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3761 South Park S9E1 Mr. Garrison`s Fancy New Vagina Mr. Garrison is getting a vaginaplasty; meanwhile Kyle is trying out for the all state basketball team. Despite his best effort, Kyle has to deal with the fact that Jews just aren`t cut out for basketball. Cartman of course just tries to rub Kyle`s failure in, but Kyle readily agrees, taking away the fun of it all. 8
3760 South Park S9E2 Die Hippie, Die Cartman is going door to door selling his service to remove parasites. The parasites he is looking for in particular are hippies. He warns his client that if he doesn`t take care of the problem, they will attract the "college know-it-all hippies." 9
3759 South Park S9E3 Wing Mrs. Garrison makes an announcement to the class, that Token has won the Colorado Child Star contest for his incredible singing voice. He is going to sing at a pageant and will be paid $200. The boys wonder why they can`t do the same thing. It`s Cartman of course who comes up with the strategy that will allow them to get a piece of Token`s earnings 6
3758 South Park S9E4 Best Friends Forever Cartman wakes his mother up; he needs her to get him to the toy store early so that he can be the first to get the new Sony PSP. When he arrives he sees there is a long line, with Kenny at the front of it. He tries to cut, but has to go to the end of line. Because he was first, Kenny got his PSP, Cartman wasn`t as lucky. 9
3757 South Park S9E5 The Losing Edge The boys are playing baseball with their little league team and are anxious for the game to be over. They are bored playing baseball. Meantime up in the stands, Randy Marsh and another parent get into a fight. The boys win their game and celebrate the fact that summer can start now that baseball is over. 6
3756 South Park S9E6 The Death of Eric Cartman The boys are waiting for Stan`s mother to bring home fried chicken. When she arrives, Cartman distracts the others and manages to eat the skin off of every piece of chicken, leaving the other boys the part of the chicken they don`t care for. At the bus stop the next morning, the boys are pissed off at Cartman and they decide to totally ignore him. 6
3755 South Park S9E7 Erection Day Mr. Mackey tries to answer the children`s anonymous questions in front of the class, only each question usually ends with an accusation that he is gay. The first real question he reads involves one of the students in the class who is having a problem with his penis getting hard. 7

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