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3407 Star Trek TOS S2E1 Amok Time While on course for Altair VI, Kirk learns from his chief medical officer that Spock`s behavior is becoming increasingly irrational. When Kirk questions his first officer, Spock insists that all he needs is rest on his home planet of Vulcan. Kirk tries to accommodate Spock, but when inauguration ceremonies on Altair VI are rescheduled, the trip to Vulcan is cancelled. 6
3409 Star Trek TOS S2E3 The Changeling The Enterprise crew discovers that the Malurian system has been destroyed, and during their investigation the ship is attacked by a small spacecraft of enormous power. When Kirk identifies himself, the attack abruptly ends and communication is established with the unknown vessel which happens to be small enough to be beamed aboard the Enterprise. Kirk learns that the vessel is actually a probe named Nomad and that the attack on the Enterprise was discontinued after Nomad identified Kirk as "the Kirk," its creator. 6
3410 Star Trek TOS S2E4 Mirror, Mirror Kirk and a small landing party are trying to negotiate with the Halkans for Federation rights to mine dilithium crystals on their planet, but the ultra-peaceful Halkans are very reluctant to allow a mining treaty. When an ion storm arrives Kirk decides to return to the Enterprise until the storm passes, but just as Scott beams up the landing party the transporter malfunctions, sending Kirk, Scott, McCoy, and Uhura into an alternate universe and aboard the Imperial Starship Enterprise. 7
3412 Star Trek TOS S2E6 The Doomsday Machine The Enterprise arrives in system L374 only to find that most of the planets have been destroyed. The two inner planets are still intact, and as the Enterprise draws closer they pick up a ship`s distress beacon coming from a crippled U.S.S. Constellation (NCC-1017). Kirk and a landing party beam over to the ship to investigate and find only its commander, Commodore Matt Decker, still aboard. 7
3413 Star Trek TOS S2E7 Catspaw Only one man from the landing party investigating Pyris VII beams back to the Enterprise, and just after materializing he falls to the floor and dies. But when his mouth opens a voice speaks which warns Kirk to leave Pyris VII. Unwilling to abandon his chief engineer and helmsman, Kirk beams down to the planet with Spock and McCoy and encounter numerous images and objects related to Halloween; three witches, fog, a dark castle, a black cat, and a skeleton equipped dungeon where they find themselves after being captured. 6
3414 Star Trek TOS S2E8 I, Mudd An android named Norman has been masquerading as an Enterprise crewman until he decides to capture the ship and take it to an uncharted planet. There, the landing party finds Harry Mudd with hundreds of androids to serve him. Harry proclaims himself King Mudd the First and begins showing off the beautiful female androids surrounding him. 7
3416 Star Trek TOS S2E10 Journey to Babel The Enterprise is transporting a group of ambassadors from various planets across the Federation to the Babel Conference. Among the representatives are Spock`s parents, Vulcan Anbassador Sarek and his Terran wife Amanda. Spock and Sarek have not spoken to each other for 18 years, ever since Spock joined Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy. On Babel, many controversial issues will be discussed, including the admittance of dilithium-rich Coridan into the Federation. 6
3419 Star Trek TOS S2E13 Obsession While confirming a rich supply of di-kronium on Argus X, Kirk notices a sickly sweet smell in the air and sends a security team to investigate. Soon after, two of the men are dead from causes that Kirk has seen before. Years ago, when Kirk served aboard the U.S.S. Farragut, a mysterious cloud creature killed half of the crew, including the captain, by draining the blood from their bodies, and now Kirk believes that this is the same creature. 7
3420 Star Trek TOS S2E14 Wolf in The Fold To further his recovery from a head injury, Scott is escorted down to the planet Argelius II where Kirk and McCoy help him to relax by visiting a cabaret. There, Scott becomes interested in a dancer, Kara, and leaves the club with her. The captain and doctor leave the club as well, but after hearing screams they rush into an alley where they find Kara dead and a dazed Scott holding a blood-stained dagger. 6
