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2069 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E1 Scorpion, Part II Janeway comes to an agreement with the Collective. She will stay aboard the Borg cube to develop the weapon against Species 8472 while Voyager is escorted safely through Borg territory. 8
2070 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E2 The Gift When Seven of Nine learns that her link to the Borg Collective has been severed, her demands that she be returned fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Kes begins to experience a startling increase in her telepathic abilities. 7
2071 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E3 Day of Honor Torres is having a bad day. She`s overslept, had a malfunction in her sonic shower and she`s been asked to work with Seven of Nine to create a Borg-style transwarp conduit. She`s hardly in the mood to go through the Klingon Day of Honor, an annual ritual of self-examination. 5
2072 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E4 Nemesis During a survey mission, Chakotay comes under fire and makes an emergency beam-out from his shuttle. He arrives on a planet whose inhabitants are locked in war, and is taken in by the Vori, a humanoid group that is fighting against the vicious Kradin. 5
2073 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E5 Revulsion In the midst of a ceremony celebrating Tuvok`s promotion to Lieutenant Commander, Voyager receives an automated distress call sent by Dejaren, an alien hologram, who says that his crew is dead and he needs help. 4
2074 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E6 The Raven When Seven of Nine begins experiencing flashbacks involving pursuit by Borg and a large black bird, the Doctor attributes it to post-traumatic stress disorder. He advises her to begin eating real food, something she`ll need to get used to now that she`s human. 6
2075 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E7 Scientific Method Janeway has a miserable headache. The pain affects her normal scientific curiosity; Chakotay`s enthusiasm over some binary pulsars goes unshared. And neither of them notices that something is aboard the ship, carefully scanning each member of the crew. 6
2076 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E8 Year of Hell, Part I Voyager christens its new Astrometrics Lab, which has mapping technology far more accurate than their old system. It projects a course that will cut years off their trip, taking them through Zahl territory, which a species called the Krenim also lay claim to. 7
2077 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E9 Year of Hell, Part II Badly damaged, the U.S.S. Voyager takes refuge in a nebula as a skeleton crew attempts to repair the ship. On Annorax`s ship, Chakotay and Paris are summoned to meet with him. He has a proposal for them. 7
2078 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E10 Random Thoughts While visiting the world of the Mari, a telepathic race, a Mari man named Frane collides with Torres in the marketplace. Soon after, Frane viciously attacks another man. During questioning, Torres admits to Chief Examiner Nimira that she had thoughts of hurting Frane when he bumped into her. 4
2079 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E11 Concerning Flight As Voyager comes under attack by unknown vessels, equipment and weapons begin disappearing from the ship. The enemy is using a high-energy transporter beam to locate items of technological value and remove them. Janeway and the crew track their stolen goods to an alien world that appears to be an active center of commerce. 5
2080 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E12 Mortal Coil Neelix is assigned to collect a sample of proto-matter from a nearby nebula. However, he is struck by an energy discharge from the nebula and killed. As Janeway prepares to conduct a Talaxian burial ceremony, Seven of Nine announces that her Borg nanoprobes can be used to revive Neelix. 5
2081 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E13 Waking Moments After a fitful night`s sleep, the crew realizes they all had nightmares involving the same alien. They become concerned when several crewmembers cannot be awakened. Hoping to find out more about the alien, Chakotay attempts a technique called lucid dreaming, which will allow him to control the events of his dream. 6
2082 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E14 Message in a Bottle When Seven of Nine locates an alien relay station, she establishes a sensor link and detects a Starfleet vessel in the Alpha Quadrant. Janeway uses the relay network to send a message to the ship, but the transmission degrades before it gets through. Their only other option is to send a holographic datastream. 7
2083 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E15 Hunters When Starfleet Command sends a transmission to the U.S.S. Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, the bulk of it gets lodged in one of the Hirogen relay stations. Janeway immediately sets a course for it, and the Hirogens prepare to intercept them. Along the way, Voyager finds a ship adrift in space with one dead humanoid aboard. 6
2084 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E16 Prey When a Hirogen ship containing one erratic life sign is found adrift, Janeway sends an away team to investigate. They bring back a wounded Hirogen to sickbay and report that the species is obviously comprised of hunters. 5
2085 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E17 Retrospect The Captain acquires a new weapons system from an Entharan trader named Kovin, and Seven of Nine is asked to help with the integration. When Kovin criticizes her work and pushes her aside to do it himself, she hits him. After Seven exhibits newfound anxiety in sickbay, the Doctor believes it is caused by blocked memories trying to surface. 5
2086 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E18 Killing GameThe, Part I The Hirogen have taken over the U.S.S. Voyager and implanted devices in the crew to make them believe they are characters within the holodecks. Interacting in a World War II simulation, Janeway is the leader of a secret movement gathering information from the Nazis to help the Allies. 7
2087 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E19 The Killing Game, Part II Even though World War II is being waged throughout the ship, the Hirogen leader is unwilling to destroy the holodeck technology. He insists that Janeway be found and brought to him. Meanwhile, she and Seven of Nine continue to pretend to be part of the simulation and gather with the rest of the French Resistance. 6
2088 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E20 Vis a Vis An alien vessel in need of rescue suddenly appears in Voyager`s space. It is attempting to use an experimental propulsion system powered by a coaxial warp drive, but it is destabilizing. Janeway transports the pilot, Steth, and his prototype to Voyager. 5
2089 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E21 The Omega Directive When a strange symbol appears on Voyager`s computer screens, Janeway begins giving orders without explanation. She is carrying out a highly classified mission called the Omega Directive, and Seven of Nine is the only other person who knows what it means. 6
2090 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E22 Unforgettable A cloaked ship suddenly appears with an injured female onboard hailing Chakotay. Once Kellin, the injured woman, is beamed to sickbay, she asks the Captain for asylum from her people. When Chakotay asks how she knows him, she explains that she was recently on Voyager for several weeks. 5
2091 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E23 Living Witness The U.S.S. Voyager and its crew are on display in a Kyrian museum 700 years in the future, and they are being blamed for a horrible civil war that nearly wiped out the Kyrian race. Through inaccurate simulations, the crew is shown as violent people who did not hesitate to destroy anything or anyone standing in their way of getting home. 4
2092 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E24 Demon As Voyager runs dangerously low on fuel, Seven of Nine discovers a Class-Y planet containing a high concentration of deuterium. Unfortunately, it is also called a demon planet because of its toxic atmosphere. When an attempt to transport deuterium to the ship results in an explosion, Kim and Paris volunteer to mine the fuel on the surface. 5
2093 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E25 One The Voyager crew comes across a vast new nebula, and everyone except the Doctor and Seven of Nine are severely affected by its radiation. Since it will take a year to go around it, and a month to go through it, Janeway decides the best course of action will be to put the crew in stasis chambers, which will provide independent life support as they sleep. 7
2094 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S4E26 Hope and Fear Paris and Neelix return from a trading colony with a passenger named Arturis. He knows over 4,000 languages, and Janeway agrees to give him passage to the next system. When Arturis studies the encoded message Voyager received from Starfleet before the relay stations were destroyed, he instantly decodes it. 7

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