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3378 Star Trek TOS S1E1 The Man Trap The Enterprise arrives at planet M-113 for an annual colony resupply and physical checkup of its residents and finds Professor Crater and his wife Nancy who is an old girlfriend of McCoy`s. Crater immediately objects to the intrusion and tries to convince Kirk that an examination is not necessary and that their only need are salt tablets. 6
3380 Star Trek TOS S1E3 Where No Man Has Gone Before The Enterprise encounters a record-marker left behind by the S.S. Valiant years ago as it tried to go through an energy barrier at the rim of the galaxy. After reading the badly damaged tapes they learn that the captain of the Valiant became obsessed with information on human psionics just before he ordered the destruction of his vessel. Despite the mystery, the Enterprise continues on to the rim of the galaxy in its own effort to get through the barrier. 6
3387 Star Trek TOS S1E10 The Corbomite Maneuver During a routine star-mapping assignment in an uncharted section of the galaxy, the Enterprise encounters a space bouy of unknown origin. At first the bouy blocks the ship`s path, but when Kirk decides to maneuver around the bouy it charges the ship, forcing Kirk to destroy it with phasers. After consideration, Kirk decides to continue on in an effort to discover the intelligence behind the bouy. 6
3388 Star Trek TOS S1E11 The Menagerie (1) The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 11, as ordered, but Kirk discovers that no such orders were issued. The ship`s computers are checked despite the fact that Spock was the only person to actually see the transmission. While waiting, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy visit the former commander of the Enterprise, Fleet Captain Christopher Robin Pike, who has been paralyzed and disfigured by delta rays during a starship accident. 7
3389 Star Trek TOS S1E12 The Menagerie (2) Despite Mendez, the court-martial continues, and the images begin to reappear on the breifing room screen. Captain Pike rejects Vena despite all the efforts of the Talosians to make her irresitable. To counter his resistance, the Talosians kidnap Number One and Yeoman Colt from the Enterprise so that Pike will have a choice of female partners. Meanwhile, Pike discovers that strong emotions can block the Talosians from reading his mind. 6
3391 Star Trek TOS S1E14 Balance of Terror A wedding between two crewmembers is interrupted when an Earth outpost along the Romulan border is attacked by an unidentified vessel. Kirk orders battlestations and the Enterprise races towards the Romulan Neutral Zone, an area separating the two powers which was established by subspace radio over 100 years ago, just as another outpost is destroyed. Kirk continues to try and identify the attacker, but Lieutenant Stiles, whose ancestors fought in the Romulan War, believes there isn`t much doubt as to their identity. 6
3392 Star Trek TOS S1E15 Shore Leave When the Enterprise arrives at an uncharted planet with hopes of conducting shore leave, the initial scouting parties find no animal or insect life forms, but what they do find is a quiet and beautiful planet which appears perfect for their needs. Shore leave is cancelled, however, when McCoy sees a likeness of Alice in Wonderland follow a large white rabbit through a hedge and no explanation can be found for the sudden appearance of life forms. 6
3394 Star Trek TOS S1E17 The Squire of Gothos While on course towards Colony Beta VI to deliver supplies, the Enterprise encounters a lone planet in a region of space devoid of stars. Without the time to stop and investigate further, Kirk orders the planet logged for future exploration and to resume their original course. Suddenly, Kirk and Sulu are abducted from the bridge. 6
3396 Star Trek TOS S1E19 Tomorrow is Yesterday After successfully pulling away from a black star, the Enterprise is caught in a time warp that sends it back to Earth during the middle of the 20th-century. While the ship attempts to recover from a low orbit, Omaha Air Base detects the Enterprise on its radar and sends an interceptor to investigate and force the ship down. 6
3397 Star Trek TOS S1E20 Court Martial After suffering the effects of a severe ion storm, including the death of Records Officer Benjamin Finney, the Enterprise puts in for repairs at Starbase 11. Kirk gives Commodore Stone his sworn testimony regarding the incident which, unexplainably, does not agree with the log tapes of the Enterprise computer. A hearing is held to determine if a court-martial is in order, and at that hearing Stone urges Kirk to take a ground assignment and have the affair swept under the rug for the good of the service. 6
3398 Star Trek TOS S1E21 The Return of the Archons The Enterprise arrives at Beta III to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Archon which took place over 100 years ago. When Sulu`s behavior dramatically changes after returning from an initial survey of the planet`s culture, Kirk beams down with another landing party to investigate. They are met by a calm and courteous group of citizenry who suddenly change into a wild and violent mob at the beginning of what is known as Red Hour. 6
3399 Star Trek TOS S1E22 Space Seed In the area of space near Starbase 12, the Enterprise encounters what appears to be a derelict spacecraft of 20th-century Earth origin. After beaming on board, the landing party discovers human life forms and that the vessel is a "sleeper ship," designed to carry its occupants in suspended animation during interplanetary travel. On the "sleeper ship" Kirk finds a 20th-centory dictator now calling himself Khan. 6
3400 Star Trek TOS S1E23 A Taste of Armageddon Kirk is ordered to open diplomatic relations with Eminiar VII at all costs, but the Enterprise is warned away from the planet as it approaches. On board is Ambassador Robert Fox who has been sent to head the dialogue and to extend an invitation to Eminiar VII and its sister planet, Vendikar, to join the Federation. Kirk and Spock beam down with a landing party, but they are immediately reminded of the warning to stay away from Eminiar. 6
3404 Star Trek TOS S1E27 The Alternative Factor While in orbit above a barren planet, a strange phenomenon causes the planet to "wink out" and attain zero gravity, a state of non-existence, the effects of which are felt throughout the galaxy. Starfleet evacuates the area around the center of the effect and orders the Enterprise to investigate, fearing that what they are experiencing may be a prelude to an invasion from an alternate universe. 6
3405 Star Trek TOS S1E28 The City on the Edge of Forever While investigating a time disturbance above an uncharted planet, Sulu is rendered unconscious when his overloaded console bursts into flames. McCoy hurries to the bridge and administers a few drops of cordrazine which immediately stabilizes the helmsman`s heart flutter. Suddenly, the Enterprise lurches and McCoy is accidentally injected with a large quantity of the drug. In his cordrazine induced frenzy, McCoy exits the bridge and manages to beam himself down to the planet below. 6
3406 Star Trek TOS S1E29 Operation -- Annihilate! An unexplainable epidemic of mass insanity has destroyed a line of civilizations through a portion of the Federation. The Deneva system, where Kirk`s brother and his family lives, appears to be the next likely victim. When the Enterprise arrives, Kirk and a landing party beam down only to encounter a hostile reception and to discover that Kirk`s brother Peter is dead. 6

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