by Homer during a house party, Marge signs up for Reverend Lovejoys marriage retreat at Catfish Lake. However, Homer has fishing on his mind, and the only sitter they could get at the last minute is Grandpa Simpson. 0
1320 The Simpsons S2E21 Three Men and a Comic Book In order to earn enough money to purchase the very first Radioactive Man comic book (valued at $100), Bart takes a part time job with a neighbor. However, after discovering that working is for chumps, Bart enters into a partnership with Martin and Milhouse. Cloris Leachman guest stars. 0
1321 The Simpsons S2E22 Blood Feud Mr. Burns needs double-O negative blood, and only Bart can supply it. Now, Homer wants some gratitude for Barts donation. 0
1339 The Simpsons S3E1 Stark Raving Dad Thanks to Bart leaving his lucky red hat in the load of washed white shirts, Homer wears a pink shirt to the nuclear power plant. He is promptly committed to a mental institution, where he meets up with a white man (Leon Kompowski) who walks and talks like Michael Jackson. NOTES: Michael Jackson voices Leon Kompowski when he sounds like Michael Jackson (uncredited). 0
1340 The Simpsons S3E2 Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington Thanks to Lisas patriotic and winning essay in a Reading Digest contest, the Simpsons win a trip to Washington DC. However, Lisas faith in democracy is shaken when she sees her local representative taking a bribe for a permit to cut down Springfield National Forest. NOTE: The first episode broadcast in Dolby Surround Stereo. 0
1341 The Simpsons S3E3 When Flanders Failed Ned Flanders quits his regular job and announces at a barbecue that he is opening a mall store catering to lefties. Homer, however, wishes that Flanders would fail. 0
1342 The Simpsons S3E4 Bart the Murderer After having a very lousy day of school, Bart accidentally stumbles into `The Legitimate Businessman Social Club, a mobster front. He becomes a bartender, but when he shows up late at work and blames Principal Skinner, Skinner disappears. Joe Mantegna and Neil Patrick Harris guest star. 0
1343 The Simpsons S3E5 Homer Defined When Homer accidentally saved two nuclear plants, he becomes a hero, and is admired by his daughter, Lisa. Magic Johnson and Chick Hearn guest star. 0
1344 The Simpsons S3E6 Like Father, Like Klown Krusty finally drops by to have dinner with the Simpsons to thank Bart for believing him (see Krusty Gets Busted), and drops a bombshell: He real name is Krustofsky, and he is estranged from his rabbi father, who disowned him when Krusty decided to be a clown instead of a rabbi. Now, Bart vows to reunite Klown and rabbi. NOTES: Jackie Mason is the voice of Rabbi Krustofsky. 0
1345 The Simpsons S3E7 Tree House of Horror II: A Simpsons Halloween In the sequel to the original Treehouse of Horror, three more tales of horror. Lisa, Bart, and Homer eat too much candy, and end up having nightmares...: In "The Monkeys Paw" the Simpsons, on a foreign trip, pick up a monkeys paw that gives the holder four wishes each with bad side effects. Next, In a parody of a classic Twilight Zone episode, everyone in Springfield must be happy or else something will happen to them by a monster. The monster is known as Bart Simpson, the kid with the mental powers. in "Bart the Monster". Finally, Homer gets randomly fired from the nuclear power plant, and gets hired as a gravedigger. He falls asleep in the grave, and gets picked up by Mr. Burns for a cyborg experiment in "Homers Brain." 0
1371 The Simpsons S3E8 Lisa?s Pony After disappointing Lisa, again, Homer finally gives Lisa a pony. Now, in desperation to pay off the bills associated with owning a pony, Homer works the graveyard shift at Apus Kwik-E-Mart. 0
1347 The Simpsons S3E9 Saturdays of Thunder In order to build a father/son relationship, Homer helps Bart build a soapbox racer. However, when Martin crashes his racer during the time trials, Bart must make an important decision: Turn his back on his father and be Martins replacement driver, or race in his soapbox and let Nelson win. 0
1363 The Simpsons S3E10 Flaming Moe?s Homer helps invent the hottest drink in Springfield. However, when Moe steals the recipe and turns Moes Tavern into the hottest spot in Springfield, Homer vows revenge. Guest stars Catherine OHara and the Rock band Aerosmith. 0
1364 The Simpsons S3E11 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk Homer finds that his job as `safety inspector is in danger when Mr. Burns sells the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to German businessmen for $100,000,000. 0
1365 The Simpsons S3E12 I Married Marge Picking up where The Way We Was left off....The year is 1980, and Homer is working at the local miniature golfing course, living with Marges parents, and dating Marge. Then Marge becomes pregnant with Bart. 0
1366 The Simpsons S3E13 Radio Bart Its Barts tenth birthday. Bart receives a radio microphone, which he promptly uses to play practical jokes on everyone, including that a little boy named Timmy OToole has fallen down the local well. 0
1367 The Simpsons S3E14 Lisa the Greek Lisas football predicting skills brings about a closer relationship between Homer and Lisa, not to mention making Moe broke, until Lisa realizes that the relationship may end with the Super Bowl. NOTES: Repeats of this episode had portions redubbed for later Super Bowls. 0
1354 The Simpsons S3E15 Homer Alone When the family causes Marge to flip out, she takes a vacation from it all at Rancho Relaxo, leaving Lisa and Bart with Patty and Selma (shudder), and Homer alone with Maggie. Then, Maggie goes searching for Marge. 0
1355 The Simpsons S3E16 Bart the Lover He has the name of the 23rd president, the face of Gordie Howe, and the lines of a Frenchman. Is Mrs. Krabapples new pen pal/lover Barts latest practical joke? Meanwhile, Homer starts building a doghouse, and learns to give up swearing. 0
1356 The Simpsons S3E17 Homer at the Bat Mr. Burns bets $1,000,000 that his company team can beat a competing plants team. In order to do so, he replaced the regular company team with new security guard Roger Clemens, new janitor Wade Boggs, lunchroom cashier Ken Griffey Jr., and other new employees like Steve Sax, Don Mattingly, Ozzie Smith, Darryl Strawberry, Jose Canseco, and Mike Scoscia (who runs the solid contaminate encapsulator). Terry Cashman also guest stars. 0
1360 The Simpsons S3E18 ?separate Vocations After taking the Career Aptitude Normalization Test, or CANT test, Lisa finds out shes more suited to be a homemaker, while Bart is more suited to be a police officer. While Bart enjoys his taste of authority, Lisa turns into a bad kid. NOTES: Steve Allen guest stars voices. 0
1361 The Simpsons S3E19 Dog of Death When Santas Little Helper suffers from a twisted stomach, the Simpsons sacrifice in order to pay for a life saving operation. However, when the familys morale suffers from the cuts, the dog runs away, and quickly becomes one of Mr. Burns hounds. 0
1349 The Simpsons S3E20 Colonel Homer After a particularly bad movie experience, Homer drives to a bar where he discovers a singer named Lurleen Lumpkin. Now, Colonel Homer is her manager, much to Marges disgust. Beverly DAngelo guest stars as Lurleen Lumpkin. 0
1350 The Simpsons S3E21 Black Widower Sideshow Bob gets paroled, and marries Selma. However, Bart suspects that Sideshow Bob has something else up his sleeve. 0
1351 The Simpsons S3E22 The Otto Show Otto loses his job driving the school bus, partially because he doesnt have a drivers license, and, after being kicked out of his apartment, goes to live with the Simpsons. Spinal Tap guest star. 0
1376 The Simpsons S3E23 Bart?s Friend Falls in Love Bart and Milhouse enter the age of cooties, when Milhouse dates a new girl... without her father knowing it. Meanwhile, Homer tries to lose weight by listening to a subliminal tape. Kimmy Robertson guest stars. 0
1377 The Simpsons S3E24 Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes? Herbert Powell returns, and asks the Simpsons help for an invention idea of his, using the money Homer received from the nuclear plant for some bogus award. Guest stars Joe Frazier and Danny DeVito. 0
1378 The Simpsons S4E1 Kamp Krusty Bart and Lisa spend six weeks at Camp Krusty. However, the camp is not what it seems, as Bart and Lisa quickly find out. 0
1379 The Simpsons S4E2 A Streetcar Named Marge Marge takes a part in the musical version of "A Streetcar Named Desire", a musical which has a strange resemblance to the Simpsons own home life. NOTE: The production company that animates "The Simpsons" has been changed from Klasky-Csupo to Film Roman. 0
1380 The Simpsons S4E3 Homer the Heretic Homer, in a dream, gets permission from God to skip church, much to Marges objections. 0
1381 The Simpsons S4E4 Lisa the Beauty Queen Homer enters Lisa in a beauty contest, and Lisa comes in as runner up. However, when the original winner is injured, Lisa becomes Little Miss Springfield. Bob Hope guest stars. 0
1382 The Simpsons S4E5 Tree House of Horror III: The Simpson?s Halloween Special III The Simpsons hold a Halloween Party, in which three stories are exchanged: In "Clown Without Pity," Bart receives, as a birthday present, a talking Krusty doll....from the House of Evil Your One Stop Evil Shop. Next, in "King Homer," three words King Kong Klone. Finally, After being assigned to read a another book, Bart picks out an item from the occult section, and tries to raise the dead Snowball I, but instead cause the dead people to rise up in "Dial Z For Zombies". 0
1383 The Simpsons S4E6 Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie When Bart fails to keeps an eye on Maggie and puts her life in danger, Homer finally puts his foot down on Barts mischief by passing the ultimate punishment: Bart can never see The Itchy and Scratchy Movie. 0
1384 The Simpsons S4E7 Marge Gets a Job The Simpsons home needs about $8,000 worth of foundation work, so Marge gets a job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. However, things start getting a bit sticky when Mr. Burns develops a crush on Marge. Tom Jones guest stars. 0
