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2896 South Park S5E4 Scott Tenorman Must Die Cartman goes medieval on Scott Tenorman`s ass when ginger-haired Scott tricks our supple hero into buying his pubic hair for $16.12. Radiohead guest stars and plays a role in Cartman`s elaborate scheme at getting sweet revenge on his unsuspecting foe. 10
2898 South Park S5E6 Cartmanland Cartman inherits ONE MILLION DOLLARS from his grandmother, fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park, Cartmanland! A hemorrhoid erupts in Kyles` ass when he learns of Cartman`s undeserved fortune, making him question the very existence of God, and whether there`s a reason to stay alive in a world where someone like Cartman is happy. 9
2900 South Park S5E8 Towelie The boys get a brand-new video game system and their plans for the next 38 hours is to play it! Unfortunately that can`t be the case when they discover Towelie, a government secret, genetically engineered towel that gets his special powers from? gettin` high. 9
2901 South Park S5E9 Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants Who needs Special Ops when you have Cartman`s fat ass on your side? After accidentally being sent to Afghanistan, Cartman (in a tribute to WWII-era Loony Toons) and the boys take on Osama and the Taliban learning that they have a lot more in common with the Afghani children than they ever realized. 9
2905 South Park S5E13 Kenny Dies Cartman embarks on a new entrepreneurial venture as he works the benefits of stem cell research to his own advantage entitled Kenny Dies. Cartman accidentally discovers a rich source of stem cells and sells them on the open market. 10

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