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535 Stargate SG1 S6E3 Descent SG-1 boards an abandoned Goa`uld mothership that has mysteriously arrived in Earth`s orbit, and must escape the doomed vessel when it crashes into the ocean. 8
543 Stargate SG1 S6E11 Prometheus A news reporter threatens to expose a top-secret military project, but when SG-1 gives her a tour of the X-303, they discover that she is a pawn in a much larger plot. 10
544 Stargate SG1 S6E12 Unnatural Selection The team is called into battle unexpectedly when the Asgard homeworld is overrun by Replicators -- which have evolved into a startling new form. 10
546 Stargate SG1 S6E14 Smoke And Mirrors Colonel ONeill is charged with the murder of a politician, and the rest of the team must uncover a conspiracy to clear his name. 9
554 Stargate SG1 S6E22 Full Circle SG-1 is called to defend the people of Abydos from the Goauld once again when they learn that Anubis, in search of a powerful device, is about to attack. 10

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