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2248 Taken S1E1 Beyond the Sky Fighter pilot Capt. Russell Keys is in the midst of a dogfight over France during World War II when his plane becomes enveloped in a mysterious blue light. After the war, Russell tries to return to normal, only to be troubled by bizarre nightmares and headaches. 7
2250 Taken S1E3 High Hopes Capt. Owen Crawford comes up empty in his search for alien-hybrid Jacob Clarke, but his secret government project is rejuvenated after frequent abductee Jesse Keys pays him a visit. 7
2251 Taken S1E4 Acid Test The sins of the father come to light when Owen Crawford`s sons take opposite positions on their father`s secret government project. 7
2252 Taken S1E5 Maintenance Eric Crawford continues his father`s secret government investigation and pursues Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys for answers about the existence of aliens. 8
2253 Taken S1E6 Charlie and Lisa The next generation comes into play, as the children of both Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys become the focus of both a government investigation and alien interest. 8
2254 Taken S1E7 God`s Equation Charlie and Lisa learn about their daughter Allie`s amazing powers while trapped in a perilous situation. Mary Crawford lays the groundwork to snatch the child for government research. 9
2255 Taken S1E8 Dropping the Dishes General Beers kidnaps Allie, an alien-hybrid, and plans to use her as bait to lure the aliens into his trap. 6
2249 Taken S1E8 Jacob and Jesse 1958: Russell Keys fights to keep his son Jesse from suffering his same fate, once he learns that the boy has also being taken by extraterrestrials. Col. Owen Crawford has been failing in his mission to discover the secret behind the alien spacecraft he found 10 years earlier. He decides the answer may lie in Jacob Clarke, Sally`s special young son who seems to possess otherworldly powers 5
2256 Taken S1E9 John Allie`s parents conspire to save their alien-hybrid daughter from the army`s clutches, only to learn just how much power Allie really possesses. 7
2259 Taken S1E10 Taken Allie learns her true destiny and together the family must make the most difficult decision of their lives. 3

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