1385 The Simpsons S4E8 New Kid on the Block Bart develops a crush on the new girl next door, but his heart is broken when she dates Jimbo. Sara Gilbert guest stars. 0
1386 The Simpsons S4E9 Mr. Plow After Homer wrecks the two family cars during a snowstorm, he buys a snowplow, and starts up Mr. Plow. However, the competition becomes cut-throat when Homers best buddy, Barney, starts up a competing plowing business, Plow King. Guest stars Linda Ronstadt and Adam West. 0
1387 The Simpsons S4E10 Lisa?s First Word While trying to get Maggie to say her first words, Homer recalls what happened a few years back when Lisa was born, when they first moved into their present home, and what Lisa said her first words 0
1388 The Simpsons S4E11 Homer?s Triple Bypass All those years of eating those fatty foods has caused Homer to have a heart attack. Now, Homer has a choice - spend $40,000 for Dr. Hibberts bypass operation, or $129.95 for Dr. Nick Rivieras operation--any operation 0
1389 The Simpsons S4E12 Marge vs. the Monorail After getting $3 million from a fine due to Mr. Burns illegal disposal of nuclear waste, the town decides to spend money on a needless monorail ....built from shoddy materials. Leonard Nimoy guest voices as himself. 0
1390 The Simpsons S4E13 Selma?s Choice After aunt Gladys Bouvier dies, Selma decided to try and get married and have a child. 0
1391 The Simpsons S4E14 Brother From the Same Planet Bart decides to get a bigger brother when Homer neglects him for the last time. Turnabout is fair play, Homer replaces Bart with a little brother. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to the Corey hot-line, a 900 number. 0
1392 The Simpsons S4E15 I Love Lisa Lisas valentine to the most disliked boy in her class causes her to be chased by him. 0
1393 The Simpsons S4E16 Duffless After Homer gets caught drunk driving, he promises Marge to stay off the Duff for one month. Meanwhile, when Bart ruins Lisas science project, Lisa vows to take revenge by determining which is smarter: a hamster or Bart. 0
1394 The Simpsons S4E17 Last Exit to Springfield Homer becomes a Union boss and negotiates a new contract with the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, mindful that Lisa needs braces. Dr. Joyce Brothers guest stars. 0
1395 The Simpsons S4E18 So It Has Come to This: The Simpsons Clip Show When Homer get seriously injured from Barts practical joke, the Simpsons recall at the hospital various moments from past episodes. 0
1396 The Simpsons S4E19 The Front After watching a particularly bad Itchy and Scratchy cartoon, Lisa and Bart ghost write their own using their grandfathers name. Meanwhile, Homer takes night school to make up a missing science credit. Brooke Shields and David Crosby guest star. 0
1397 The Simpsons S4E20 Whacking Day While the town of Springfield prepares for the annual snake whacking day (which Lisa dreads), Bart gets expelled from school for embarrassing Mr. Skinner during a school inspection. Barry White guest stars 0
1398 The Simpsons S4E21 Marge in Chains When the Osaka Flu hits Springfield, everyone suffers. And when Marge accidentally shoplifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, she spends 30 days at the local prison. 0
1399 The Simpsons S4E22 Krusty Gets Kancelled When the Gabbo show causes Krusty to get cancelled, Krusty quickly hits the skids. However, Lisa and Bart vow to help Krusty out by organizing a comeback special. Guest stars Bette Midler, Elizabeth Taylor, Hugh Hefner, Johnny Carson, Luke Perry and Red Hot Chili Peppers 0
1400 The Simpsons S5E1 Homer?s Barbershop Quartet We flashback to 1985, where Homer, Apu, Principal Skinner, and Chief Wiggum (replaced with Barney) were the hit barbershop quartet known as the B Sharp. George Harrison guest stars. 0
1401 The Simpsons S5E2 Cape Feare Sideshow Bob is paroled from prison, and he has only one thing in mind for Bart: revenge. 0
1402 The Simpsons S5E3 Homer Goes to College In order to continue in his job at the Nuclear power plant, Homer must attend college. 0
1403 The Simpsons S5E4 Rosebud When Mr. Burns was very young, he gave up his teddy bear, Bobo, for a life of riches. Now growing old, he desires for his teddy bear, which Maggie loves dearly. NOTES: The Ramones guest star. 0
1407 The Simpsons S5E5 Tree House of Horror IV: The Simpson`s Halloween Special IV In a Night Gallery parody, Bart presents three tales of terror... In "The Devil and Homer Simpson," Homer gives up his soul for a single doughnut. Now, the Devil wants Homer. Next, Bart has a nightmare about a bus crash. And his nightmare is about to come true when a playful gremlin starts taking the bus apart piece by piece "Terror at 5 1/2 Feet". Finally, Mr. Burns is a vampire, and he wants blood, and he turns Bart into a vampire in "Bart Simpsons Dracula." 0
1408 The Simpsons S5E6 Marge on the Lam When Homer fails to show up, Marge decides to go to the ballet with Ruth Powers, the next door neighbor. Ruth returns the favour and takes Marge out the next night. Unbeknown to Marge, Ruth is driving a stolen car. 0
1409 The Simpsons S5E7 Bart?s Inner Child Bart accidentally has the entire town emulating his actions, thanks to a feel-good therapist. James Brown guest stars. 0
1410 The Simpsons S5E8 Boy Scoutz N the Hood When Bart finds a $20, he spends it on a squishy, made of pure syrup. After a wild night, he wakes up to find that he joined a boy scout troop, with den father Ned Flanders. NOTES: Earnest Borgnine guest stars. 0
1411 The Simpsons S5E9 The Last Temptation of Homer Homer falls in love with a new female employee at the nuclear plant who is just like Homer. Homer, however, feels guilty. Michelle Pfiffer and Werner Klemperer guest star. 0
1412 The Simpsons S5E10 $pringfield (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling) When the local economy stalls, everyone, including Marge, votes to legalize gambling on Springfield. Mr. Burns even opens up his own casino, Homer gets to be a blackjack dealer, and Marge is addicted to the slot machines. Robert Goulet and Gerry Cooney guest star. 0
1413 The Simpsons S5E11 Homer the Vigilante When a cat burglar hits Springfield, Homer vows to fight back. Sam Neil guest stars. 0
1414 The Simpsons S5E12 Bart Gets Famous After escaping from a field trip to a cardboard factory, Bart sneaks into the Krusty the Klown show, and becomes his assistant. However, Bart is launched into instant stardom after accidentally wrecking a set on live TV and uttering, I didnt do it. NOTES: Former Simpsons writer/producer, Conan OBrien guest stars. 0
1415 The Simpsons S5E13 Homer and Apu After getting food poisoning from eating the Kwik-E-Mart food, Homer gets Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart employee, fired. Regretting his actions, Homer vows to get Apu his job back. James Woods guest stars. 0
1416 The Simpsons S5E14 Lisa vs. Malibu Stacy After objecting to the voice disk used on her new talking Malibu Stacy doll that demeans women, Lisa find the creator and they produce a new doll that reflects the 90s. Kathleen Turner guest stars. 0
1417 The Simpsons S5E15 Deep Space Homer After seeing their ratings decline, NASA decides to send Joe Average to space. In this case, Joe Average is Homer Simpson. James Taylor, and Buzz Aldrin guest star. 0
1418 The Simpsons S5E16 Homer Loves Flanders After Ned Flanders give a ticket to Homer for a much-hyped football game, Homer becomes Neds best friend. 0
1419 The Simpsons S5E17 Bart Gets an Elephant When KBBL is going to give me something stupid, Bart forgoes the $10,000 cash price for an elephant. Problem is, the elephant is causing some major problems. 0
1420 The Simpsons S5E18 Burns? Heir Nearly drowning in the bathtub, Mr. Burns decides to find an heir. He sees it in the form of Bart Simpson and coerces the young Simpson into staying with him. 0
1421 The Simpsons S5E19 Sweet Seymour Skinner?s Baadasssss Song Bart brings the family dog to school for Show and Tell, unfortunately the dog escapes and indirectly gets Principal Skinner fired. School life under Principal Flanders just isnt the same and Bart schemes to get Skinner back. NOTES: This episode marks the 100th episode for the series. 0
1422 The Simpsons S5E20 The Boy Who Knew Too Much Bart skips class and witnesses a waiter brutally beaten. The Mayors nephew is blamed, but Bart can clear him -- however it would mean coming clean about skipping class. 0
1423 The Simpsons S5E21 Lady Bouvier?s Lover Grampa Simpson falls in love with Marges mother, Jackie, but Mr. Burns woos her away from him. Grampa is broken hearted when learning Jackie is going to marry Burns. 0
1424 The Simpsons S5E22 Secrets of a Successful Marriage Worrying about being slow, Homer decides to teach a marriage course. Unfortunately, he doesnt succeed as a teacher until he starts spilling some of Marges personal secrets. 0
1425 The Simpsons S6E1 Bart of Darkness After breaking his leg, Bart spends the Summer at his bedroom window, spying on the neighbors with a telescope. Bart finds the view boring until he sees Ned Flanders murdering his wife. 0
1426 The Simpsons S6E2 Lisa?s Rival It looks as if Lisas days as the class brain are numbered when the new student proves to be smarter, younger, and plays the sax better than her. Meanwhile, Homer strikes white gold in the form of an over-turned Sugar truck. Winona Ryder guest stars. 0
1427 The Simpsons S6E3 Another Simpson Clip Show A romance novel prompts Marge to have a family meeting to discuss the values of love and past romances. 0
1428 The Simpsons S6E4 Itchy & Scratchyland The familys trip to Itchy & Scratchy Land, the violentest place on earth, proves heavenly until the Itchy & Scratchy robots want to put the family there for real. 0
1429 The Simpsons S6E5 Sideshow Bob Roberts With the help of a radio talk show host, Mayor Quimby is pressured into releasing Sideshow Bob from prison. Once out, Bob promptly runs against the mayor and wins. Bart and Lisa set out to prove Mayor Bob didnt win legally. 0
