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1985 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E1 Caretaker, Part I While searching for a missing officer, Captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the Starship Voyager are swept 70,000 light-years from home. 6
1986 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E2 Caretaker, Part II The Voyager crew launches a daring rescue mission to save two officers trapped in a subterranean city facing disaster. 7
1987 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E3 Parallax Tensions rise between the merged Starfleet and Maquis crews when the ship becomes trapped inside a star that`s collapsed upon itself. 6
1989 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E5 Phage Neelix faces certain death when an alien race stricken by a devastating plague "harvests" his lungs. 6
1991 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E7 Eye of the Needle The discovery of a wormhole in deep space raises the crew`s hopes of finding a shortcut home. 7
1992 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E8 Ex Post Facto After Paris is convicted of a murder he swears he didn`t commit, Tuvok must play detective to clear him. 6
1994 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E10 Prime Factors An alien leader has the technology that could send the Voyager crew 40,000 light years closer to home - but refuses to share it with them. 7
1995 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E11 State of Flux The crew realizes there`s a traitor on board after Federation technology turns up on an enemy warship. 7
1997 Star Trek Voyager (VOY) S1E13 Cathexis An encounter with a strange nebula leaves Chakotay brain-dead and the crew battling a powerful force that seems to be taking over their minds. 6

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