3421 Star Trek TOS S2E15 The Trouble With Tribbles The Enterprise receives a Priority One distress signal from Space Station K-7 and hurries to the area prepared for battle. Kirk, however, is irritated to learn that it was Nilz Baris, the Federation Undersecretary for Agriculture, who issued the alarm only to have the quadrotriticale grain in the station`s storage compartments protected. The grain is needed for the Sherman`s Planet project, a system inside the neutral zone claimed by both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. 7
3422 Star Trek TOS S2E16 The Gamesters of Triskelion Just before an inspection of automated installations on uninhabited Gamma II, Kirk, Chekov, and Uhura are beamed off of the bridge of the Enterprise. They find themselves on a strange planet in an entirely different solar system where they are immediately confronted by various aliens and forced to surrender. Confused and annoyed by their situation, Kirk demands an explanation but is informed only that they are on the planet Triskelion and that they are to spend the rest of their lives as gladiator thralls. 6
3423 Star Trek TOS S2E17 A Piece of the Action Over 100 years ago, before the Federation directive of non-interference, the U.S.S. Horizon visited the planet Iotia and reported its inhabitants as being extremely bright and imitative humanoids. Unfortunately, the Horizon accidentally left some materials behind, and the Enterprise has been ordered to investigate Iotia and learn what effect these items have had on the culture. 7
3426 Star Trek TOS S2E20 Return to Tomorrow When the Enterprise visits a long dead planet, a voice calls out to Kirk from deep under the planet`s surface asking for assistance. The senior officers are skeptical of Sargon`s intentions, but Kirk decides to help and beams down to investigate. The landing party finds three living, highly intelligent, but disembodied entities living inside globes. 6
3427 Star Trek TOS S2E21 Patterns of Force The Enterprise arrives at the planet Ekos for a routine check and to report on the progress of famous historian John Gill who is stationed there as a cultural observer. Suddenly, the Enterprise is fired on with a nuclear missile, demonstrating technology that the Ekosians should not posses. 6
3428 Star Trek TOS S2E22 By Any Other Name Responding to a distress call from an Earth-like planet, a landing party from the Enterprise beams down to investigate. Soon, Kirk and the others learn that those responsible for the faked message are actually aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy sent out to scout for other galaxies to conquer. They managed to penetrate the energy barrier, but their ship was destroyed in the attempt. 7
3429 Star Trek TOS S2E23 The Omega Glory Upon approaching planet Omega IV, the Enterprise finds the missing starship Exeter (NCC-1672) in orbit but is unable to communicate with her. Kirk beams over with a landing party and finds all of the crew dead from a mysterious disease. After reviewing the chief surgeon`s final log report which warns boarders not to carry the virus back to their ship, Kirk and the others hurriedly beam down to the planet. 6
3430 Star Trek TOS S2E24 The Ultimate Computer Dr. Richard Daystrom has developed the next generation of computers, the M-5 Multitronic Unit, and Starfleet has ordered the device to be tested aboard the Enterprise. Once installed, tests begin with simple maneuvers and navigation problems, tasks which Kirk feel do not deserve the lavish attention given to the computer. 6
3431 Star Trek TOS S2E25 Bread and Circuses The S.S. Beagle, missing for six years, is found as debris near Planet IV of System 982. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to the planet to investigate and find a ragged group of fugitive slaves trying to stay hidden from the police. These "sun worshippers" distrust the landing party but soon discover that they are not a threat. Kirk informs them that he is looking for another group of strangers led by a man named Merik. 6
3432 Star Trek TOS S2E26 Assignment: Earth The Enterprise is sent on a mission back to Earth in the year 1968 to discover details about how the planet survived the arms race. While in orbit, the ship intercepts a transporter beam from an unknown part of the galaxy and beams the space traveler aboard. Surprised by what has taken place, the man identifies himself as Gary Seven and claims to be a 20th Century Earthman raised on an unknown world and trained to prevent Earth from destroying itself. 7

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