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2248 Taken S1E1 Beyond the Sky Fighter pilot Capt. Russell Keys is in the midst of a dogfight over France during World War II when his plane becomes enveloped in a mysterious blue light. After the war, Russell tries to return to normal, only to be troubled by bizarre nightmares and headaches. 7
2250 Taken S1E3 High Hopes Capt. Owen Crawford comes up empty in his search for alien-hybrid Jacob Clarke, but his secret government project is rejuvenated after frequent abductee Jesse Keys pays him a visit. 7
2251 Taken S1E4 Acid Test The sins of the father come to light when Owen Crawford`s sons take opposite positions on their father`s secret government project. 7
2252 Taken S1E5 Maintenance Eric Crawford continues his father`s secret government investigation and pursues Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys for answers about the existence of aliens. 8
2253 Taken S1E6 Charlie and Lisa The next generation comes into play, as the children of both Jacob Clarke and Jesse Keys become the focus of both a government investigation and alien interest. 8
2254 Taken S1E7 God`s Equation Charlie and Lisa learn about their daughter Allie`s amazing powers while trapped in a perilous situation. Mary Crawford lays the groundwork to snatch the child for government research. 9
2256 Taken S1E9 John Allie`s parents conspire to save their alien-hybrid daughter from the army`s clutches, only to learn just how much power Allie really possesses. 7

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