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2195 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E1 Equinox, Part II As nucleogenic lifeforms attack Voyager, Captain Janeway discovers that she can use a deflector pulse to reinforce the shields and force the creatures off her ship. These attacks are occurring because the aliens are angry with Captain Ransom and the crew of the U.S.S. Equinox, another Starfleet vessel stranded in the Delta Quadrant. 8
2196 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E2 Survival Instinct Seven of Nine is confronted with her past as a Borg. She has several flashbacks when other members from the group of Nine arrive on the ship. 7
2197 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E3 Barge of the Dead After a near-death experience, B`Elanna Torres embarks on a journey to Klingon hell to restore her mother`s honor. Her mythological adventure leads her to the "Barge of the Dead" where damned souls are transported to hell. 7
2198 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E4 Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy The Doctor is disappointed because he wanted to travel with the Away Team to an unknown planet. He therefore files a formal complaint with Captain Janeway regarding poor treatment by the crew. He also requests to be made Emergency Command Hologram, or the new Captain, in the event of a catastrophic emergency. 6
2199 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E5 Alice Tom Paris gets more than he bargained for when he rebuilds an old shuttle. 5
2200 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E6 Riddles Returning from a diplomatic mission with Neelix, Tuvok picks up readings of a cloaked being within their shuttle, but while scanning it with a tricorder he is attacked. The Doctor treats Tuvok but cannot reverse the damage until he understands the nature of the weapon used against him. 6
2201 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E7 Dragon`s Teeth The alien from the Turei vessel tells Voyager that they are travelling in their under-space. Captain Janeway insists that they stumbled there by accident and she asks the Turei to help them get out of it. The Turei ship is able to push them out of the subspace. 5
2202 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E8 One Small Step An unidentified object closely follows Voyager. Seven of Nine identifies the phenomenon as a huge mass of subspace energy that is attracted to objects that emit electromagnetic energy. In order to avert the graviton ellipse, which travels through subspace, Voyager must cut power and reverse their shield polarity. 7
2203 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E9 The Voyager Conspiracy After encountering gravitation fluctuations, Captain Janeway hails an approaching ship and meets its captain, Tash. He is working on a catapult vessel, hoping to launch himself hundreds of light-years away. If Tash`s plan succeeds, it may shave years off the U.S.S. Voyager`s journey. 5
2204 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E10 Pathfinder Back on Earth, Lieutenant Barclay becomes obsessed with making contact with Voyager. During his project to contact Voyager, Barclay becomes consumed with the holographic recreations of the Voyager crew. Barclay seeks advice from his old friend from the Enterprise, Counselor Troi, who helps him deal with his growing problem. 9
2205 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E11 Fair Haven Harry Kim and Tom Paris create a new holodeck program, which is set in the Irish village of Fair Haven. However, the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager soon learns that the vessel is headed on a collision course with an interstellar hurricane. 3
2206 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E12 Blink of an Eye As the U.S.S. Voyager approaches a planet with extremely high revolutions, the ship enters a gravometric gradient, pulling it into orbit. A tachyon core has created a space-time differential, meaning that a second on Voyager is a day on the planet. 6
2207 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E13 Virtuoso While the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager helps a Qomari ship make repairs, the Qomar on board thumb their noses at the crew`s inferiority. They live in a closed system and are not well-versed in social interaction. Nor are they familiar with singing, which the Doctor does as he tends to their medical needs. 4
2208 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E14 Memorial Having returned from a two-week away mission of scanning planets and gathering dilithium ore, Chakotay, Tom, Harry and Neelix begin experiencing strange visions. While Tom dreams he is engaged in an alien battle, Harry has an anxiety attack during a routine check of a plasma leak. 4
2209 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E15 Tsunkatse While on shoreleave, Chakotay and Torres attend a Tsunkatse match in a nearby alien world. In the meantime, Captain Janeway is off touring a planet in a neighboring system. However, before Chakotay can attend another match, he first must get another crewmember to cover his duties. 4
2210 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E16 Collective Chakotay, Kim, Paris and Neelix are taken hostage when the Delta Flyer is captured by a Borg Cube. However, it is inhabited by a small group of Borg children who were left behind, unworthy of assimilation. 7
2211 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E17 Spirit Folk The city of Fair Haven is set within 19th-century Ireland. While driving along a road, Tom Paris crashes his vintage automobile. Seamus Driscol, one of the townsfolk, cannot believe his eyes when he sees Paris` tire magically repair itself. 4
2212 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E18 Ashes to Ashes As a tiny Delta Quadrant shuttle outruns a larger vessel, the shuttle`s pilot tries to radio the U.S.S. Voyager. When she does contact Voyager, she claims she is Lyndsay Ballard, a former shipmate who has been dead for three years. 6
2213 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E19 Child`s Play Captain Janeway tells Seven of Nine that one of the children Seven has been taking care of, Icheb, is going to have to leave the U.S.S. Voyager. Icheb is one of the four children that were liberated from the Borg collective. 6
2214 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E20 Good Shepherd Janeway takes three underperforming crewmembers on a mission. 5
2215 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E21 Live Fast and Prosper Two aliens are part of a band of "con artists" who believe that they`ve stumbled upon the greatest scam of their careers: Impersonating Janeway and her senior officers. Using their new Starfleet identities, they move from system to system engaging in a series of lucrative deceptions. 5
2216 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E22 Muse Torres is slumped in the pilot`s chair of the Delta Flyer. She has a wound on her forehead and she is unconscious. She had ordered Kim into the escape pod before the crash, but he is nowhere to be found. As Torres is coming to, she notices someone standing over her. 2
2217 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E23 Fury Kes returns a vengeful woman bent on destroying Janeway and Voyager. Using her advanced mental abilities, Kes journeys into the past, intent on delivering the crew into the hands of one of their earliest and most dangerous enemies. 6
2218 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E24 Life Line When Earth`s "Pathfinder Project" transmits its first block of data to Voyager, the Doctor receives disturbing news - Lewis Zimmerman, the creator of modern holography and the Doctor`s program, is dying. 7
2219 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E25 The Haunting of Deck Twelve A strange lifeform invades the ship, and Neelix spooks the Borg children. 6
2220 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S6E26 Unimatrix Zero, Part I When the Borg Queen discovers that some of the Drones have a recessive mutation that allows them to travel to a place where they become almost "human," she is determined to stop them. 8

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