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203 Space Above And Beyond S1E1 Pilot A group of young Marines is sent into space when an advanced alien civilization launches an attack against the Earth. 7
204 Space Above And Beyond S1E2 Pilot A group of young Marines is sent into space when an advanced alien civilization launches an attack against the Earth. 7
207 Space Above And Beyond S1E5 Mutiny Tank soldiers threaten mutiny aboard a space cargo vessel when their captain orders the termination of In Vitro cargo. 7
208 Space Above And Beyond S1E6 Ray Butts A tough-as-nails war veteran takes command of the 58th and embarks on a mysterious mission behind enemy lines. 7
209 Space Above And Beyond S1E7 Eyes The 58th is assigned to protect a powerful ambassador after an assassin murders Earth`s leader. 7
211 Space Above And Beyond S1E9 Hostile Visit The 58th uses an enemy vessel as a Trojan horse and mounts a dangerous attack on the alien`s planet. 7
218 Space Above And Beyond S1E16 The Angriest Angel McQueen insists that he be allowed to participate in a crucial mission when Earth scientists construct a missile capable of destroying the enemy`s newest spacecraft. 7
219 Space Above And Beyond S1E17 Toy Soldiers Nathan`s younger brother joins the Marines and is led into battle by an inexperienced lieutenant. 7
220 Space Above And Beyond S1E18 Dear Earth Mail call brings letters from Earth: Cooper is chosen as the focus of a documentary; Damphousse receives a Dear John letter from her boyfriend; Shane`s sister is having a baby; Nathan realizes the military never notified his parents about Neal`s death. 7
224 Space Above And Beyond S1E22 Sugar Dirt Ru Earth forces abandon the Marines on a Chig stronghold and seize a unique opportunity to launch a major offensive against the enemy. 7
225 Space Above And Beyond S1E23 And If They Lay Us Down To Rest ... The Marines encounter an unidentified extraterrestrial creature-possibly the last of its kind-living on a planet about to be torn apart by the biggest battle of the war. 8
226 Space Above And Beyond S1E24 ... Tell Our Moms We Did Our Best The aliens extend an unexpected peace offer which results in the return of the Tellus Colony survivors, among them Nathan`s girlfriend, Kylen. Soon, however, the fragile peace negotiations break down as it becomes apparent that the cause of the war may not have been the alien`s fault at all. 9

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