1430 The Simpsons S6E6 Tree House of Horror V In a Outer Limits parody, The Simpsons presents three tales of horror... In "The Shinning", no TV and no beer makes Homer go insane at an isolated mountain lodge and only Barts shinning can save the family. Next, Ned Flanders becomes the ruler of a George Orwellian world after Homer adversely uses a toaster to change the past in "Time and Punishment". Finally, overcrowding at the schools detention room and budget cuts in the cafeteria leads Principal Skinner to come up with a unique single solution in "Nightmare Cafeteria". 0
1431 The Simpsons S6E7 Bart?s Girlfriend Barts infatuation with the Reverends daughter is short-lived when she steals the church collection plate and he is blamed for the theft. Meryl Streep guest stars. 0
1432 The Simpsons S6E8 Lisa on Ice Sibling rivalry breaks out on and off the ice when Lisa proves to be a better hockey player than Bart. 0
1433 The Simpsons S6E9 Homer Badman Homers life comes crashing down on him when a simple grab for a candy treat is misinterpreted is sexual harassment by the familys new baby-sitter. Dennis Franz guest stars. 0
1434 The Simpsons S6E10 Grandpa vs. Sexual Inadequacy Grampa Simpsons love tonic saves Homer and Marges sex life, but breaks the bond between Father and Son. Meanwhile, Bart thinks Springfield is invaded by UFOs. 0
1435 The Simpsons S6E11 Fear of Flying Marges fear of flying is revealed after the family earns a free trip to almost any state of their choice. To help overcome her fear, Marge visits a psychiatrist played by Anne Bancroft. Guest appearances by Ted Danson, Woody Harrelson, Rhea Perlman, John Ratzenberger and George Wendt 0
1436 The Simpsons S6E12 Homer the Great Homer joins a secret sociality called The Stonecutters, where his greatness is revealed, but only after he destroys the secret parchment and stripped of his membership. Patrick Stewart guest stars. 0
1437 The Simpsons S6E13 And Maggie Makes Three When Lisa wonders what happen to Maggies photos in the family album, prompts Homer to tell the story on how he had to give up his dream job when Maggie was born. 0
1438 The Simpsons S6E14 Bart?s Comet Springfields days are numbered when Bart discovers a comet is heading straight for them. Now they must decide who will brave the comets arrival and who can stay in the Flanders bomb shelter. 0
1439 The Simpsons S6E15 Homie the Clown Homers new job as a Krusty The Klown knock-off lands him in deep waters when mobsters want to give him a pair of cement clown shoes, thinking hes the real thing. Joe Mantegna and Johnny Unitas guest star. 0
1440 The Simpsons S6E16 Bart vs. Australia The government of Australia isnt impressed with Barts prank phone call and demand that he apologies in person. 0
1441 The Simpsons S6E17 Homer vs. Patty and Selma Homers latest money making scheme backfires and he goes to Patty and Selma as the last resort to borrow money. Meanwhile, Bart takes up ballet. Mel Brooks and Susan Sarandon guest star. 0
1442 The Simpsons S6E18 A Star is Burns In order to boost the towns sagging popularly, the people of Springfield holds a Film Festival to attract more tourists. Marge invites Jay The Critic Sherman to guest judge. Jon Lovitz guest stars. 0
1443 The Simpsons S6E19 Lisa?s Wedding Lisa attends the Springfield Renaissance Faire, where a deck of fortune-teller cards spells out future wedding plans. Mandy Patinkin guest stars. 0
1444 The Simpsons S6E20 Two Dozen and One Greyhounds Santas Little Helpers frisky nature nets the Simpsons a new dog and 25 spanking new puppies. When Burns steals the young greyhounds, Bart and Lisa set out to discover why he wants them. 0
1445 The Simpsons S6E21 The PTA Disbands A few weeks away from school is what Dr. Bart has ordered when he successfully schemes to have the teachers go on strike. But much to Barts surprise the school reopens and Marge is his new teacher. Meanwhile, Lisa tries to cope with the situation. 0
1446 The Simpsons S6E22 Round Springfield While visiting Bart in the hospital, Lisa learns a real-life lesson when a fellow patient is Bleeding Gums Murphy and he tells his life story for the last time. Guest starring Steve Allen and Ron Taylor (as Bleeding Gums Murphy). 0
1447 The Simpsons S6E23 Springfield Connection Theres a new cop in town and her name is Marge Simpson. Her job is to clean up the town of its criminals. Unfortunately, not all the criminals are on the street as Marge soon discovers. 0
1448 The Simpsons S6E24 Lemon of Troy Bart leads a group of boys in taking back the towns beloved Lemon tree when it is stolen by a group of kids from a rivalling town. 0
1449 The Simpsons S6E25 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part I) Its bad enough that Mr. Burns steals the newly discovered oil under Springfield Elementary, but its going too far when he steals the towns sunshine. He is shot and everyone wonders who did the dirty deed. Tito Puente guest stars. 0
1450 The Simpsons S7E1 Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part II) With Burns shot, Chief Wiggum follows a trail of DNA that leads to the Simpsons front door step. Homer is charged for the shooting and before Homer can be jailed, he escapes. Its a race to see who reaches Burns hospital room first. Tito Puente guest stars. 0
1451 The Simpsons S7E2 Radioactive Man Friendships could be torn when Bart and Milhouse are both up for the role of `Fallout Boy in the new `Radioactive Man movie. Meanwhile, the town of Springfield sees $$$ and milk the `Radioactive Man film crew for all their cash. Mickey Rooney 0
1452 The Simpsons S7E3 Home Sweet Home-Dum-Diddly Doodly Bart, Lisa and Maggie are placed in the care of the Flanders family when Homer and Marge are found to be unfit parents. Now, Homer and Marge must prove to the authorities that they are fit parents before the kids become too Flanders like. Joan Kenley guest stars. 0
1453 The Simpsons S7E4 Bart Sells His Soul Barts faith is tested when he sells his soul for five dollars. Meanwhile, Moe turns the Tavern into Uncle Moes Family Feedbag. 0
1454 The Simpsons S7E5 Lisa the Vegetarian A trip to a local petting zoo leads to confrontations at the dinner table when Lisa decides to become a vegetarian. Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney guest star. 0
1455 The Simpsons S7E6 Tree House of Horror VI This years Halloween Special features two science fiction stories and one horror: In "Attack of the 50 ft Eyesores", Giant billboard characters come to life during a freakish weather storm. Next, After a freakish boiler room accident, Groundskeeper Willys dying curse is to vow revenge through the dreams of Springfields children in "Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace". Finally, Homer discovers a 3D dimension in his attempt to hide during Patty and Selmas latest house visit in "Homer^3". NOTES: Paul Anka guest stars in "Attack of the 50 ft Eyesores". 0
1456 The Simpsons S7E7 King-Size Homer A strong desire to work at home prompts Homer to gain a lot of weight so he can claim work disability. Joan Kenley guest stars. 0
1457 The Simpsons S7E8 Mother Simpson Through a misunderstanding, Homer discovers his mother is very much alive, but with a very shady past and the FBI are eager to find her. Glen Close and Harry Morgan guest star. 0
1458 The Simpsons S7E9 Sideshow Bob?s Last Gleaming Sideshow Bob slips away from prison detail, steals an atomic bomb and threatens to detonate it unless the town of Springfield gives up television. R. Lee Ermey and Kelsey Grammer guest star. 0
1459 The Simpsons S7E10 The Simpson?s 138th Show Spectacular Troy McClure hosts an half- hour show looking back at The Simpsons past eight year history. 0
1460 The Simpsons S7E11 Marge Be Not Proud Bart manages to keep a failed four-fingered discount trip a secret from Homer and Marge. But unfortunately, Marge finds out when the family returns to the store to have the family Christmas photo taken. Lawrence Tierney guest stars. 0
1461 The Simpsons S7E12 Team Homer Thanks to Burns ether induced state, Homer gets the money he needs to start a bowling team. However, Burns head clears and he wants in. Meanwhile, Barts inflammatory T-shirt causes a riot at school, resulting in Principal Skinner issuing mandatory school uniforms. 0
1462 The Simpsons S7E13 Two Bad Neighbors Homers jealousy at all the attention his new neighbors, George and Barbara Bush, receives, turns to rage when the former President gives Bart a spanking. 0
1463 The Simpsons S7E14 Scenes From a Class Struggle in Springfield The Simpson family mingle with social highbrows when a chance encounter between Marge and an old classmate yields an invitation to the Springfield Country Club. Tom Kite guest stars. 0
1464 The Simpsons S7E15 Bart the Fink When Bart accidentally finks on him to the IRS, Krusty the Klown decides to go for that last plane ride. Bob Newhart guest stars. 0
1465 The Simpsons S7E16 Lisa the Iconoclast While digging into Jebediah Springfields past, Lisa discovers that the town founder isnt the hero as everyone thinks he was. Donald Sutherland guest stars. 0
1466 The Simpsons S7E17 Homer the Smithers Smithers takes a much needed vacation and to insure his position at the nuclear plant, he hires Homer as his temporally replacement. 0
1467 The Simpsons S7E18 The Day the Violence Died With the help of Lionel Hutz, Bart unwittingly bankrupts the studio that produces Itchy & Scratchy when he and Hutz successfully prove the idea for Itchy was stolen some 70-80 years ago. Guest starring Alex Rocco, Jack Sheldon, Suzanne Somers and Kirk Douglas (as Chester J. Lampwick, the original Itchy creator). 0
1468 The Simpsons S7E19 A Fish Called Selma Troy McClures sagging film career is given a boost when he is seen in public with a woman. And to stay in the public eye, Troy must do more than merely date this woman, who happens to be Selma. Jeff Goldblum guest stars. 0
1469 The Simpsons S7E20 Bart on the Road With fake drivers ID in hand, have Bart will travel. In this case, Nelson, Martin and Milhouse come along for the ride when Bart hits the wide open road. Meanwhile, Lisa spends some quality time with Homer at the power plant. 0
