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2221 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E1 Unimatrix Zero, Part II The Borg Queen considers Unimatrix Zero a threat because she does not want her Borg to ever have traces of individuality, but Captain Janeway thinks it could give the Federation allies within the Collective. 7
2227 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E7 Body and Soul The Doctor, Seven of Nine and Harry Kim are on a mission in the Delta Flyer to study preanimate biomatter from a comet. The ship jolts a few times and they realize they are under attack. The captain of the attacking vessel, Ranek, claims the Delta Flyer is transporting a "photonic insurgent" through Lokirrim space, which is forbidden. 8
2229 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E9 Flesh and Blood, Part I Two Hirogen move through a jungle hunting prey. Suddenly phaser shots are fired at them from a small lake. Four armed Starfleet crewmen rise out of the water and continue firing, destroying their predators with vengeance. 7
2239 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E19 Q2 Captain Janeway is caught by surprise when she is paid a visit by Q and his son, Q ("Q2"). She last saw the young Q as an infant four years ago, but he already looks and acts like an adolescent, and his father wants to leave him on Voyager to learn about humanity. 7
2243 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E23 Homestead Neelix is hosting a party to celebrate First Contact Day, the anniversary of the Vulcans` arrival on Earth, when Chakotay interrupts with news that sensors have detected Talaxian lifesigns a few light-years away. 7
2244 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E24 Renaissance Man Captain Janeway and the Doctor run into a problem as they travel back from a medical symposium on the Delta Flyer. When Janeway returns to the U.S.S. Voyager, she tells Chakotay that they encountered a race called the R`Kaal who have outlawed conventional warp travel through their territory, and insist on punishing Voyager by dismantling the ship. 7
2245 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E25 Endgame, Part I It is the 10th anniversary of the U.S.S. Voyager`s triumphant return to Earth after 23 years in the Delta Quadrant. Kathryn Janeway is an admiral, Harry Kim is a starship captain, Tom Paris is a full-time holonovelist, and the Doctor is married to a human woman and has named himself "Joe." 9
2246 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S7E26 Endgame, Part II Admiral Janeway beams aboard Voyager and meets her younger self, and is moved to see a healthy Tuvok and Chakotay again. In Janeway`s Ready Room, the Admiral reveals to the Captain that Voyager did eventually make it back to Earth after another 16 years, and the ship became a museum on the grounds of the Presidio. 10

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