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ChangeSeriesSeason & EpEpisode Title:Description:Rank: 1/10
1322 Stargate SG1 S7E1 Fallen SG-1 discovers Daniel Jackson alive and living on an alien world, with no memory of who he is. 9
1323 Stargate SG1 S7E2 Homecoming The team returns to Jonas homeworld when they learn that the Goauld are after its naquadria. 9
1324 Stargate SG1 S7E3 Fragile Balance A teenage boy shows up at the SGC claiming to be Jack O`Neill -- while the real colonel has gone missing. 8
2096 Stargate SG1 S7E11 Evolution, Part I The team investigates a virtually unstoppable new enemy soldier engineered by Anubis. Dr. Jackson leads a team in search of an alien device in South America, but gets more than he bargained for. 10
3286 Stargate SG1 S7E15 Chimera Samantha Carter begins a relationship with a detective, from whom she must hide her life at Stargate Command. Daniel comes face to face with the Goa`uld who has taken his former girlfriend as a host. 8
3294 Stargate SG1 S7E17 Heroes Part 1 A film crew arrives to document the work of the S.G.C., but may capture more than they planned for when SG-1 is called into action. 8
3307 Stargate SG1 S7E21 The Lost City Part 1 Bra`tac reveals to the Tau`ri that Anubis will attack Earth in 3 days. Jack gains access to the Ancients` knowledge and in about a week without the Asgard`s help he will die. But in this action they are hoping to find the lost city and defend Earth with the knowledge from the Ancients. General Hammond is relieved from his duties at the SGC. 9
3308 Stargate SG1 S7E22 The Lost City Part 2 General Hammond is relieved from his duties at the SGC. But instead he finds out that he is going to become the commander of the Prometheus. Teal`c goes back to Chulak with Bra`tac to recruit rebel warriors and hopefully get some ships to defend Earth from Anubis in the case that Jack dies and they don`t find any weapons in the lost city. 10

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