1470 The Simpsons S7E21 22 Short Films About Springfield A dull, lazy afternoon, prompts Bart and Milhouse to wonder if anything interest ever happens in Springfield -- a cue for a series of clips about Springfield. 0
1471 The Simpsons S7E22 Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in "The Curse of the Flying Hellfish" Buried World War II treasure is the prize in a tontine, in which Grampa and Mr. Burns are the last two surviving members. But Burns is determined that hell be the one who collects the prize. 0
1472 The Simpsons S7E23 Much Apu About Nothing Anti-immigration fever hits Springfield and Homer catches the fever until he discovers Apu is an illegal immigrant. Joe Mantegna guest stars. 0
1473 The Simpsons S7E24 Homerpalooza Homer earns himself a place in Lollapalooza, as part of the travelling freak show: catching cannon balls with his belly. Cypress Hill, Peter Frampton, The Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth guest star. 0
1474 The Simpsons S7E25 Summer of 4?2" In the hopes of making friends on the latest family vacation trip, Lisa packs an empty suitcase, determined to leave her nerdy self behind. Christina Ricci guest stars. 0
1475 The Simpsons S8E1 Tree House of Horror VII Sorry, no fanfare this year, just three more stories: In "The Thing and I", Bart discovers the `evil twin` brother he never knew he had, locked away in the Simpsons` attic. Next, Lisa`s tooth-desolved-in-soda science experiment develops into a higher form of life, who eventually see Lisa as God and Bart as the Devil in "The Genesis Tub". Finally, as the election draws near, the aliens Kang and Kodos kidnap and assume the roles of Bob Dole and Bill Clinton. It`s up to Homer to expose their evil plot for world domination in "Citizen Kang". 8
1476 The Simpsons S8E2 You Only Move Twice Homer moves the family to a new town after he receives a better job offer, at a better nuclear power plant, but Homer is oblivious to the fact that his new boss is a Super Villain who is out to rule the world. 10
1477 The Simpsons S8E3 The Homer They Fall Moe turns Homer into a successful boxer after discovering Homer can absorb massive blows to the head, but Marge is worried that won`t save Homer in the upcoming match with Dreaderick Tatum, the heavyweight champion. Michael Buffer and Paul Winfield guest star. 0
1478 The Simpsons S8E4 Burns Baby Burns Burns discovers his long lost 60-year-old illegitimate son, Larry, is insulting and lazy, and wants nothing to do with him. Homer thinks a good kidnapping is all that`s needed to change Burns` mind. Rodney Dangerfield guest stars. 0
1479 The Simpsons S8E5 Bart After Dark As punishment for destroying private property, Bart is force to work for the homeowner, but unbeknown to everyone in the family, including Bart, the homeowner runs a shady business where people leave with lighter wallets and smiles on their faces. 0
1480 The Simpsons S8E6 A Milhouse Divided Homer questions his own marriage bless when, at the latest Simpsons party, Kirk and Luann Van Houten (Milhouse`s parents) announce their divorce. 0
1481 The Simpsons S8E7 Lisa?s Date with Density Lisa enters into a doomed romance when she attempts to change Nelson Muntz, the school bully she develops a crush on. Meanwhile, Homer discovers quick cash in telemarketing fraud. 0
1482 The Simpsons S8E8 Hurricane Neddy Ned Flanders checks himself into a mental hospital after suffering a nerves breakdown when his house is destroyed in a hurricane. 0
1483 The Simpsons S8E9 El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Homer (a.k.a. The Mysterious Voyage of Our Homer) Consuming too may hot peppers gives Homer visions, which tell him to seek out his "soulmate". Johnny Cash guest stars. 0
1484 The Simpsons S8E10 The Springfield Files Homer witnesses something out of this world in Springfield woods, but no one believes him, not even FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully (from The X-Files), who came to investigate the incident. Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny and Leonard Nimoy guest star. 0
1485 The Simpsons S8E11 The Twisted World of Marge Simpson Marge`s new pretzel franchise is failing until Homer strikes a deal with Fat Tony, Springfield`s local mobster. Jack Lemmon and Joe Mantegna guest star. 0
1486 The Simpsons S8E12 Mountain of Madness To promote team work amongst the power plant`s employees Burns makes them go on a corporate retreat up in the mountains: the goal to find a hidden cabin. 0
1487 The Simpsons S8E13 Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious The Simpson family get a nanny after Marge starts loosing her hair to overwork stress. 8
1488 The Simpsons S8E14 The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show In the 167th episode of The Simpsons, Homer provides the voice for Poochie, a new character added to the The Itchy and Scratchy Show in a desperate attempt to boost sagging ratings. Alex Rocco guest stars. NOTES: with this episode The Simpsons surpasses The Flintsones as television`s longest-running, animated prime-time series. 0
1489 The Simpsons S8E15 Homer?s Phobia A shop owner befriends the Simpson family, but after discovering he is a homosexual Homer fears Bart will emulate him. John Waters guest stars. 10
1490 The Simpsons S8E16 Brother From Another Series Bart suspects a sinister motive when Sideshow Bob reunites with his estranged bother Cecil, who promptly places Bob in charge of supervising the building of Springfield`s Hydroelectric Dam. David Hyde Pierce guest stars. 0
1491 The Simpsons S8E17 My Sister, My Sitter Lisa`s babysitting reputation is put to the test when she is assigned the task of babysitting Bart and Maggie, for which Bart is determine to make Lisa`s life a `living Hell`. 0
1492 The Simpsons S8E18 Homer vs. the 18th Amendment When Prohibition hits the town of Springfield, and with Bart`s help, Homer goes into the booze making business. Dave Thomas and Joe Mantegna guest star. 0
1493 The Simpsons S8E19 Grade School Confidential After stumbling across Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel kissing, Bart strikes a deal with them to keep it a secret, but unknown to Bart the deal he makes lands him in the middle of this love affair. 0
1494 The Simpsons S8E20 The Canine Mutiny Purchasing an expensive purebred dog on a fraudulent credit card lands Bart in the doghouse when creditors want the pooch back, but Santa`s Little Helper ends up the real loser here. Frank Welker guest stars. 0
1495 The Simpsons S8E21 The Old Man and the Lisa Mr. Burns loses his vast fortune and turns to Lisa for help in getting it back through environmental means. Bret "the Hitman" Hart guest stars. 0
1496 The Simpsons S8E22 In Marge We Trust Marge becomes the "Listen Lady" when the people of Springfield turn to her after Reverend Lovejoy loses interest in helping people. Meanwhile, Homer sets out to discover why his face is on a box of dish soap. Sab Shimono, Gedde Watanaabe and Frank Welker guest star. 0
1497 The Simpsons S8E23 Homer?s Enemy Frank Grimes, the new employee at the power plant, isn`t impress with Homer`s bad habits and lack of professional work ethic, becomes disgruntled when he learns Homer is more of a success than he is. Frank Welker guest stars. 9
1498 The Simpsons S8E24 Simpsons Spin-off Showcase Troy McClure present three Simpsons spinoff spoofs: In "Chief Wiggum, P.I.", Chief Wiggum becomes a detective and moves to New Orleans with Principal Skinner as his assistant. Next, Grampa Simpson`s soul is trapped inside Moe`s Love tester machine in "The Love-Matic Grampa". Finally, the Simpson family host a `70ish variety show in "The Simpson Family Smile-Time Variety Hour". NOTES: Tim Conway and Gailard Sartain guest star. 0
1499 The Simpsons S8E25 The Secret War of Lisa Simpson Lisa is determine to stick it out as the only girl at boot camp when she and Bart attends military school. Willem Dafoe guest stars. 7
1500 The Simpsons S9E1 The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson Driven to the brink of sanity by his appointed status as designated driver, Barney Gumble drives to downtown Manhattan in Homer`s car, leaving it there. But when the family journeys to the big apple to retrieve their property, Homer faces a one-on-one showdown with the dreaded boot. 8
1501 The Simpsons S9E2 The Principal and the Pauper During a surprise banquet to honor his twentieth anniversary as principal, Seymour Skinner`s true identity is revealed to be Armin Tamzarian. Now established as an impostor, Tamzarian retires and relocates to his old neighborhood in Capitol City. Guest starring Martin Sheen as the real Seymour Skinner. 0
1502 The Simpsons S9E3 Lisa?s Sax When Lisa`s saxophone is destroyed during a scuffle with Bart, the family recounts the story of how she got her instrument during the terrible heat wave of 1990. Guest starring Fyvush Finkel as himself and Krusty. 0
1503 The Simpsons S9E4 Tree House of Horror VIII In "The Homega Man," Homer battles killer mutants after Springfield is destroyed in a nuclear blast. Next, a matter transportation device melds Bart with a housefly in "Fly Vs. Fly". Finally, Marge is accused of witchcraft during colonial times in "Easy-Bake Coven." 0
1504 The Simpsons S9E5 The Cartridge Family After a wild soccer riot tears up Springfield, Homer purchases a handgun to protect his family. But when Marge`s repeated requests to dispose of the weapon go without notice, she whisks herself and the kids away to a seedy motel. 0
1505 The Simpsons S9E6 Bart Star A local health fair shows that Springfield`s young boys are out of shape, leading parents to sign their sons up for pee-wee football. But when Homer snags coaching position, a more talented quarterback is replaced by Bart. Guest starring Roy Firestone, Mike Judge as Hank Hill, and Joe Namath. 0
1506 The Simpsons S9E7 The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons Just as he begins to enjoy his popularity as a swinging bachelor, Apu receives an unwelcome reminder of his pending arranged marriage. Desperate to escape the agreement, Apu claims to have already married Marge Simpson. Guest starring Jan Hooks as Manjula and Andrea Martin as Apu`s mother. 0
1507 The Simpsons S9E8 Lisa the Skeptic While Lisa and her classmates conduct an archaeological survey, a skeleton with abnormal bone structures growing from the shoulders is uncovered, leading the townspeople to conclude the remains are that of an angel. Guest starring Stephen Jay Gould and Phil Hartman. 0
1508 The Simpsons S9E9 Realty Bites When Marge becomes a real estate agent, her firm loses lucrative sales due to her total honesty. Meanwhile, Homer buys a 1960s hot-rod convertible at the local police auction. Unfortunately, the rod`s former owner and convicted felon, Snake, wants his property returned post haste, and will do anything to get it back. Guest starring Phil Hartman. 0
1509 The Simpsons S9E10 Miracle on Evergreen Terrace People throughout Springfield open their hearts--and wallets--after Bart accidentally burns the family`s Christmas presents and claims they were stolen by a burglar. But when the truth is alas revealed, the Simpsons find themselves pariahs. Guest starring Alex Trebek. 0
1510 The Simpsons S9E11 All Singing, All Dancing Anticipating a bloody Clint Eastwood-Lee Marvin shoot-`em-up, Bart and Homer are horrified to discover that their video rental, Paint Your Wagon, is actually a musical. Several song and dance moments from seasons past are recalled. Guest starring George Harrison. 0
1511 The Simpsons S9E12 Bart Carny When Homer costs a carnival worker and his son their jobs, Homer offers the pair a place to stay. But when the carnies lock the family out of their house and claim it as their own, Homer attempts to get it back by outsmarting the two. Guest starring Jim Varney as Cooder. 0
1512 The Simpsons S9E13 The Joy of Sect Along with the majority of Springfield, Homer and company are lured into the Movementarian cult by a slick pamphlet and tantalizing promises. But as Marge begins to realize that the cult only has money on its mind, she must try her hand at deprogramming to rescue her family. 0
1513 The Simpsons S9E14 Das Bus Bart, Lisa and their classmates fight for survival after becoming stranded on a deserted island. Meanwhile, Homer attracts the attention of Bill Gates when he attempts to crack the lucrative internet egg with a home-based consulting firm. Guest voices James Earl Jones as the narrator and Jack Ong as the chinese fisherman. 0
1514 The Simpsons S9E15 The Last Temptation of Krust After finally accepting that his comedic style is outdated, Krusty settles on more edgier material: what`s wrong with today`s crop of stand-up comedians. Guest starring Jay Leno, Steven Wright, Janeane Garofalo, Bobcat Goldthwait and Bruce Baum. Featuring Hank Williams Jr. 0
1515 The Simpsons S9E16 Dumbbell Indemnity When Moe breaks himself romancing a new love, he enlists the aid of Homer in an illegal scheme to collect $5,000 dollars from his automobile`s insurance policy. But after Homer botches the scam, Moe must find a way to bust his best customer out of the pen. Guest starring Helen Hunt as Renee. 0
1516 The Simpsons S9E17 Lisa the Simpson Thanks to the unfounded predictions of Grampa Simpson, Lisa is convinced that she`s genetically predisposed to lose her intelligence. Meanwhile, Apu discovers Jasper frozen in his freezer, and turns the Kwik-E-Mart into a tourist`s trap. Guest starring Phil Hartman. 0
1517 The Simpsons S9E18 This Little Wiggy Taking pity on the hapless Ralph Wiggum, Marge pairs him with Bart. But his association with Ralph quickly turns out to be more beneficial than burdensome when Bart learns that his father holds the master key to every store in Springfield. Guest starring Phil Hartman. 0
1518 The Simpsons S9E19 Simpson Tide Bored as usual, Homer decides to take up a new career in the Navy, where he single-handedly cuts the ribbon on treason season by charting a submarine into soviet waters. Meanwhile, Bart gets his ear pierced. Guest starring Bob Denver, Rod Steiger as Captain Tenille, and Michael Carrington. 0
1519 The Simpsons S9E20 The Trouble With Trillions When Homer`s unfastidious tax return accidentally falls into the severe audit bin at the IRS, he is promptly nabbed by the government. Forced to go undercover for them, Homer finds himself on a mission to retrieve a trillion dollar bill stolen by Mr. Burns. Guest voice Paul Winfield as Lucious Sweet. 0
1520 The Simpsons S9E21 Girly Edition Bart attempts to upstage his sister when the pair land anchor seats on a Children`s educational news program. Meanwhile, Homer exploits his elderly father to obtain a helper monkey, which he quickly puts to work looting donut shops. 0
1521 The Simpsons S9E22 Trash of the Titans When his crude insults persuade the local garbage men to terminate his trash pick-up service, Homer enters the race for sanitation commissioner, banking on the laziness of his fellow towns- people as the key to victory. Guest starring Steve Martin as Ray Patterson, Paul McGuinness, Susie Smith, and U2. 0
1522 The Simpsons S9E23 King of the Hill Crestfallen by Bart`s shame of his poor physical condition, Homer sets out to work out. But when a pair of publicity scouts offer him the job of climbing The Murderhorn to promote their product, Homer is too blindsided by lust for physical perfection to turn down the expedition. Guest starring Brendan Fraser as Brad and Steven Weber as Neil. 0
1523 The Simpsons S9E24 Lost Our Lisa After hastily boarding the wrong bus to a limited engagement museum exhibit, Lisa finds herself lost in unfamiliar parts of Springfield. Meanwhile, Bart adheres novelty items to his face, only to later discover that the glue he was given--by Homer--is permanent. 0
1524 The Simpsons S9E25 Natural Born Kissers After a near-fatal encounter with a peeved farmer and his pitch-fork, Homer and Marge uncover the secret to reigniting their crapped-out sex life: dangerous situations. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa make their own discoveries, including the lost ending to Casablanca, using a metal detector. 0
1525 The Simpsons S10E1 Lard of the Dance Homer and Bart team up to dip their hands in the grease recycling business. Meanwhile, Lisa is chosen to introduce a new student to Springfield Elementary, one who`s years ahead of her age. Guest starring Lisa Kudrow as Alex. 0
1526 The Simpsons S10E2 The Wizard of Evergreen Terrace Homer experiences a mid-life crisis when he realizes, at 38.1 years of age, that he hasn`t accomplished anything meaningful. To curve his remorse, Homer decides to pattern himself after Thomas Edison and become the next great inventor. Guest starring William Daniels as K.I.T.T. 0
1527 The Simpsons S10E3 Bart the Mother Bart accidentally kills a mother bird with Nelson Muntz`s bee-bee gun, and tries his best to raise the mother`s eggs on his own. But when the hatchlings turn out to be a pair of destructive lizards that harvest nests for their own survival, the town`s bird population is placed at great risk. Guest voice Phil Hartman, in his final speaking role on The Simpsons. 0
1528 The Simpsons S10E4 Tree House of Horror IX In "Hell Toup?e," Homer`s new hair transplant commands him to avenge its former owner`s foes. Next, Bart and Lisa are sucked into their television to play a deadly game of cat and mouse with Itchy & Scratchy in "The Terror of Tiny Toon." Finally, in "Starship Poopers," Maggie`s actual father is revealed to be an alien, leading to a spot on the esteemed Jerry Springer Show. Guest starring Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jerry Springer, Ed McMahon and Robert Englund as Freddy Kruger. 0
1529 The Simpsons S10E5 When You Dish Upon a Star Keeping Hollywood secrets proves difficult for Homer when he scores a personal assistant job for the husband and wife team, Alec Baldwin & Kim Basinger. Also guest starring Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. 0
1538 The Simpsons S10E6 D`oh-in? in the Wind Homer sets out to determine what his middle initial stands for, but in the process, delves into the old free-spirit ways of hippies, inspired by his mother`s radical past and former associates. Guest starring George Carlin as Munchie and Martin Mull as Seth. 0
1539 The Simpsons S10E7 Lisa Gets an A In discovering the joy of video gaming, Lisa neglects to study for her upcoming test, which she later relents to cheating upon in order to pass. But when the resulting grade raises the school`s state average and qualifies it for financial aid, the intendance forces her to cover up all wrong- doing. Meanwhile, Homer raises a baby lobster to beat the high store prices of adults. 0
1540 The Simpsons S10E8 Homer Simpson in "Kidney Trouble" On behalf of Homer`s infamous ignorance, Grampa Simpson falls victim to a textbook kidney blowout. But when Homer steps up to offer a donor kidney, he quickly finds himself suffering from a much more common phenomenon: cold feet. 0
1541 The Simpsons S10E9 Mayored to the Mob When Homer rescues Mark Hamill and Mayor Quimby from a rowdy mob of sci-fi fanatics, he is appointed the mayor`s new bodyguard. But after convincing Quimby that he needs to stop Fat Tony`s mob from selling rat`s milk to the town`s schools, the mayor`s life is placed in jeopardy. Also guest starring Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Dick Tufeld as the Robot. 0
1542 The Simpsons S10E10 Viva Ned Flanders Discouraged by sixty years of minding his P`s and Q`s, Ned Flanders asks Homer to reveal the secret of his intoxicating lust for life. But Homer`s plans to put the spice back into Ned`s brio go haywire when they land the pair in wedlock with two grubby casino cocktail waitresses. Guest starring The Moody Blues. 0
1543 The Simpsons S10E11 Wild Barts Can`t Be Broken Homer and his drunken cohorts celebrate an improbable victory by the Springfield Isotopes by trashing the local elementary school. But when the police force fails to locate the actual vandals, the town`s children are hastily blamed for the rowdiness and punished with a new sunset curfew. Guest starring Cyndi Lauper. 0
1544 The Simpsons S10E12 Sunday, Cruddy Sunday Super Bowl fever takes control of Homer`s psyche after a travel agent offers him and a bus-load of friends free passage to the game. But when the tickets turn out to be counterfeit, Homer must consult his cunning in finding a way into the stadium. Guest starring Fred Willard as Wally, Troy Aikman, Rosie Grier, John Madden, Dan Marino, Pat Summerall, Dolly Parton and Rupert Murdoch. 0
1545 The Simpsons S10E13 Homer to the Max When the new television show, "Police Cops," premiers with a savvy character holding Homer`s full name, the real-life Homer enjoys mock-stardom en masse. But when the show is retooled to give the character a Gomer Pyle-like facade, Homer changes his name to Max Power to escape the laughing and taunts of fellow townspeople. Guest starring Ed Begley, Jr. 0
1530 The Simpsons S10E14 I?m With Cupid As Kwik-E-Mart convenience store proprietor Apu showers his wife with glowing, outrageous Valentine`s Day gifts, the other husbands of Springfield are made to look bad in his shadow. But as his gifts grow increasingly grand, the men attempt to foil his efforts, instigating a Valentine`s massacre. Guest starring Jan Hooks as Manjula and Elton John. 0
1531 The Simpsons S10E15 Marge Simpson in `Screaming Yellow Honkers? Homer offers Marge a new Canyonero SUV after embarrassingly discovering that he bought the female`s model. But once in the driver`s seat, Marge becomes increasingly intoxicated by the vehicle`s dynamism, leading to a case of aggravated road rage. Featuring Hank Williams, Jr. 0
1532 The Simpsons S10E16 Make Room For Lisa Lisa experiences stress when forced to temporarily share a room with Bart. Meanwhile, Marge discovers the joys of eavesdropping on cellular telephone calls and becomes obsessed with the personal dramas of complete strangers. 0
1533 The Simpsons S10E17 Maximum Homerdrive Homer takes on a gruff truck driver in a beef-eating contest. But when the trucker pays the high price of trying to top Homer`s bottomless stomach, Homer vows to deliver his cargo, leading to a cross-country truckin` adventure. Meanwhile, Marge and Lisa make the best of a troublesome new doorbell. 0
1534 The Simpsons S10E18 Simpsons Bible Stories Reverend Lovejoy is showing his stuff with the latest in a series of disinteresting sermons. Bored so terribly are the Simpsons that each gradually doses off, dreaming that they`re Adam and Eve, Moses and David facing Goliath. 0
1535 The Simpsons S10E19 Mom and Pop Art When Homer learns to vent his anger through home-grown artwork, he attracts the attention of a professional art dealer. Guest voices Isabella Rossellini as Astrid Weller and Jasper Johns. 0
1536 The Simpsons S10E20 The Old Man and the C Student After causing his fellow townspeople to lose the Olympic Games, Bart is forced to slave away his time helping the elderly residents of the local retirement home. Guest starring Jack LaLanne. 0
1537 The Simpsons S10E21 Monty Can?t Buy Me Love Mr. Burns tries his hand at winning the public`s admiration by taking part in blue collar radio talk shows and retrieving the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Guest starring Michael McKean as Gerry Rude. 0
1546 The Simpsons S10E22 They Saved Lisa`s Brain Lisa is invited to join the local MENSA society after penning an inspiring letter over Springfield`s complete humiliation at the hands of her father. Guest starring Stephen Hawking. 0
1547 The Simpsons S10E23 Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo After losing their last million yen, the Simpsons agree to participate in a dangerous Japanese TV game show in exchange for air fare back home. Guest voice George Takei as the Game Show Host. 0
1548 The Simpsons S11E1 Beyond Blunderdome Homer becomes a Hollywood consultant after proving himself the only man on earth who shares Mel Gibson`s ill will against an inadequately-violent remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington." Also guest starring Jack Burns as Edward Christian and Karl Wiedergott as William Milo. 0
1549 The Simpsons S11E2 Brother?s Little Helper When Bart is hastily diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, he becomes the latest victim of "Focusin," a new drug touted to boost academic attention spans. Guest starring Mark McGwire as himself. 0
1550 The Simpsons S11E3 Guess Who?s Coming to Criticize Dinner With a little help from Lisa, Homer takes on the job of food critic for The Springfield Shopper. But when his reviews begin to spoil reputations, the local restaurant owners devise a plan of action against Homer`s sower grapes. Guest starring Ed Asner as the editor. 0
1551 The Simpsons S11E4 Tree House of Horror X Ned Flanders returns from the grave seeking revenge after Marge accidentally runs him over in "I Know What You Diddily-Iddily Did." Next, in "Desperately Xeeking Xena," Bart and Lisa`s new powers take them on a quest to rescue Lucy Lawless from a mad memorabilia collector bent on adding Xena to his stash of Hollywood celebrities. Finally, a global "Y2K" meltdown destroys earth after Homer neglects to debug the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant`s computers in "Life`s A Glitch, Then You Die." Also guest starring Dick Clark and Tom Arnold as themselves, and Frank Welker as the Werewolf Flanders. 0
1552 The Simpsons S11E5 E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) Homer and family move to an old farm where he and Bart conjure up "Tomacco," an incredibly addictive cross between Tobacco and Tomatoes. Guest starring The B-52`s (end credits theme) and Frank Welker as the barnyard animals. 0
1553 The Simpsons S11E6 Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder After Homer becomes a bowling sensation, he experiences an encounter with Penn & Teller. Guest starring Penn Jillette, Teller, Ron Howard, Nancy O`Dell and Pat O`Brien as themselves. 0
1554 The Simpsons S11E7 Eight Misbehavin? Apu`s wife gives birth to octuplets. Guest starring Jan Hooks as Manjula, Butch Patrick as himself, and Garry Marshall as Larry Kidkill. 0
1555 The Simpsons S11E8 Take My Wife, Sleaze Homer and friends run into NRBQ at a 50s-style restaurant after his newly-formed biker`s club, Hell`s Satans, makes a pit stop. Guest starring John Goodman as Meathook, Henry Winkler as Ramrod, and Jay North as himself. 0
1556 The Simpsons S11E9 Grift of the Magi A sinister toy company unveils Funzo, next "Tickle Me Elmo"-style fad to Springfield`s Christmas shoppers. Guest starring Gary Coleman as himself, Tim Robbins as Jim Hope, Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony, and Clarence Clemons as the narrator. 0
1557 The Simpsons S11E10 Little Big Mom After suffering an accident at a local skiing attraction, Marge relinquishes control of the household to the next-most responsible member of the family. Guest starring Elwood Edwards (the voice of AOL). 0
1558 The Simpsons S11E11 Faith Off Bart becomes hooked on the art of faith healing after witnessing the spin of a traveling revivalist. Meanwhile, Homer prepares for the homecoming game of his old college-days chums. Guest starring Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony and Don Cheadle as Brother Faith. 0
1559 The Simpsons S11E12 The Mansion Family After receiving an award for oldest citizen of Springfield, Mr. Burns checks into the Mayo Clinic, leaving The Simpsons in charge of his luxurious mansion. Guest starring Britney Spears as herself. 0
1560 The Simpsons S11E13 Saddlesore Galactica Homer and Bart discover the ups and downs of horse racing. Guest starring B.T.O. (Randy Bachman, Trevor Denman and C.F. Turner as themselves) and Jim Cummings as Dunkin. 0
1561 The Simpsons S11E14 Alone Again Natura-Diddly The Simpsons help Ned Flanders through tough times after losing his wife to an untimely death. Guest starring Shawn Colvin as Rachel Jordan and Frank Welker as ?. 0
1562 The Simpsons S11E15 Missionary: Impossible Homer becomes a missionary on a remote, tropical island as part of his effort evade the local PBS affiliate`s pledge drive collection officials. Guest starring Betty White as herself. 0
1563 The Simpsons S11E16 Pygmoelian Moe`s new face lands him the lead on one of Springfield`s hottest daytime soap operas. 0
1564 The Simpsons S11E17 Bart to the Future Bart finds his future self a ne`er-do-well musician and Ralph Wiggum`s room mate. Meanwhile, Lisa seems to be President of the United States. 0
1565 The Simpsons S11E18 Days of Wine and D`Oh`ses After seeing a videotape of himself intoxicated, Barney turns over a new leaf and goes the sober route. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa learn the ups and downs of photography in a contest held by the local telephone company. 0
1566 The Simpsons S11E19 Kill the Alligator and Run After running over Florida`s beloved alligator Captain Jack, Homer and the family dedicate their spring break vacation to avoiding the local authorities. Guest starring Kid Rock, Joe C., Charlie Rose, Robert Evans and Diedrich Bader as themselves. 0
1567 The Simpsons S11E20 Last Tap Dance in Springfield After seeing "Tango de la Muerdo" at the local theatre, Lisa is inspired to learn the art of the dance, tutored by none other than former child actress Little Miss Vicky Valentine. Meanwhile, Homer decides to increase his visual acuity with laser eye surgery. 0
1568 The Simpsons S11E21 It`s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge When Marge forces Otto to choose between rock `n` roll and his bride to be, Marge quickly finds herself playing hostess to a now-single Becky. But when Becky`s attempt to earn her keep upstages Marge`s own homemaking abilities, Marge quickly finds herself losing her mind. Guest starring Parker Posey as Becky. 0
1569 The Simpsons S11E22 Behind the Laughter Explore the "actual," off-stage lives of the Simpson family, from the money and drugs to celebrity and supermodels, including testimonial from Springfield citizens about how fame tore the family apart. Guest starring Willie Nelson and Jim Forbes. 0
1614 The Simpsons S12E1 Tree House of Horror XI In "G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad," Homer chokes to death on a piece of broccoli and his spirit must perform a good deed in order to enter heaven. Next, the dark side of fairy tale characters is exposed in "Scary Tales Can Come True." Finally, in "Night of the Dolphin," the world is overtaken by dolphins after Lisa frees their leader from captivity. 0
1615 The Simpsons S12E2 A Tale of Two Springfields After Springfield`s telephone area code splits in two, Homer spearheads a movement to divide the town itself in half along the new area code line. Guest starring The Who. 0
1616 The Simpsons S12E3 Insane Clown Poppy Krusty takes parenting lessons from Homer when he discovers that he has a daughter about Bart`s age from a one-night stand. Guest starring Drew Barrymore as Sophie and Stephen King. 0
1617 The Simpsons S12E4 Lisa the Tree Hugger Eager to join "Dirt First" after witnessing their pro-vegetarianism demonstration atop the local Krusty Burger franchise, Lisa attempts to prove her worth by camping out in a giant redwood destined for logging. Meanwhile, Bart joins the workforce in order to buy a new game console advertised on television. 0
1618 The Simpsons S12E5 Homer vs. Dignity Short on funds, Homer approaches the ever-wealthy C. Montgomery Burns for a token raise. But when Burns grants his request on the condition that Homer act as his personal jester, the Simpson family finds itself the subject of degrading and embarassing activities. 0
1619 The Simpsons S12E6 The Computer Wore Menace Shoes After realizing that he`s missing the cyberspace boat, Homer plugs into the internet and builds a web site. But when low traffic hits him where it hurts, he resorts to spicing up his cyberslab with damaging gossip concerning fellow townsfolk. Guest starring Patrick McGoohan as Prisoner #6. 0
1620 The Simpsons S12E7 The Great Money Caper Strapped for cash, Homer and Bart thumb their way through "A Child`s Garden of Cons" in search of the road to easy money. 0
1621 The Simpsons S12E8 Skinner`s Sense of Snow When a large storm snows in Springfield Elementary, the children are trapped inside for the holidays and soon rebel against Principal Skinner. 0
1622 The Simpsons S12E9 HOMR When doctors find and remove a crayon lodged in Homer`s brain, his true IQ emerges, leading to a strong relationship with Lisa. But his relationship with others falls out once his new-found competence in safety inspecting leads to the closure of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. 0
1623 The Simpsons S12E10 Pokey Mom Following a prison rodeo, Marge befriends an inmate whom she considers undeserving of incarceration, and eventually sees to his release. Guest starring Michael Keaton as Jack, and Charles Napier as the prison warden. 0
1624 The Simpsons S12E11 Worst Episode Ever The Comic Book Guy has a heart attack after witnessing the work of special make-up effects master Tom Savini, giving Bart and Milhouse their cue to babysit the Android`s Dungeon. 0
1625 The Simpsons S12E12 Tennis the Menace The Simpsons build a tennis court. Meanwhile, Grandpa Simpson receives an award from the Springfield Retirement Castle. 0
1626 The Simpsons S12E13 Day of the Jackanapes Upon learning that Krusty has erased all the archival tapes of his show from the Sideshow Bob era, Bob schemes to use Bart as a manchurian candidate to blow up Krusty live on the air. Guest starring Kelsey Grammer as Sideshow Bob. 0
1627 The Simpsons S12E14 New Kids on the Blecch When a talent agency discovers the musical abilities of Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Ralph, it scurries to set them up as the next big boy band sensation: complete with a sinister subliminal propaganda campaign in mind. Join the Navy! 0
1628 The Simpsons S12E15 Hungry Hungry Homer After Homer discovers that the Springfield Isotopes are being moved to Albuquerque, he stages a hunger strike outside the stadium. 0
1629 The Simpsons S12E16 Bye Bye Nerdy Lisa seeks protection from schoolyard roughnecks after becoming the target of a new student`s own flavor of harassment. 0
1630 The Simpsons S12E17 Simpson Safari A belated prize awaits Homer in his next box of animal crackers, one which starts the family out on an exotic trip to Ngorongoro, Africa. 0
1631 The Simpsons S12E18 Trilogy of Error In a "Run, Lola, Run" parody, a breakfast accident involving Marge`s kitchen knife and Homer`s thumb is seen through the eyes of individual family members. While Homer & Marge make a mad dash for the hospital, Lisa takes her linguistic robot to the Springfield science fair, and Bart runs afoul of Fat Tony`s illegal fireworks ring. Guest starring Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony. 0
1632 The Simpsons S12E19 I`m Goin` to Praiseland When Ned discovers that one of Maude`s goals was to build a bible-themed amusement park, he reunites with Rachel in order to fulfill her dream. But when an accident dupes the public into believing that the park was the site of a miracle, Ned is forced to decide between revealing the truth versus enjoying his increased profits. Guest starring Shawn Colvin as Rachel Jordan. 0
1633 The Simpsons S12E20 Children of a Lesser Clod Homer opens a new day care center at home after breaking his ankle at the local YMCA, and soon tries to get his kids into Ron Howard`s latest film project. 0
1634 The Simpsons S12E21 Simpsons Tall Tales A rail-riding hobo tells the tales of American legends, leading to Homer imagine himself as Paul Bunyan, Lisa as Connie Appleseed versus the wagon train pioneers, and Bart and Nelson as Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn in a rafting adventure on the Mississip`. 0
1592 The Simpsons S13E1 Tree House of Horror XII In "House of Whacks", a Hal 9000-style home automation computer (Pierce Brosnan) takes a fancy to Marge, and unfortunately sees fit to dispose of Homer in the process. Next, following a gypsy`s curse, Homer becomes Death incarnate as everyone in his presence either dies or mutates in "Curse of the Dummy." Finally, in "Wiz Kids", the children are tutored in the fine art of transforming frogs into princes at the Springfield Elementary School for Wizards. 9
1593 The Simpsons S13E2 The Parent Rap Bart appears in court to pay for an embarrassing joy ride in the police chief`s patrol car. But just before he is set free, a second, vindictive judge (Jane Kaczmarek) assumes the case and sentences him to the worst kind of detention imagineable: being tethered to Homer around the clock. 0
1594 The Simpsons S13E3 Homer the Moe After Moe heads for a bartending school to brush up his business skills, Homer is charged with keeping tabs on Springfield`s premiere watering hole. But when Moe returns with a facelift in mind for the dank tavern, a disgruntled Homer opens his own bar in the Simpson family`s garage. 0
1595 The Simpsons S13E4 Hunka Hunka Burns in Love Homer`s new job as the author of fortune cookies assures Mr. Burns that love is on the horizon. But when his date, the power plant`s short-order cook, (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) infringe upon Snake`s own aspirations, Homer and Burns become hostages. 0
1596 The Simpsons S13E5 The Blunder Years When a hypnotist goes to work on Homer, a traumatic childhood experience is released, leading to the quarter of a century-old murder mystery of Ernest K. Smithers. 0
1597 The Simpsons S13E6 She of Little Faith Desperate for money, the First Church of Springfield decides to rent out its wallspace to local advertisers. Horrified at the living commercial the church has become, Lisa withdraws herself from the church and converts to Buddhism. Richard Gere guest stars, as himself. 6
1598 The Simpsons S13E7 Brawl in the Family When a Monopoly game goes sour, the Simpsons are forced to undergo the supervision of a social services officer to reinforce the ideals of a functional family. 0
1599 The Simpsons S13E8 Sweets and Sour Marge Springfield is named the "World`s fattest town", thanks to a diabolical scheme by the Motherloving Sugar Corporation, which spikes Springfield`s entire food supply with sugar. Ben Stiller guest stars as Garth Motherloving. 0
1600 The Simpsons S13E9 Jaws Wired Shut Homer breaks his jaw in an accident, requiring it to be wired shut for a month. His resulting inability to talk makes him a better listener, and he becomes closer to family and friends because of it. They all like the new Homer much better, but when the wires come off, and Homer decides to stick with his new self, everyone begins to miss the old Homer`s antics. 10
1601 The Simpsons S13E10 Half-Decent Proposal Marge, with a little help from Patty, Selma, and Jack (Daniels), E-mails Artie Ziff, who offers $1,000,000 for a weekend ("no funny business") alone with her - money they could use for an operation to make Homer stop snoring. 0
1602 The Simpsons S13E11 The Bart Wants What It Wants Bart develops a crush on Ranier Wolfcastle`s daughter Greta (voiced by Reese Witherspoon). After hastily deciding he`s not ready for love, he dumps her, only to change his mind later. But by then Greta only has eyes for one - Milhouse - and a trip to the set of Ranier`s latest movie in Canada isn`t enough to win her back. Wolfgang Puck also guest stars. 0
1603 The Simpsons S13E12 The Lastest Gun in the West Bart and Lisa meet a washed-up movie star of westerns from the 1950s and attempt to revive his career by getting him to appear on the Krusty the Klown show. But years of alcohol abuse get in the way. Dennis Weaver guest stars. 7
1604 The Simpsons S13E13 The Old Man and the Key Grandpa Simpson has a new woman in his life, who leads him into getting his driver`s license renewed, only to end up in a race against old-age street punks. Guest stars Olympia Dukakis. 0
1605 The Simpsons S13E14 Tales from the Public Domain A variation on "Simpsons Tall Tales", this time with Bart as Hamlet, Lisa as Joan of Arc, and Homer as...Homer (well, Odysseus actually). 8
1606 The Simpsons S13E15 Blame It on Lisa Lisa sponsors a South American orphan - and when the child is reported missing, "The Simpsons are going to Brazil!" 7
1607 The Simpsons S13E16 Weekend at Burnsie Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana. Guest stars: Phish. 10
1608 The Simpsons S13E17 Gump Roast The Springfield Friars Club roasts Homer, with help from clips from past episodes..."but don`t call it a clip show". 0
1609 The Simpsons S13E18 I Am Furious Yellow Bart creates an Internet cartoon entitled "Angry Dad" that`s based on Homer - who then becomes a laughing stock. Marvel Comics` Stan Lee guest stars as himself. 0
1610 The Simpsons S13E19 The Sweetest Apu Apu`s unbearable life of work and eight kids drives him to have an affair with another woman, and when Manjula finds out, Apu will have to do everything it takes to win her back. Kathie Lee Gifford guest stars as the "other woman". 0
1611 The Simpsons S13E20 Little Girl in the Big Ten Lisa uses her newly found gymnastics skills to pose as a college student. 0
1612 The Simpsons S13E21 The Frying Game Marge and Homer help out an old woman, who dies, and are subsequently charged with murder. 0
1613 The Simpsons S13E22 Papa`s Got a Brand New Badge Homer accidentally causes an electrical blackout in Springfield, and all of the citizens begin looting the town`s businesses. Chief Wiggum is useless at restoring order, so Homer takes the law into his own hands and becomes a policeman. Joe Mantegna reprises his Fat Tony role yet again. Season Finale. 0
1583 The Simpsons S14E1 Tree house of Horror XIII "Send in the Clones" - in a takeoff on the movie Multiplicity, Homer`s hammock starts making clones of of which kills Flanders. "The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms" - ten years after "Dial Z for Zombies", the zombies rise again, this time armed cowboy zombies ready to take over an unarmed Springfield (thanks to Lisa`s cash-for-guns program). "The Island of Dr. Hibbert" - any similarities to The Island of Dr. Moreau, where humans (like, say, the Simpsons) are crossed with animals, are coincidental - yeah, that`s it, coincidental. Maggie Roswell returns as the ghost of Maude Flanders in the show`s opening. 0
1584 The Simpsons S14E2 How I Spent My Strummer Vacation Homer is secretly videotaped complaining about his family while in cab (a la Taxi Cab Confessions). In an effort to help him regroup, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie send him to Mick Jagger`s (playing himself) Rock `N` Roll Fantasy camp. Once there, Homer lives the life of a rock star, taught to him by the likes of Sir Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Lenny Kravitz, Elvis Costello, Tom Petty and Brian Setzer, all of whom guest star as themselves. 6
1585 The Simpsons S14E3 Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade Bart is held back a grade, and Lisa is skipped ahead, landing them both in third grade at the same time, and coincidentally, in the same class. 0
1586 The Simpsons S14E4 Large Marge Marge mistakenly thinks Homer is eyeing other women. In an effort to uplift her appeal, she decides to get plastic surgery to look younger. But the surgery goes awry when Marge receives breast implants that were meant for a younger patient. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse catch an episode of Batman and Robin (guest stars Adam West and Burt Ward), where they battle Clown Man -- who coincidentally looks a lot like a younger version of Krusty. 7
1587 The Simpsons S14E5 Helter Shelter While the Simpson house is being fumigated after a Russian termite infestation, the family moves into a house that`s part of a reality show where they have to live in 1895. David Lander of Laverne & Shirley fame guest stars. 0
1588 The Simpsons S14E6 The Great Louse Detective Somebody from Homer`s past tries to murder him, and it`s up to Sideshow Bob to help Homer find out who that person is. Kelsey Grammer returns as Sideshow Bob. 0
1589 The Simpsons S14E7 Special Edna (a.k.a. Love and Marking) Principal Skinner and Edna Krabappel finally get engaged. Little Richard guest stars as himself. 0
1590 The Simpsons S14E8 The Dad Who Knew Too Little After Homer gets Lisa an inappropriate birthday present, Homer worries that he is losing touch with Lisa, so he hires a private investigator to find out more about her. Guest stars Elliot Gould. 0
1591 The Simpsons S14E9 Strong Arms of the Ma Concerned that she`s been neglecting her health, Marge starts lifting weights, which leads to steroid abuse and a harsher Marge to the family. 0
1574 The Simpsons S14E10 Pray Anything When Flanders wins a half-time money shot during a WNBA game, Homer decides his neighbor`s secret to success is praying. Homer starts praying to get his way with everything...and it works. He even prays himself into an injury lawsuit against the Church and is awarded with the deed to the property. Homer promptly moves the family in, while Helen and the Reverend have been relocated to the Flanders and reduced to preaching at the Bowl-a-rama. It can only take a miracle to make Homer see the error of his ways. 0
1575 The Simpsons S14E11 Barting Over Bart learns that he had acted in commercials as a baby, as Baby Stinkbreath (for a baby mouthwash) and that Homer has squandered all his money. "I spent it naming a star after our family", says Homer. 0
1576 The Simpsons S14E12 I`m Spelling as Fast as I Can While Homer falls in love with the new limited-time Krusty Ribwich, Lisa enjoys the sudden popularity of being a spelling champ -- and soon becomes the state rep for the Spell-lympics. When the Ribwich is discontinued locally, Homer joins up with the Ribheads and follows the mystery meat sandwich tour around the country. Guest stars George Plimpton. 0
1577 The Simpsons S14E13 A Star is Born-Again In a send-up of "Notting Hill", Ned Flanders begins dating a forgotten starlet. Guest stars Marisa Tomei and James L. Brooks. 0
1570 The Simpsons S14E14 Mr. Spritz Goes to Washington Krusty gets elected to Congress in part to help get the flight path for Springfield Airport diverted from directly over Homer`s house, but falls in line with the conservatives once he`s there. 0
1571 The Simpsons S14E15 C.E. D`oh! After being rejected by a sleepy Marge on Valentine`s Night, Homer enrolls in Stark Richdale`s extension class Successmanship 101, which gives him the "Megatronics" tools needed to take over the SNPP -- by replacing the plant`s true owner Canary M. Burns with himself... and immediately firing Mr. Burns. 0
1572 The Simpsons S14E16 Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky Snobby English documentary filmmaker Declan Desmond convinces Lisa she must choose a career path immediately, prompting her entry into astronomy. But when her successful petition to reduce outdoor light pollution gives criminals increased cover of darkness, an angered citizenry sees to it that Springfield`s outdoor lighting becomes brighter than ever, leading to perpetual daylight. Meanwhile, after being humiliated at the hands of Nelson and company, Bart tries to salvage his cool by stealing the golden hood ornament from Fat Tony`s `30s Stutz Bearcat-style gangster car. Guest stars Eric Idle as Desmond and Joe Mantegna as Fat Tony. 0
1573 The Simpsons S14E17 Three Gays of the Condo After yet another Homer and Marge fight, Homer ends up sharing a condo with two homosexuals - which appears to be becoming three. Guest stars Weird Al Yankovic. 0
1578 The Simpsons S14E18 Dude, Where`s My Ranch? It`s Christmastime and the family is out caroling. When they carol outside of a lawyer`s house, he informs them they can`t sing the song they`re singing without paying a royalty. This inspires Homer to decide to write his own Christmas carol, but when Flanders tries to help and begins annoying him, Homer is instead inspired to write an anti-Flanders song. 0
1579 The Simpsons S14E19 Old Yeller Belly Santa`s Little Helper is shunned as a coward after opting to devour a roast turkey rather than pull Homer from a fire. Getting his nose stuck in a can of Duff Beer afterward, however, proves to be somewhat of a spirit-booster when it propels him to the status of Spuds McDuff: the Duff Brewery`s new mascot. But matters worsen when the the dog`s new-found fame (and net worth) cause his original race track owner to come forth and reclaim his "property" -- leaving it up to the Simpsons to get their dog back by proving Santa`s Little Helper is a coward unfit to hawk Duff beer. 0
1580 The Simpsons S14E20 Brake My Wife, Please Judge Harm revokes Homer`s license, and he discovers the healthy joys of walking, while Marge becomes stressed by the added running around to the point where she accidentally runs him over. Now Marge has to nurse him on top of everything else and they realize they need to visit a marriage counsellor. Homer realizes he must do unselfish deeds for his wife to save their marriage. Guest stars Jane Kaczmarek as Judge Harm. 0
1581 The Simpsons S14E21 The Bart of War After his latest bout of mischief results in another encounter with the Springfield police department, Marge and Homer elect to place Bart into a program of supervised afternoon activities -- in the form of a quasi- Native American tribe dubbed "The Pre-Teen Braves." But tribal war ensues when his clan is forced into a game of community service one-upsmanship with an opposing group of do-gooders: "The Calvary Kids." 0
1582 The Simpsons S14E22 Moe Baby Blues When the entire town shows up at the Springfield Botanical Gardens to watch the once-in-a-lifetime blooming of the Sumatran Century Flower, there is room for everyone but Moe. The event causes a panic and during the ensuing traffic jam Maggie is thrown from the Simpsons` car into the arms of a suicidal Moe - who is dubbed a hero by the city. Maggie accepts him unconditionally as her new babysitter and surrogate father, much to Homer`s dismay and rage, while Moe`s new reason to live starts to turn into an obsession that proves useful when Maggie gets in the middle of a mafia gang war between Fat Tony and "Don" Castellaneta. 0

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